(2007/10) October 2007 MTB

Gd morning mummies...
Wah seh...today Thursday liao & not much posts over the past few days. Where is every1???

gingerleaf, dun tink its the angle lah. Can still c ur arms & overall figure not so "bloated". :p

I'm trainin T1 for nite sleep diaperless for the past few days liao. So far so gd. Been 4 "dry" nites oredi. Can I say im oredi successful in trainin him off diapers? *keepin fingers crossed*

hi all

me v busy since last wk cos started w lance not well (fever/throat infection fllwd by LS due anti-biotic, stopped anti-biotic aft 3 days fever bk), then he passed virus to zann & me. stupid weather hot & rain... aggggrrr... cant tk leave/mc somemore cos colleage alr booked on leave today till saturday... gotta 'dong' at work.. lucky hb in town, no choice, gotta send them to IL hse help tk care cos cant go cc/schl..

cm.. wat happened? *pat pat*... banged here & we'r listening..

maruko.. good sign of travis to go nite diaperless, perphaps u try for rest of tis wk shd b successful liao..

jovialz.. *wave* nice to see ur post.. yalor.. thread not moving again...

gingerleaf.. hope u can eat well now.. nvm abt wt.. aft gv birth then work on wt again =)
hello mummies!

greeting from super HOT HK!!!!

i used Medela PISA, thumbs up! never failed me once throughout the 18 months..
dodo, PISA got a few types right? Saw backpack, tote n bag.

Now got a new freestyle too. So confusing..

And HK is hot?!?!?!? Was planning a trip there in Aug!
mine is backpack.
yup, i think latest is freestyle.. not sure how it works though..

it's DAMN HOT!!! cant stand it!!! i feel that it's even hotter than summer in Beijing! and more unbearable than in SG...
Gd morning mummies...

junnie, u kena virus from lance ah? got c doc? hope u r feelin better liao.
Ya...keepin fingers crossed T1 gg diaperless in few more days.

dodo, wats the highest temp in HK now? Lately SG weather also blowin hot & cold. BTH!

gingerleaf, me used pigeon pump previously. Tink twinklestar using Medela also.
Not sure on the comparision coz the only medela i used before is medela mini.. ameda is noisy too.. not sure abt the new one coz am using the old model.
Is your PISA bought from departmental stores or from BP export sets?
i bought fr 1 mommy that TMC recommended. cos that mommy pump less than 5 times she stop bf-ing. All the part is so new n she sell to us at $540 in 2007.
huh funny leh, those 2nd time mommies in 2010 thead said Ameda is quiet than Medela
the maximum abt 33 degree.. SG seems more windy, here is hot, humid & stuffy..

and well done for T! did u just remove his diaper at nights or u wake him up in midnights to pee?
ur hubby travels to europe often right? maybe can get it there since Medela is from Swiss.. my sis bought a brand new one for me in Aus at abt S$300+
that may be a good idea since he is gg croatia in oct... provided he can find. lol

I find that ameda is noisy, but mine is own set already. They have a new model now, so it may be quieter, as reviewed by the 2010 mummies.
And also, I never used a medela dual pump(the mini was a single)before, hence my noise comparison is not accurate also.
But actually I dun mind the sound, coz I will definitely not be pumping milk infront of the kiddo. Just wondering if its efficient in extracting allll the milk. Just read some reviews n seems like the PISA models may be even better than the new freestyle model!! But is there any difference in the tote, haversack?
dodo, max 33 tink still quite ok bah...turn on the air con while u at home lor.

T1 can really tahan his pee...me only told him multiple times dat he "big boy" liao cannot wear diapers anymore. Den got 1 nite he refused to wear. Dats when I told him "den u cant pee while sleepin hor". He said ok. I even told him I will wake him up to pee while he sleep & he got so "angry" sayin NO NEED. haha...so far so gd...even when he drinks milk b4 sleep also no wet the bed.