(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

Hi All..

Good Morning! Is New month of the begining!

Hi Mummies, I have some baby weaning food to let go at low price!

1) Nestle Cerelac (Rice & Mixed Vegetables)
Expiry: May'11
Each: $4.00
Buy two at: $6

2) Nestle Cerelac (Brown Rice)
Expiry: Jul'11
Each: $5.00
Buy two at: $8

Further offer: Buy all 4 items above at just $10!!

Interested Please email me at [email protected]



I am looking for:


Please email me if you have 2nd hand jumperoo & Brill kids flash cards for sale. thanks.

If you are using contact lens of -7.50 degree, and interested in daily disposable contact lens, pls contact me at [email protected]

I have two boxes of Acuvue for sale and price is negotiable.

Expiry date 2012 & 2013

Thank you!
Hi Mummies

Im letting go 1 tin of BN 1.8kg Gain iq stage 3 as my boy dont like it and am sticking on to Wakodo till he is 3yr olds.

Kindly PM me if you are keen. Goin at $58. Cheers!
I have 2 x 900g Karrihome goat milk 3-7 yrs old.
Letting go at $35 each, own collection or meet at Somerset.
Expiry 2012 Oct.
Interested PM me
I hv 3 tins of 900g Pediasure for sale as my boy change brand.

Letting go at $32 per tin but if u take all 3 tins then can sell at $30 per tin. Collection at buangkok mrt.

Vanilla favor expire Jan 2012 x2
Strawberry favor expire Sep 2011 x1

Serious buyer and no neg pls!!

Contact me via pm.. Thanks
hi mummies,
Kinderland@ Robinson now open for registration for babies born in 2009.
for enquiries, pls contact me at 98270284.

Attractive discounts and freebies not to be missed!

--- On Tue, 10/5/11, Charles Tan (Volunteer Resource Network) <[email protected]> wrote:

From: Charles Tan (Volunteer Resource Network) <[email protected]>
Subject: Outings for the Underprivileged Children
To: "Charles Tan (Volunteer Resource Network)" <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, 10 May, 2011, 11:22

Dear all

We are still short of sponsors and volunteers for the outings arranged for the Underprivileged children, below is the updated numbers :

No. of Children Sponsor : 12
No. of Volunteers : 6

We hope to have about 45 children and 35 volunteers to come along for this Ice Cream Making Workshop, for those who can help, do get back to me by 15 May 2011 so we will have sufficient time to send out the flyers to the children.

In the event we are unable to get sufficient sponsors, we will cancel the outing and will refund those who have sponsored so you can use the funds to reach out to others instead.

Thank you

Charles Tan
Volunteer Resource Network
Email : [email protected]
URL : www.vrnetwork.org

From: Charles Tan (Volunteer Resource Network) [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, 5 May, 2011 11:09 AM
Subject: June Holiday Programme for the Children

Dear all

We will be resuming our outings for the children from the low income family this June after taking a break last Dec. This coming June, we plan to bring the kids to downtown east for an Ice Cream Making Workshop and have Ice Cream Buffet there as well, below are the details :

Event : Ice Cream Making Workshop + Ice Cream Buffet
Date : 18 June 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 10am to 2pm (Tentative)
Venue : Downtown East
Meeting point : Daybreak Family Service Centre
Blk 855 Yishun Ring Road Training Wing
(5 mins walk from Khatib MRT Station )

Targeted number of Children : 45
Volunteers required : 25

The cost for each child is about $35.00 which will cover the cost of the event, including lunch and cookie packs for each child. We hope each of you can sponsor at least one child for the trip, we will also need some volunteers to join us for the trip to take care of the children and help them out during the ice cream making workshop when we are there.

For those who would like to sponsor, you can mail a cheque payable to “Maple Lifestyle”, indicate “VRN June” and mail it to :

Maple Lifestyle
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace
Singapore 168976

Please let us know the details of your cheque such as bank, cheque number and amount via email if you are sending by cheque.

For those who preferred to funds transfer, please do email me separately for the account number to transfer.

Do remember me to update me so I can consolidate the sponsored funds, we will stop accepting funds once we have enough as per our usual practice.

And for those who are keen to volunteer, do provide me with the following particulars :

1) Name
3) Contact Number
4) Email address

The cost for each volunteer is $38.00, we will likely be getting McDonald Lunch for everyone, if you are a vegetarian, do inform us and we will pack lunch separately for you.

We hope to be able to get your support to sponsor up to a max of 45 children from the low income family group for this trip.

Charles Tan
Volunteer Resource Network
Email : [email protected]
URL : www.vrnetwork.org



Am posting for information as they are short of sponsors and volunteers for the event. Pls liaise with the organiser directly if you are interested in helping out..

Thanks a mil! =)
Sorry to interrupt.

Oh, what a noisy zoo tickets.

May I know if any Mummy has 4 tickets on 23 Oct, Sunday, 11am that you are willing to exchange with me? I'll be most grateful for that. Or else I will just have to sell these 4 tickets and my kids won't get to watch the play.

I'm willing to meet you anywhere to do the exchange. THANK YOU!

Please PM me for my hp.
is this thread still alive?

any mummies kid not attending school yet?
my area here dont have those 2-3hrs playgroup for him, so i guess he can only attend school in year 2013, 4yrs old.
i'm quite relutant of putting him at home becos i want him to learn something but the school that i found can accept 3yrs old, have to take like 14-15bus stops away.
Hi Mummies,

I'm planning to sign my 2 girls up for Julia Gabriel holiday programmes.
There is a 20% group discount if 4 or more children register at the same time. It can be a different programme and venue.

If anyone is interested too, please PM me so that we can all enjoy the group discount.

Information for the holiday programmes. http://www.juliagabriel.com/pdfviewermm1ab.html
xpink: hi, where do you stay? i am sure there are some schools who are willing to take in few hours.
maybe i can help to explore and let you know?

I am looking for the nick "cjteng"...

I saw her above truck car and would like to ask if it is still available for sale or where can i purchase it from..

Any kind mommies who know her will you related my interest to her.

Thank you
Hi mummies,

Sorry for interruption.

Any kids going to Sunflower childcare? I have 2 sets of uniform and 2 sets of PE attire for sale. All BRAND NEW. Size is M. Letting go at reasonable price.
My child is not attending the childcare but I have bought it during the trial period.

PLS PM if Keen! Thank you!
Hi Mummies...
My #1 in Jan09 and #2 is born in Jan10.
Just wanna know beside going to cc what other enrichment classes you sent your kids to?
I'm a working mother hence only left with weekend available with my kids. Untill today I'm still undecisive on where and what to enrol my kids for. And partially it's also due to the high costs...
After reading so many things in the forum, my kids seem to be lagging behind and not catching up with the modern bringing up. Will this affect their future?
We're just an average income hsehold, any mummies out there can help to suggest any budget enrichment classes?
Many Thanks. Cheers
1) put a drop of dish washing detergent into a clean bowl of warm water. Stir to mix.
2) put the bottles that u wana wash, into this bowl of warm soap water.
3) use brush to start cleaning the bottles from inside out, with this warm soapy water.
4) use soft sponger to clean the teats and the screws.
5) pour away the soapy water, and rinse the bottles under the running tap to wash away the soap
6) put the clean bottles into the steam steriliser to sterilise.

Thanks for sharing this. It is important to clean and sterilize bottle before using. The about method can be taken to clean my baby girls bottle. Generally speaking, I wash the inside of the baby bottle with a bottle brush set and wash the outside with a kitchen scrubber. Then sterilize all the parts in a sterilizer.