(2007/03) March 2007 MTBs

So funny!
I think ash is rite!

My brother's iPad
I won't buy de la
Rather buy bags
I use the LSS double trouble tote everyday! That's why I am thinking of getting another one. I use that as my work bag.. cos i put my netbook and file inside. Thick strap ok because my bag is heavy, if thin strap, will cut into flesh. Thick strap balances the weight better.. you also got the black tote? Same as mine and SQ de?
My workplace is casual ah. Hahah.. and even if I wear nice dress i also carry that de. Shows how bo-chap i am.. :p
i want to go back to states for shopping! really can shop till drop!

autum: did ur hb buy fr outlet stores in states? next time he go, check online if there r special sales/promo at the outlet malls. sometimes u can print out for further 10-20% disc for other brands like gap/ON etc
Yes my hb went to the outlets in US. He bot quite some Gap n Oskosh clothes for the kids. I was asking him why he didn't get clothes for me. You know what he said. He said they don't have 30+ T so he won't know what size to get for me. Cos the kids go by 3T 5T. :S

U bad ah! Laugh at Ellie! :pp
Kaexin: I didn t have to ask. They provided on their own.
Good service.

Autum: Your hb s reply is so funny! Lol..

Star, RR: Last time we were in hk, one of my gfs brought along a fake she got fr Vietnam. It s so close that none of us could tell the difference, we all thot she eas carrying a real one, but we re nor LC experts lah. Upon knowing it s a fake, and such gd quality, when we went to the flower st, all of us started looking out for a decent shop and whacked. We bought as gifts. We were all happily carrying the bags in hk cos very convenient and good size. Funny thing was.. When we walked past the real boutique, we wete quite afraid to be pointed out! Lol.. And we realized some of the colors can t be found at the real store! Lol..
Kaexin, RR, CK, Edde:, seafood lovers: No signboard has this 2 person set. It has crabs, lobster, fish, broccoli with scallops, desert. Very solid! The salted egg crabs is fantastic too. I was so greedy I wiped out all the sauce! We ordered the butter lobster and it s very very tasty. Very value at $159.

Star: I ve dropped the trampoline idea. Too risky.
i am not a seafood lover. went to eat mantou only and of course, the company :D
wah, the no signboard crab so exp ?? heng, it was nice to you, otherwise i think not worth it.
the one we had yesterday, was quite big to me, 2 for $70+ love the chili crab gravy !
of ya forgotten to tell you, i went to the hokkaido fair at Tampines last week, think should be the same, brought in by isetan. bought the pumpkin flakes to made soup. also the dried stuff to add to my porridge. the ramen also pretty good too
Kaexin: The crab was quite standard. $45 per kg. $159 is value becos orher than the crab, it has one full lobster, medium size and one fish, medium size.

Not isetan wor, it was at Taka. But maybe the same lah. The Jap rep immediately gave us samples to try. Very Paiseh so we bot.

Star: Yah think cannot. Or unless she s sleeping and u wrap her in a pouch. But your position will still be quite awkward? Not sure.
I'm also aiming LSS. Same prob as Star. Find the strap too thick so when i carry on top of my sling, it keeps dropping. thinking of getting everygirl tote or backpack.

LSS experts, everygirl tote should get normal size or deluxe?
Moogen, yes the Everygirl tote is quite big already. I think the deluxe must be huge!

SQ, I like LSS because it's lightweight. Dun think I have the strength to carry other heavy bags. I m that jialat.
My hands itchy leh, i also wanna get LSS after all the talk! I want another everygirl tote!

Moogen delux is too big lah. The reg size should be ok.

Ash maybe u can get a delux everyday girl tote instead! Its big!

SQ onz, i ear crab with u and kaexin, k can bbsit YH while u help me bao bao my mei mei!! Haha
Really ah? Then I aim for the evergirl normal tote then. Big enough as diaper bag hor.

SQ, I also want your bbsitting when I eat crabs. Haha.
Star: Yes it's super worth it.
Yah yah ask your hb to bring you there. We went to the one at Geylang, not sure if this set meal is offered at other outlets.

SQ: What an arrangement. After all this, can you still eat the crabs?
Ya LSS v lightweight
Gd for traveling
B4 I fall in love w e brand, I was wondering how it survives
I mean how many pple buy e same bags in different colors
But Nw I m hooked
SQ, Autum: LC is also good for travelling. It's foldable nicely and you can clip in in place with the button. I find it's a v useful bag to bring along (in the luggage) on holidays.
I'm still lost ... So Deluxe is too big, Everyday gal normal tote's size is better? Can carry on shoulders? Is there sale now? :p
star: I like n hv a everyday girl tote but I find e strap v painful on my shoulder. Does anyone feel e same?
Is e deluxe big but straps length same?

Actually I saw some no brand tote bags at harbourfront on sat. Only 19.90 n has lots of diff prints. Size quite big n suitable as diaper bag. But not waterproof like LSS
Some o e no brand bags r quite cute
I like their designs actually
But e ones I hv seen cmi
E quality really sucks
Loose strands, zips tt catch, rough material
All will ONI 气死我
So I dun dare to buy
Everyday gal normal tote can carry on shoulders
Deluxe is HUGE!
I so big size also feel e bag is big
U much smaller frame wil look even bigger wor
Go to e shops n test it out b4 u buy
Ash i dunhave prob with the everyday strap. Its very comfy. Ucarry very heavy things in your bag? If u dun like thin strap u should consider the artist in residence tote we got the last time, strap very thick!
Ash i dun have prob with the everyday strap. Its very comfy. Ucarry very heavy things in your bag? If u dun like thin strap u should consider the artist in residence tote we got the last time, strap very thick!
haha, got it. The deluxe is HUGE. I'll go into the website and take a look later.

how to use as diaper bag if not waterproof? You'll end up having leaking milk or warm water. :p
LSS at Suntec will hv sales on certain prints sometimes like 30% or 40%. Other than Suntec, any other standalone outlets like this?
Hey Ash,
I just got to know from a friend that Crystal has her #2 recently. Did you attend the bb shower?

RR: ya her bb girl few mths old liao. I didn't go cos her #1 juz recovered fr chix pox tt time n I was in last trimester. So we tot beta not take e risk