(2007/10) October 2007 MTB

Gngerleaf yes yes super dangerous ... I misQ la ... Why would I want to cane there
so heart pain but cannot sayang ... But after that I did ask him pain or not ...
but he said I think no la ...

Our 07 kids ... They r testing us ... I think so too ...

Dodo jia you ;).

Aiyo all the pregy mummies r temping us with so many differ food ...

Junnie Ya la accidentally la ... Sob sob

Aiyo I type so much den all gone

Junnie & gingerleaf ya la accidentally la sob sob

Dodo jia you

Murako & tiffy if having breakfast maybe i can join too can bring C2 along den after den go to school ... I we can get up early ;)
hippo, LOL @ ur description. So shiok gg genting this wkend ah? HUAT HUAT HUAT!!!

CM, breakfast ah? How early? Me might dilly dally till lunch hr. :p

Thanks for your msg. If doing lunch, I prob reach around 1.30pm aft fetching both girls... U ladies can eat 1st. If meeting for breakfast... I can come alone ;)..
Causeway still rather messy now.... Lots of snack shops now but lost quite a few fav PL Like Swenson etc.
poor C2! Must be careful when u cane him!

Do n't be discouraged ... They go thru all these crazy
Enjoy your last day n your trip!

Btw, just saw tis old jun news abt an aust mum who ran over and killed her 2 old yr while reversing into her Bishan bungalow... So tragic hor?
tiffy,maruko,hippo.. thks for confirming =D ok ok.. i knw who liao! jas.. shall wait 4u to ROAR here =D so happy for big & small Ds & papa.. wish u all the best =)

cm.. carlson must hv seen 'stars' then! opps.. nvm, u not purposely one.. he'll 'forgive' u since he said 'tink not pain' =D

dodo.. u got chk his mouth?? lately lance since hving throat infection/fever last few days (ytd teacher called said he LS 3x, lucky ytd nite ok aft i feed him stomach wind medicine).. also 'chute pattern' drinking milk/taking meal.. so different fm his usual 'tam jiak' pattern.. i chk his mouth, notice right behind his left side molar like swollen.. duno izzit got big molar popping out cos he keeping using his finger to poke his teeth.. so i guess tis cud cause lost of appetite.. since zq dun tk sweet stuff, he cudnt b 'kum chek' (chinese said eat too much sweet dun wan tk proper meal)... i feed lance also approx >half hr lately until i pek chek.. but come to snack he v fast de loh =( hope zq will 'surrender' to u soon... dun get angry le... make sure u gv him sufficient fluid today =) all our kiddos be it wat ages.. sure testing our patience ALL THE TIME de!! really more to come!

tiffy,cherry.. u all also knw tis lor mee arh =D
gingerleaf.. huh.. Q all the way to bk of coffeeshop?? omg! i thot u go thur.. so u went fri! really horrible loh..hope the 'heat' for the Q aft they on TV will b over soon.. actually there's another stall of lor mee at bt merah view coffeeshop (tink blk 116).. opened by the sister of tis bt purmei lor mee.. also hv crispy cripsy, but no egg & charsiew. to me taste also nice =D

hippo.. wow.... must really look fwd to TGIF.. going genting?? HUAT ARH!!

maisymouse.. *wave wave* =)

zhenzhen.. miss u..faster come in 'report' =)
Tiffy, how early do u all wanna meet for breakfast? If too early den I'm not sure if I can. Will need to prepare Travis for cc b4 I go.

mm, *wave wave* lookin 4ward to seein u again.
What time can u meet? Cos u still have to prepare T2 too right?

Swensen is coming back but not so soon. Those new shops seem like take turn to open. Everytime go there always have surprise.

What time C2 start his lesson on Friday? Cos too early think Maruko cannot as she need to prepare T1 for cc.
Gingerleaf n (ahem) Jas,
Congrats!!! So good to be pregnant together again.. Enjoy your pregnancy n all the good food!

Junnie n maruko,
*Big wave* too!

Tiffy, cm and maruko,
I can do breakfast aft 8.30am .

Oh Swenson coming back ya? Didn't see it on the board...was wondering y business so gd yet gone. Can't wait for the whole Reno to be over...now it's so crowded and the lift is crazy.
Wave wave to mm ...

Lol hahaha breakfast not so early la .. Hahahaha me and c2 r pig we need pur sleep ... He only start at 1:30 pm think need to see what tie me mm needs to fetch her gals ... 8 or even 9 is a little impossible la ... Lol
CM et al,
10 or 10.30am also no prob. Only need to fetch at 12.45pm cos Chloe has enrichment classes.

Wave wave ! U teaching on fri? Can join us?
mm, i still cannot get zhenzhen. no reply fr her

Breakfast Gathering
Friday 15 July
Time: 10.30am
Woodlands Causeway Point


Any mummies wanna join us??
hi all

tiffy,maisymouse,maruko,cm.. wow.. nice to hv breakfast together! as usuall me can 'hear' cant join =( waiting for our nxt gathering =)

ask u mummies hor.. cavana chk & corona chk izzit same?? they better than 可爱鸡 or Arnold's chx??

tiffy.. so zhenzhen teaching now no time to come chitchat? send our rgds to her ya =)
Gd morning mummies...

