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Hi hi everyone, I am a first time mum and am currently in my 6th week! Really excited and hopefully everything will be smooth. Hopefully with this thread, I would be able to share experiences with many mummies to be!

hi novakido...congrats!

I hope i can strike for jan 2009 too..but dunno yet! still waiting for my menses to come...last chance is end of this week. Can i know when is ur LMP?
Congrats Novakido!!!

So happy to see the 2009 thread started..I also planning for 2009 baby, but not sure when will strike...
hi shirley, so u are here ! hehe. long time never chat with u liao. i thot u already strike leh. i also trying very hard. and hope to strike next month if my AF did not report. i just finished my 2nd cycle early this week. i hope u can strike too since ur menses still not reported yet. good luck ok ?
hi novakido, congrats ! wow so fast got Jan 2009 thread liao. so excited. i also wanted to be a Jan 2009 MTB. really hope to strike next month. hehe
hi gals, i just went for my first gynae appt yesterday.. so excited to see the heartbeat of the baby. I am 6 weeks too, just like novakido! =)
Thanks ladies...

Shirley what is LMP? Last Menstrual Period ah? Jan-32days, Feb-31days, Mar-30days, April-Conceived. Cross fingers for you!

Congrats daymoon! When is your baby due?! I haven't gone for the check up yet leh... Will call the Gynae tmr...
Babydust!!! Sparkle sparkle!

Meilik! When is your due date huh?
My due date is 26 Dec. haha, xmas baby and present for me.

But i am going for c-sec, since my 1st was a c-sec, so should be 1 week earlier EDD around 19 Dec.
Hi everyone,
I am 6 weeks too and my LMP same as novakido! =)

Hi Novakido,
My first one also c-sec also.
1st time pregnant was c-sec then 2nd time will be c-sec huh?
Hello gals,
Congrats to all MTB.
Tomoro I'll be in my 7 weeks. First time mum.
Due date 01 Jan 09 new year baby.
Excited but also worried as there's a cyst in my right ovary so got to wait till my next gynea appt to see if it has disappear or reduce in size if not got to remove it thru operation.
Just got to pray everything will go smoothly.
DeDe- The cyst is corpus luteum...forming food for baby before placenta takes over, it should disappear. I have that too.
Thanks Meilik, felt relief after hearing tat from u.
the doc told me if i have extreme pain in my right ovary got to call her immediately n if the csyt doesn't disappear by 12 weeks then got to remove it thru op, so kind of worries me.
Tks again.
hi novakido..lmp is last menstrual period, which means the 1st day of ur last period. pregnancy weeks is calculated from ur LMP too. for my case, my LMP was 17th march, thus if i strike, my due date is ard 22nd jan 09. Recently i had very strong craving for food, and on last monday i had some pinkish spotting...not sure if signaling my period coming soon or wat..?!u mentioned tat u havent visit ur gynae yet, have u start taking folic acid? if u havent, better start now
hi porky...long time never log in in the forum already..recently been very busy form work, this morning feel like laze around, too stress from work. tat's why log in to forum to look ard! How've u been? so, u will be trying after the 2nd cycle menses? i only tried after 2nd cycle, but not sure will strike or not..if not strike, my period will be coming end of this wk.
Hi All,

I'm new here! So happy to see this thread

About 6 weeks now, EDD should be first week of Jan 2009 too! Fun77 & novakido, think our EDD should be almost the same time !!

Went to gynae last week, did v-scan and confirm there's a little bubble...thou can't see much, but I shed tears of happiness..undescrible feelings..hopefully bb develops well..

For the first time, experience mild MS this morning..felt quite terrible
anyone feel the same too?

Hope to know more MTBs and may all of us have a smooth smooth 9 months ahead...

Sprinkle baby dusk *ting ting* to those TTC! Hopefully you can join us soon
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Melik! How do you know to go thru C sec or natural birth? My appt with the Gynae is in June... Piang, Wish I am in Singapore now then I could go to the Gynae immediately! Guess I have to be patient!

