(2007/03) March 2007 MTBs

Hi wei lin, are u from the chickadees club? When's your EDD and how old is your elder baby now?

I have a 7-mths old baby girl and I'm currently about 5 weeks pregnant. EDD probably late Feb or early March. Havent seen gynae yet.

Morning sickness already started. Feel nauseous, bloated and giddy all the time.
Hi Meixue,

Yes, I m from the chickadees club. For my case, it's not confirmed. Tested with 5 different kits, 3 positive (very faint) and 2 negative.
My gal is 1 yr old.
Hope I can join this thread, pending blood result of hcG results fr KKH. =(
Wei lin, how many days have you missed your period? What i read is that no matter how faint the positive result is, it is still positive. For the negatives, the kits are probably not sensitive enough.

You're ready for another baby? Actually for me, I'm not ready, wasnt expecting to be pregnant so quickly. Not sure how to cope with my 7-month old and pregnancy/new baby.

Btw, read from the chickadees postings that your girl is ill. Is she better now?
Meixue: I also believe tat the kits won't give me faint positive results. But I went KKH this morning, maybe my urine was kinda diluted, kit showed negative. Thus, they took my blood to test for the hormone to see if I am preggy. I missed by just 2 days. Yes, we actually plan for 2nd one. Only started trying this mth. Didn't expect to strike (if I really strike) so fast.

Ya, my girl is down with bad rashes. She is discharged, resting at home now. Rashes not subsided yet.

It's not easy juggling 2 small children. U r a SAHM? Seldom see yr posts in the chickadee club thread.
meisue that means your daughter wld be 15mths when your bb is born. tough man. my son now 14mths and i can't imagine having a newborn. and pregnancy. i can't imagine going through last few weeks of third trimester with a child who has boundless energy. but it's so exciting!!!!

i'll be doing the preg test soon. so wish me luck. hahaha i'm counting my eggs b4 they hatch.

i think my ovulation was on 24th june. wld it be too early to test tomorrow?

when did you know you were pregnant and how? wat were the 1st signs? i mean besides the preg test. was there frequent peeing? thirst?

i hope i can join this thread too.
Valc: U are TTCing now? =) Think it'll be too early to test. My ovulation was on 15th, till today, my HCG level was just 15.2.
Hi wei lin,

you mean you O on 15th June and you get a BFP so soon? May I ask how long is your cycle.

I O on 16th June, a day after yours and thought of testing only next Monday.
Wei Lin, i don't post in the chickadees thread as I have no time to join the outings. but Ling's my good friend and I like to read the thread. me FTWM, can't imagine juggling a 7-mth old baby, pregnancy, career and family. *faint*

ValC, i think it's too early to test. I got a positive at 18 days past ovulation, when i missed period for 4 days.
Grace: Ya, I suspect my ovulation was ard 15th. My period is supposed to come on 26th. Cycyle is abt 28days.

Meixue: Who was yr previous gynae? I was with Dr Tee at KKH. Thought of switching.
oh so late then can test ah? cos i read the preg test instructions, it said from 8days after O onwards can test. ok lah wait alittle longer.

wat is BFP?
weilin, i read the instrctions that came with the test strip. it's supp to read levels 10-50mlU. and it read that it can detect as early as 6-15days after conception leh.

welin, that means it's confirmed that you are pregnant lah. if your level is 15?
Valc: For the kit I bought (Watsons): It can read below 20 mIU but results is a faint line. In KKH, the kit was negative. Thus the gynae mentioned tat it maybe indicative of an early pregnancy.
Hi Valc,

BFP means "Big Fat Positive" = preg

one of the TTC lingo
Valc: R u one of the mummies from ST grp buy and in Apr/May/June Thread? Coz, my impression was that you are already preggy with No.2 or I have mistaken you for another Val?
ValC, not that so late than can test, but late confirmed more accurate results, dont need to waste money on so many test kits. hehe.

Wei Lin, so when will the test results be confirmed?