Tiffy, im ok wif Toastbox. C u all tmr.

I was juz wondering if we will b havin our 2007 4 yr old bday bash this yr.
I just realised the pri sch(already no more) which I attended, combined with clementi town pri to form Clementi Pri Sch!
Anyone have any idea hows the sch? I'll be under phrase 2A for that. lolololol.
morning all

maruko,hippo,gingerleaf.. yes yes yes.. we gotta try our v best to keep the tradition as long as possible hor!! hopefully as the kiddo grow older.. mummies will hv more time to chit chat during the bash! (oops.. mummies w <4yrs abit difficult lah.. unless no bring lil ones.. but pls pls pls.. bring them along to join the fun too.. hahaha) totoro.. u r 'v missed' when come to tis topic.. hmmm.. we got <3mths to plan if =D

tiffy.. thks.. enjoy ur brekkie w cm,maruko,maisymose tmr =)

gingerleaf.. may b u go 'kiasu parent website' to chk if any review on tat schl?

hippo... 'dong' another day u'll b going to relax &amp; huat liao!! got bring both As along bo??
Yes yes ... But when r we going to have it .. having at yck is good cos our kids know how to play there Liao
they will be very happy too
moooooooorning!!!!!!!! itz a BEAUTIFUL day!! hahaha..

re: birthday bash
yesh yesh yesh! toes up for grassroots club too! hahaha..

junnie, me not bringing my 2 monsters.. i will tear my hair out and roll them down the mountain by kicking them sia.. hahahaha...
Gd day to all mummies...me juz came back from a great yak-king session this morning wif tiffy, CM &amp; MM. Today 1st time take public transport wif T2. Lucky he didnt make much noise while im seated in MRT. If not me gotta stand all the way liao.

Tiffy, heng me back home in time. Haha...once T2 lie on bed, he start to pass motion! :p

re: bday bash
I dun mind grassroots club playroom too. Tink T1 will like the playground there alot.

hippo, countin down to the last few hrs! Enjoy ur trip.
Huh just in time for him to pass motion. Hahaha
J reach hm drink milk n aft a while he also pass motion.
Indeed have a great yak-king session with u,cm n mm
Gd morning mummies...past few days all so quiet ah? Where is everyone? :p
So zombie today...notti lil T woke me up practically the whole nite. -_-
good noon

maruko,tiffy.. both ur lil' princes poo poo aft the friday gathering arh? =D

cm,maruko.. re grassroots club.. dunno izzit member then can book?? hmmm.. gotta ask doobom/totoro/hippo le... dodo, we miss u loads!! so do join 4th oct'07 bbs bd bash if is on!!

hippo.. "understood-ed" y u dun bring the kiddos =D so got huat bo @ genting??

gingerleaf.. ytd we went old airport rd makan.. aiyo... tat laoban soyabean 4ever Q-ing! me managed to get 6tub aft Q-ing for abt half-hr (almost 8.40pm le).. i also tried stall 51, the beancurd also not bad, tasted like laoban.. nxt time u can try =)

hmmmm...tink everyone monday blue like me lah =D *yawn*
Grassroot club any one can book, but it's very " hot"

4th birthday of course ONz! Let me settle down at work first.
Super sleepy as both bb don't let me have a good sleep!
Good morning ladies!!!!

H&amp;M singapore opening on 3 september!!

ya i have heard of this beancurd stall with super long q.. i have yet to try. how is the texture and tasting??
Gd morning mummies...

Cherry, wow another sales comin on...u muz b bz.

junnie, me always go airport rd market eat but didnt noe abt this beancurd stall. Gotta check it out next time.

totoro, will b waitin for u on our bday bash. Shall we set a date 1st so dat can quickly book the place?
Mummies, me will b free on this fri so we can hav a lunch gathering at 313 somerset. Anyone else who can join?

Date: 22nd Jul (Fri)
Time: 12.15pm
Venue: 313 Jap Buffet
1) maruko
2) Tiffany seah

good noon all

totoro.. *muack muack*... we cant go w/o u for the bash =) u go back to work liao arh? hmmm... can understand how sleep deprive u gonna b esp w a lil' bb... try to nap here &amp; there if possible... take care..

maruko.. i also hvnt tried tis beancurd stall till gingerleaf mentioned @fb abt the 10tubs she had previously! then we happened go ecp cycling over the weekend so hb divert there to tk dinner... u jus gotta prepared to Q if u wanna try laoban beancurd =D their upcoming 1st branch will b at maxwell rd hawker ctr.. hohoho... nearer to me lah =D

cherry.. hmmm.. how to say?? the texture is soooo smooth tat it melts in ur mouth like brulee! i tink they add special milk or wat.. is v fragrance.. as i shared.. if dun Q for laoban beancurd.. can try stall 51.. which i tink is equally good (is totally different fm normal beancurd we eat).. tis stall 51 also got strawberry flavour beside the usual original &amp; almond flavour, worth a try if u all go old airport rd hawker ctr =)