(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

This morning bought my girl for haircut at punggol plaza. Saw the lady who had cut my boy hair 3 years back and request her to cut my girl hair. And so happy that I did that. My girl manage to cut hair without crying. Thanks to the lady ;) And I also take note of sperzz's advise - give sweet. Never expect it works for my girl. Thanks sperzz
sperzz, it's at the 1st floor. Can't remember the shop name. But It's the shop that charge $10 for each hair cut. Think the lady cut kids hair. A few times I bypass saw her cutting kids hair. So should be quite good.
Hi sperzz, morning. Forgot to let you know that my gal didn't sit by herself when she was having haircut. She is sitting on my lap w/o the cover and licking the sweet. So it will be abit of messy.
Catherine, yes. I agreed. I was so worry throughtout the haircut. Scared she'll suddenly not happy and start shouting and crying. She definitely scream louder than gorgor and does not calm down easily. So it was lucky that day.
ling76, haha..maybe girl tend to get more tense when it come to haircut..
Nope, me never go to the sales as was quite tired. Btw, me gg to be mummy again..
Morning ! May i know has all of you ladies go back to your previous weight? Can share your slimming method? I still have 9 kgs to go, and dun seem to be able to get rid of it for months liow.
Hi all, I have a 20mth old toddler who just began a 3hr playgroup (though she really only spent 2hrs there because she doesn't wake up early enough).

The first week went well, she came out of the place smiling and all. But just 3days ago, she's seemingly crying possibly throughout her class. The teachers can't quite explain well enough for me to accept; first it was unhappiness with losing her space while waiting outside the corridor, then fear of lots of children, then saw another cry so she cried.

Ever since the first day she came back crying, the second day, third and today, she doesn't even want to wear her uniform. As far as i know of my child, she has no problem blending in with new people, play with new children, and really, no anxiety from not having me in sight.. How do i know if it's indeed just anxiety or it's actually some bad experience? I'm really afraid of putting her off the schooling experience entirely. Am i overly anxious or i should pull the plug before it becomes a scar to her young heart?
Is there anyone with experience here to share, since our children are of the same age, and you may have also started putting her in a playgroup.. Needs advises quite badly.
My son is in playgroup but on a full time basis. At the beginning, he had this crying episode going on for a while, but to me, its definitely due to a different environment.

Now, he is rather happy to go to school, and will just walk into the school compound by himself without any persuasion from us.

Could it be, at the first week, your girl finds it interesting as everything is pretty new to her, but gradually, she lost the interest and the most important tenet of attachment theory is that a young child needs to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for social and emotional development to occur normally.These bonds are based on your girl's need for safety, security and protection.

My experience is, as long as your child can develop an affectional bond with one of the teachers there, she will not be resistant to go to school.
Hi Ashley..

How long did your son's crying episode last? According to the teacher/principal, my girl cried intermittently throughout the whole time she's there. She wasn't particularly elated when i arrived to fetch her, it's more of a relief face and i hope i'm not imagining. She has a dazed look all the way till we reached home. On the first day that the crying episode began, i actually saw her patting her bearbear saying "it's ok, it's ok". Perhaps just emulating a teacher's action on her. Occasionally, she'll mumble "stop!" "keep quiet".. I'm pretty sure no one tells her that in my household.

I'm just wondering how to distinguish between true separation anxiety and bad experience, like perhaps a persistent bully in the form of either a pupil or teacher. Neither can i tell if the teacher/s screamed at her either just because she's not conforming. I did get some inkling that her teacher isn't too happy with some of her behaviour when she asked me if she walks around all the time even during play or storytelling. Well, yes she does, and we do not confine her, just let her explore on her own. Even her teachers at GUG aren't too strict with her on that but they do firmly tell her to 'bum bum down', certainly not screamed at her and she does follow instructions. I'm just afraid that her form teacher in this playgroup isn't quite as patient. Well, this is just one indication only.