Shirley, you mean your LMP is 17th April right not Mar? If not confirm preggie liao right? Mine was 7 April... 10 days before you hehe...
So I called the gynae, the nurse told me baby should be due 12 Jan! That's my parents in law wedding anniversary, they are so happy! Shirley maybe the pink spotting can be implantation spotting? I did went to a "clinic" to confirm the pregnancy and the doc prescribe some pre natal before I see the gynae. I am in the States now, so the appointment time is atrocious!

Fun77 congrats! When is your EDD?

Precious! So fun, you me and Fun77 should be about the same time then! So cool right... My pregnancy symptoms are little tightness around lower abdominal, breast soreness and nauseous in the evenings... Luckily appetite still good. I can't wait to see my "little bubble" but my first appt is in June
hi novakido..yup, u're right! my LMP was 17th april..hehe...hope can join u all in Jan thread too..take care ya..hope u enjoy ur pregnancy stay in US! hehe..
hi shirley, i am fine. hehe. in fact, Dr give me green light to try after 1st cycle, cos he say i recover well. so i tried loh. but did not strike lah. now my 2nd cycle completed liao. so i must work double hard. haha. hops to hear good news from u. i also really hope to join those mtbs here soon !
hi novakido,
my period cycle is more or less similar like yours. may i know on which CD (cycle day) you start to "work" with hubby? Is it true can't do it every day because the sperm quality will be not so good to make baby? sorry to ask such questions, but i'm really clueless as this is my first attempt for 1st baby.
hi mtbs, so glad to see this thread booming and sparkling with baby dust!

Nova,my EDD is 5th Jan 2009. will you be delivering in states or singapore? =)

Precious bb, think we might be having the same EDD since yours is also in the first week of Jan!

Dear all,so happy to see many 2009 mtbs here.
Congrats novakido & all mtbs!
Me too,just went to see my gynae..scan but can't really hear the heartbeat..Currently around 5 & half weeks.
Edd is on 10th Jan 2009.
Same as Meilik & Fun77, will be going for c-section cos my 1st baby was through c-section too..
*sigh* thinking of going through the c-section pain again,phobia..
novakido - I have a stubborn cervix that wont dilate for my first child. My gynea prefer i have a spinal c-sect again cos it is faster and easier for me body to recover.

For this time round, Dec time my gynea going for holiday, so he already hint hint me i should have c-sec 7-10 days before he goes on holiday lor. I like him cos he does a nice "bikini cut" no wound marks at all.

Wah..your appointment so far away neh
baby_blessed. Actually I started BD straight after AF! Coz we want to build the mood hehe dun want because want baby then BD! Must BD and enjoy it too! Hehe... And we do it every other day especially during the ovulation week, otherwise sometimes every 3 days... Ya cannot do it everyday, its very tiring and I also heard sperm quality not good. But I tried using the OPK and also track my temperature plus the CM but all not accurate one so I just hamtam, every other day during the "Ovulation week" and every 3 days during the non Ovulation week since every woman have different body cycle. hehe...

But my friend gave a tip last mth and I dunnoe if its her but it works and we strike. She says example, "you have your period today, Thursday, so exactly 2 weeks later that Thursday, DO IT!!!" Hehe...

Audrey, Ooh I saw C section of Discovery channel very painful... after that hard to carry heavy stuff also ya... Coz need abdominal muscles...
audrey: did you have a bad experience on your c-sec? Mine was spinal c-sect, so smooth and not much pain and could walk the next day around the hospital.

Fun77: 2nd time pregnancy may not need to go thru c-sec. Can do virginal birth also. But it is all up to indivdual and what your gynea's opinon. Like for me, i cannot do virginal birth... simply cannot dilate so second round no point doing it again.
Nova, ya indeed was very painful especially when I needed to go to ladies after lying on the hospital bed for 2 nights..the moment when I need to stand up,the sharp pain was really unbearable.But was lucky to recover quite fast within 2 weeks..Afterall,I think natural birth will be a better choice..