It's so terrible having morning sickness! I felt so giddy while i was expressing milk halfway yesterday. I think I have to stop bf-ing my elder girl already.
yes, i was only guest appearance there. i dunno why i only discovered this forum when my son was 7mths. i was not working and surfing the net alot for information but i missed this forum enetirely. strange. my no. 2 became no. 0 on my 2nd visit to the gynae. actually 1st visit she already told me heartbeat slow which was not usual. 2nd visit no heartbeat. i wasn't trying then. funny when you can't have it you want it even more. so now i'm trying. hee!
Hi, me TTC also. Period start on 1 June, O shd be ard 15th or 16th la, but test yesterday still negative.. a bit disappointed. maybe have to wait till after period due than test again...but feeling a bit neusea and breast/nipple pain since 1 1/2 wk ago.
hi all, i'm also trying for my 2nd this month hoping to get a Mar 07 baby. i O-ed 2 days ago and hope to strike too.

meixue, as this is a planned "activity", i am starting to stop bfing my 9mth old son. now, i'm expressing only once a day. have been giving him EBM with FM for the past 2 weeks. i really miss the latching good times with him

my SIL (now living tog) & my best friend have 2 children each; both 15mths apart. it's tough but challenging. you'll enjoy the fun watching them grow up together...my best friend manages the 2 kids without a maid and her mother is baby-sitting them (2 yrs & 10mths respectively) during the day while she takes over at night at during weekends. she has never complained...i salute her!
Valc: I am sorry to hear that. Don't worry, 2nd one may come soon. =)

Btw, I am bleeding slightly again. Not sure if I should see a gynae today. =(
hi ladies,
any update? based on my BBT chart, im only 4 weeks, i tested before few days before AF should come and had a dark result line. have been feeling backache for past 2-3 weeks and nauseous, seems a bit early tho. Which week is good for seeing gynae? too early also cannot see anything right?
Hi ladies,
I m new to this thread. Previously, have been reading threads via this forum here and there.
As from my last menses, todae is day 37. Tested +ve with pregnancy kit last fri. Having slight cramps and spotting. Supposed to meetup gynae tomorrow @ SGH. Hopefully, all will be well.
Any updates? MTB Mar2007?
Take care all.
weilin, did you see the dr?? he/she might order bed rest for you and inject hormone right? better see if you ahven't.
today is day 21 of my last mensus. i do feel alittle nauseas or mebbe it's jus self psycho. hee hee. perhaps i shldn't even be posting here as i'm not officially MA-mother again in march.
jus tested a faint +ve tis morn... online edd calculator says my edd is 9 mar.
bcos of last 2 unstable hpt results, i'm wondering whether i shld do another test or get blood test done to confirm this.

i am also hoping for a March 06 bb... today is my 21st day also.. keke... now also wondering if strike

juju98: why don't u see a gynae to be sure?
cos i dun wan to be disappointed... rite now, can't see anything frm scan also. think i will wait a few more days

all the best!!!
try not to think so much about it... then by friday AF on holiday liao then u quick book gynae.. :p
Hi Weilin,
no worries, you can always try again, you have a healthy child so should be a problem. take care.

Hi Juju78.
congrats. if your edd is 9mar, you should be 4 1/2 week? when are you seeing the gynae? mine is 11mar based on bbt chart, but i had dark result line few days before AF, so Im thinking whether i could have ovulated earlier.
here also can find u ah? u damn smart leh...
i tested wif 1st urine liao
will test again tmr morn...

thanks... if realli realli strike liao, i'll be seeing gynae next Sat
Wei Lin, take good care and rest well. Yes, I agree with JuJu about the mini-confinement. It helps build up your health to be ready for your upcoming bb. No worries, all the best.

I juz done with gynae checkup this morning. Completed a ultrasound scan, manage to see the pregnancy in place though still early to see bb. My last menses was 28May, but I still called up SGH for gynae checkup though I know itz still early. Due to my worries about whether the pregnancy is healthy, coz I have history of an ecoptic pregnancy 3 years ago. Relief to hear that all is well for now, and need to take further care.