Anyway, my hubby belongs to the school of thought that discipline yields a better child, so will rough & tough... but my heart bleeds to see her cry like this. And she's somewhat smaller size than her peers (belonging to just the 10th percentile in height
).. and even in GUG, there are fellow kids who would somehow make her the target to push, step on her feet, etc.

his crying episode stops after 1 month. During that time, i was hiding somewhere and noticed after my son felt that we were really gone, he will cling onto a teacher he prefers and stops crying. My son is also one of the smallest in terms of size in his class. However the teachers told me he has learnt to self defense *LOL* I didn't ask exactly what they meant, because i believe given his character, he will not let others bully him easily.

I find the part where your girl (patting her bearbear saying "it's ok, it's ok". Perhaps just emulating a teacher's action on her. Occasionally, she'll mumble "stop!" "keep quiet") rather disturbing.

What i noticed from my son after he comes back from playgroup are new songs and new dance. He learnt counting from 1 to 10 in english and chinese from school, as i didn't teach him at all. There must be something that is stopping her from enjoying school.

The teachers in my son's playgroup did comment that he walks around when there is story telling going on, but they told me when they call him to come over, he will. They also assured me that he is doing fine in school. Which i felt is important as I feel that teachers are sharing with me and not lamenting. I believe its normal for our kids to behave this way as they are still very curious about a lot of things and attention life span is short.

I share the same sentiment, I feel the caregiver in school do affects your girl's acceptance to the new environment. There is a thin line between discipline and harshness.

For me, I certainly feel different environment works for different child. Maybe you can continue to monitor and if things are really not working out, why not source for other alternatives (e.g. other schools)
Hi Ling76 & Ashley,

Sorry for the late reply... me 3mths preg.. Hope that this baby will be a boy boy. So that I can close factory.. But of cos healthy baby is still the most impt.
Hi Mummies...

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hi there... haha, this thread still aive ah.. HELLO everybody! janjan reporting... miss u all heaps!!

dazed: nowadays no lobang for huggies leh. i see CK huggies pull up is so far the cheapest. forever $15.50. their huggies dry comfort is forever $15.90. Is JH stil on drypers drypants? just now i spotted drypants at ntuc gg at $12.80. what is the normal price for dryper drypants?
yoyo,me still come in once a while.so fast our kids turining 2 soon.
so any plans for their birthday celebratioN?

me still thinking whether to make it a family affair or kids celebration party
bb starlet: exactly the topic i am thinking of ... most likely this time is family affair cos no energy to do kids party liao...
jan, ann, sure can, but need to find time... haha... been busy and calendar looks pretty full for up to dec. let me write down all the appt and find a date for swimming.

jan, really ah? thot the forum would have bp or what... drypantz normal price around $17+ but recently been seeing all places promo at $12+.
dazed: that means now $12+ is the normal price liao ah? then i supposed its time to stock up drypants instead of huggies lor.

BTW, anyone has the huggies stickers to give away? I'm aiming for the 'story book' and i'm only 70% there..
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Hi toki,
I have been following this thread since I preggie although I seldom input. Hope to see this thread become alive like before again too
Hi Mothers,

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hi anyone keen to go babies SSO concert this thurs? I just realised i cant make it. A pair. 1030am. Pre concert starts at 945am.

So sad that i mix the dates.
yo gelato! just realised that i forgot about the milk powder... hehe...

hey mummies, anyone has a teething chart? is any tooth expected to be popping out now?
Hi dazed, leon has been having teething symptons on and off but no teeth seems to be popping leh... how is JH at playgroup ? I'm sending mine in on 2 Dec.

ann, JH seems to have all the teeth out liao. dun think the recent fever, mild LS and drooling is due to that leh...

he's at childcare, not playgroup. i drop him off at the centre and my mom picks him up at around 3+, 4pm. he loves school and has picked up lots of words, songs and stuff. teachers love him too so i have no worries there.