Meilik, mine was a c-section on the bikini line..so whenever I use my abdominal muscles to sit up or walk,the sharp pain will come..I was so envious to see many mummies at the hospital walking thru & fro with their babies so happily but yet I'm stuck on the bed. =(

Oh btw,I was thinking about booking a confinement lady..though its still early to plan but I think if mummies due in Jan 09,the confinement period might stretch over to CNY.From my previous confinement lady,she actually mention that most confinement ladies will not take up any bookings near CNY as they might need to go back and celebrate with their families.
Hi and congrats to all Jan 09 MTBs..

i am a first time MTB... now shld be in my 5th week... going for another scan on 23rd May too see the development..
wow u strike liao ah... congrats... can graduate from TTC liao

hehe u also here to see see look look ah

long time nv see u online liao
hope u strike soon too...
I am sure u will

Take care n remember to condition yr body well
hi everyone,

Congratulations to all MTB Jan 2009

I'm 5 weeks pregnant..
so excited
from the calculation EDD should be Jan 2009..

So happy to see this thread..

Hope to see more MTBs jan'09 and smooth pregnancy for all of us.. Cheers..
daymoon, sorry I missed replying you hehe. I think my baby will be born in the States ba. Coz I am only due for home permanently in May 09...

Wow Melik, stubborn cervix huh, so you will only know about it on the day you are giving birth lor.

Congrats Sel! It's my first time too so really excited! How's your morning sickness and all?

Mrs Yap! Ya Strike liao...Wasn't expecting it coz I thought we had to go see the gynae for advice liao! So really surprise!

dee congrats to you!

Wow xpink, 2nd one! must share your experiences.

Btw all mummies, how are your diet like? Anybody taking special diet. Need to take chicken essence or etc ma?
Hi all, congrats to all MTBs!

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and going to see gynae next Thurs (22 May). Hopefully i'll see bb's heartbeat. So excited!

Currently I'm taking 5mg folic acid and drinking Annum milk twice a day.
Hi everyone, me also just discovered me pregnant last wed. Went to see a gynae few days ago, he mentioned to me that 1 in every 5 women miscarriage, so he asked me to take extra care. He explained no need to take package for now. He also given me some an tai medicine coz i been having some brown discharge a couple of days back. Anyone gynae told u all tat too?
hi ong, congrats to you. my 1st gynae told me that..actually brown discharge is common for 1st trimester but also must take good care. try not to move around too much or squat down too much loh. i am not preggy now but still TTC now (got miscarriage in feb 2008..) if u wish to talk, can msn ([email protected]) to me. take care ya.
Hi porky,
Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Sorry to ask but any symptoms to it? and did doctor said what is the cause for it?
Must take more rest? take care ya!!
hi ong, mayb u want to add me to ur msn then we talk. cos i do not wish to scared all the other mtbs here. hehe. i wish all the mtbs here to have a smooth journey for this 9 months ya !
hihi today jus went to kkh and i am 4 to 5 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy and my gynae is Dr Irene Chua.Very nice and pretty gynae
hi ong, not email lah...is MSN. u must download first. then we can communicate thru msn. hehe. anyway, i have added u. but i think u did not have msn leh...
hi porky, had my period today..so no chance to be jan mtb liao..never mind, will work harder this cycle...hope we can meet in feb mtb again..hehe...god luck..

all mtb here..wish u all a smooth and healthy pregancy ahead..
hi shirley, is ok. dont give up hope. try again after this cycle. i am also trying very hard to be a feb mtb. lets jia you together. hehe.
Puppylove! congrats. Is annum nice? I am just drinking normal fresh milk leh... Only once a day though... Shall try to drink one more time a day...

Hey Ong, yes I heard about 1 in 5 miscarriages in fact I known of a few friends who have miscarriages before but most pregnancies end up smooth. So keep your mind positive and healthy! Don't worry too much, Rest more!

Swan, when I was in Singapore. I go to Doc Christopher Chong for my well women check up. He is a really really nice and funny guy, plus he is really sensitive and patient.
Here's his contacts:
Address:Gleneagles Medical Centre
6 Napier Road #03-02,
Singapore 258499
You can read more about him in this thread!

Congrats Sally!

Shirley spreading all babydust to you! Relax and look forward to new cycle! New cycle new hope!
Hi novakido,
morning sickness haven really kicked in yet.. just feeling extra tired.. had fallen sick these few days too.. bad week...

living at sembawang??