(2007/03) March 2007 MTBs

Speaking of dusty..

Autum: You know what? I wore gloves when unpacking and sorting out the DD books for the last batch.
I used the gloves some people wear when eating crabs. Hb and I were at Jumbo for crabs. When they handed us gloves I immediately smiled. Then when we went there a second time the following week, I asked for the gloves and kept them. Hahahaha!!!
I found it a hassle to wear gloves to eat crabs anyway.

there's no sale for the other 2 sizes at Tampines, don't think will have at Alexandra too.

Anyway if you wanna get the tall ones, better go soon. Think not much stock left at the Tampines branch, not sure about Alexandra.
AAA, I didn't know people wear gloves to eat crabs. Sounds strange. Is it those latex type or plastic type?

Good that u wore gloves to pack the books. Can protect from the dust.
Autum: Disposal see-through plastic gloves. Waitresses wear these gloves when they help customers crack up crab claws.. And when we order prawns, they provide too. You may have seen them but not take notice of them. The same type hawkers use when they handle food.
Yah, v useful to avoid the dust during unpacking and sorting. Although they're uncomfortable and quite hot and tear easily when tangled with the scotch tape. Guess I'm not used to it. So I kept wearing it and removing it.. Haha..
RR, I realised when I went there. I looked around but only saw the pine on discount. But shouldn't the same items be on discount too? Don't tell me sold out so fast?!

Autum, I saw pple eating crabs with that in korea (on TV). =p all that was going through my head was "wouldn't it feel strange when you lick your fingers later?". there's this durian place along bt timah that offers disposable gloves too.
Hey, I have a question to ask about Longchamp bags. Is it branded like Prada, LV? Or like Coach? Can anyone tell me, what is a typical Longchamp bag price?
Aaa, I think the glove idea came from china...cos the restaurant will provide such stuff when they eat small lobster...some steamboat restaurant will give plastic aprons too.
Star is ur longchamp consultant
It's nt s ex s prada for sure
Comparable to the coach outlet prices
U do a quick search in e WTS thread
Prices range from $100+ to $200 or so online, depending on model
But if u go to the Singapore boutiques, it is def more ex
CK: Exactly.
I thot so too. I first saw this when we were in SH the hairy crab feast, the waitress de-crab our crabs for each one of us at the table. They're very skillful.
For business occasion, there is use with these gloves. Otherwise, I prefer to go without. But... maybe gloves are useful to wear when eating hams wor.. Hmm.. Just a thought..
Ok thanks for the info! At first i thot of getting a tote. But Irin just told me there are many fake ones in the market. SO I think I will not get la. :p
I saw a LSS that I like in the website. But now no sale leh. So sad. Hey, do u remember how much we paid for our last LSS tote?
I want you to guess! It's one of the Double Trouble tote under Artist in Residence. Like our last one.

Carol, tell us! :p
Hv a qn: when instructions call for putting in oven "at high ", wat is the temperature for "high"?
It's frozen popcorn chix. Other then deep-fry supposed to b able to use oven. Any ideas?
some old ovens have oni 3 settings i think. usually for frozen chicken nuggets, i will heat up at abt 175-180 deg c. hope this helps.
AAA: I hv no idea abt trampoline. But I remember watching those america's funniest home videos n they always show pple falling in awkward positions or get caught at e dudes or even fall onto e ground
My meimei can climb up the stairs all by herself! She refuses to let us hold her hands.

Ash: Yah, I've watched those too. Hence quite afraid for safety reasons. I think I'll forget it..
SQ, the one next to it. Central Park.

Carol, I find the medium weekender like a luggage bag wor. If u want a diaper bag, I think a tote is better?
Central park looks so much like ours
Get a different one la
Unless u like it so much
I hv this habit of Buyg similar or same thgs cos I lk tem so much
Tsk tsk tsk
Get a LSS, better than LC. So many aunties carrying the fake ones from those pushcarts, see liao also sian. :p

Any LSS sale online now? I'm also thinking of a getting a medium or big size one.
Autum, LCis not prada calibre lah but maybe can match coach or more ex than coach. The LC pliage range is the cheapest of the LC range its the nylon range u see so common in singapore. Very cheap to buy in france but damn ex in singapore ( its like $170 vs $600) kind of price. I think can buy cos the fake dun look anywhere near a real one lah. Got diff and sincd not ex can buy. I like cos its very light weight, easy to clean n roomy( depending on size) . LC also have their regular leather range n these prices can match or is higher than coach and they are made in france. The pliage range used to be made in france but now is made in china. Aiya, Everything also have fake lah LV, coach, prada, LSS etc.

Re: disposBle gloves to eat food
When i was in HK, KFC, they gave me disposable gloves to eat my fried chicken!! I like cos keep ur hands clean but not tasty to lick plastic glovex hands lah.
Ya know the LSS double trouble LSS we got, i dun really like it, cos the strap very thick so a bit diff to carry. I think i still like our med tribecca ( my all time fav) aka the every girl tote.
the nylon range really lots of fake ones around and they look pretty similar to the real ones.

LV, Prada different cos even fakes also not cheap so still not many people will buy. But those LC fakes I saw are quite cheap and many actually bought for normal use.
SQ i fi d the brown bunny cuter than the shoulder bag :p
Btw i also used by ipad charger to charge my iphone, n vice versa so far no problem. U bought the ipad2?
RR LSS also a lot fake n a lot of aunties carrying. I havd not been paying attention to fake LC. I think i need to open my eyes wider the next time. The mkre common fakes i see is the agnesb one.

the LSS fakes usually have their own range of prints, different from the real prints. And now it says Prosac or something like that instead of LesSportsac.

Yes, yes, you take note, the LC will be selling together with the AB ones. Same "mgmt", haha!!