I used the online due date calculator and it reflects my bb due date is early mar 07.

From what I see, it may be good to see gynae asap when getting a +ve result. Letz await good news from the rest of you. =)

Apart from this, I was concerned about when should antenatal packages be booked with hospital. Private hospitals' pacakges differ lot from gov. hospital? Any advice about this?

No worries, gals. For those who are trying, Tons of bb dust to all and may this thread builds up to many MTBs mar07. Good luck to all. Ju, awaits your good news.

Take care all.
Hi Ladies,

I'm from Jan2007 and Feb2007 MTBs threads cos my EDD is around there

If time permits, do read up on the 2 threads cos alot of issues were discussed and will be good info to MTBs in this thread

Issues like cord blood, things to avoid, food cravings, recipes, pregnancy symptoms, coping with pregnancy symptoms, gynae fees and packages, hospital tours, updates of fetal size and progress as we go along the weeks and so on
Will definitely be of interest to all MTBs here

For those who have not seen gynae to confirm the pregnancy, try to do it ASAP so that your pregnancy can be monitored carefully. It also gives you extra time to decide if you are comfy with the gynae or not

Anyway, do take care and enjoy sharing your experiences here!
after 1 week & 5 +ves, i'm pleased to announce i'm preggie...
online calculator say my edd is 9 mar 07
prediction chart says i'm having a gal

gynae-wise, i'll make apt for next Sat
hi ladies
wonder if i will be joining you here. menses have been late for about 1 week. Period has been never been punctual but this is the longest its late other than my first pregnancy. Still procrastinating on getting the kit cos I don't know how i will feel seeing the results. My boy is only 11 months at the moment.

can share the prediction chart?
Congrats, Juju. My EDD (as per online calculator, itz 4Mar07). Which gynae (via which hospital) you seeing? Coz I am concerned about the antenatal packages that is available.

My gynae is Prof Tay S.K from SGH. Have not much info about the antenatal package offered by SGH yet. Think will check when I go back for next appt.

Mine, as mentioned earlier. I had scan during 1st gynae appt. on Tue, and scan indicates bb is 4+wks. Doctor and imagist comment about no worries as pregnancy is in right place. Manage to see the gestational sac. My appt back for another scan is 3 wks later.

Juju, actually I dun really know how to use the gender prediction chart. Try two, one of it results gal and the other boy. Haiz.... Confused. Anyway, I am okie. Most important is to have the bb healthy n happy =)

Emmie, awaits your good news....
i'll be seeing yvonne soong frm TMC... will ask abt it when i see her next wk

gender prediction chart, u need to calculate based on lunar age & lunar mth... like if born after cny in 1978, now is 29 yrs old lor... then if conceived on 1st july, will be lunar mth of june
Hi me new here, just confirm wit GP that i am pregnant. now looking ard for gynae.

As per online calculator, my EDD shd be on 9 Mar 07.
Hi Juju78,
I used that too. Let say Im going to be 31 end of this year, in lunar year, how old should i be?
seems like there'll be a lot og baby girls, but accurate anot? Is next Tues your first appt?
Hey ladies
btw what are the symtoms you're experiencing now? already feeling nauseous?
lunar yr is add 1 yr to ur age lor... dat will be 32 in lunar age. tis chart is jus for fun, dun take it seriously... even u/s is not 100% accurate

my 1st appt will be made for next Sat. no point seeing gynae so early

i've got a bit of nausea & giddiness now, but lotsa cramps
very painful
wow... big big big congratulation to ur big big news.. feeling big big happy for u, u finally make it... ur bb n my bb will be share same mth birthday next time, but different year.. hehe

btw, dun mind sms me ur contact no as i lost all contacts.. pls take a gd care urself..

once again, wish u hv a smooth 9mth ahead..

keke... mine is a boy instead... cos i counted wrongly

thanks wor... will sms u in a while