(2007/03) March 2007 MTBs

Me lor. I posted that I find the Everygirl tote, the straps cut into my shoulders.. that's why I prefer the Double-Trouble-tote under Artist in Residence. Thathas got thicker straps. But this Star is opposite of me. She doesn't like the thick straps for Double Trouble! Heh heh.. so now you confused? :pP

I can pass you my tote to try. You want? If you like u can buy over! (at good price) :pP Haha.. but you may not like the print la. Cos prints are very subjective de.

I always go to Nex Isetan.. they always have sale for the LSS there. But vvvv limited designs and models cos it's a very small counter.
Autum: yea hi5! Altho strap is pain but I still like e design.

Huingee/Autum: I've seen them on sale at isetan orchard too but not sure if after sale price is as gd as online. N it's quite messy cos all inside e cart
I bot my med weekender n small sling bag at Suntec last time when on sale
Sometimes if the print i like i will get cos I can see on the spot i like or not. As many of my online purchase i dun like. That's why i seldom do online shoppingnow.
SQ, Irin,
Haha.. actually not really trying to sell la. But because I seldom use, so if she likes, she can take la. But then hor, I think I will keep. Cos sometimes I do need such a bag. Hahaha.. :p Mine is the County Fair print (the one with merry go round, very colourful)..

Irin, I will bring to let you try the size. Then you have an idea how big it is. Should be enough for you.
Nex LSS sale looks like a few orders in the pipeline
Think only moogen n me find that the bug thick strap dun work for us.

I never get cut by the thin straps so i concluded tat i have fat shoulders thus can cushion the straps!!! Ash n autum have a boney frame n not enuff flesh on should thus straps cuts into them?? Hehehe make sense right!
Ash, the one I showed sold le. But I got another small one. Those small bags. Your sil wants big or small?

SQ, the LSS at Nex has like 10bags only. Very small counter so don't need to purposely go there.
The deluxe tote is so huge! I think if Irin carriers that, we won't be able to see her anymore! Haha.

Why u need such a big tote? If u put many things, it will be very heavy right?
Hey I just saw that Cupcake print has 25% off. But only that print. Quite nice actually. Hmm, maybe I should get another Everygirl tote too! Haha.
Autum i crazy one lah. I like big bags!! Just like the med weekender is one of my fav too. N i liketo hoard things so since i dunhave in this size, i tempted to get.

Ash this deluxe may bea good size for u to consider. I suspect the capacity should be same as med weekender but as u dun like thin strap perhaps its not such a goox choice after all.

Autum, itin is petite n u right if irin carries we wontbe able to see her at all!!!!
Autum, Starfruit,
the 2 of you so funny ... But this Deluxe is really huge! Can put my Kiki inside, haha!!
Actually I wanted to post, can put a baby inside the Deluxe bag! Kekeke. Hey u can consider the cupcake print.

You don't tempt me hor!
Oops see wrongly its 25%!

Autum super worth it cos in SG even when on disxount it about $130!! N now its less the discount n shipping its still less than S$100 very worth it!!!

Irin ur kiki n a baby can go in the deluxe!! Its almost a weekend travel bag size!!!
SQ good for travelling esp wuth my new bb seems like a good size to try!!
Btw i went to nex to check out the LSS range ywsterday saw a print i like but no every girl tote. So never buy.
Star: depends how long outside but usually now is 2 btls fill partial w water, fm, hot water flask, wet wipes, 2 diapers, changing mat, 2 hankies, spare clothes together w A1's water btl, spare brief n shorts n 1 diaper. Sometimes will bring pump out too if need to
Hey, I think Star should sell the Double-trouble tote to Carol, since that is bigger than the normal everyday girl tote, and has thicker straps thus less painful!

haha.. just a lame suggestion :pP
Didn't buy altho e snackville print is very nice! After conversion, price still quite ex compared to online :p And it's button closure n not zip
Cos at that time when we bought, there was a 25% discount.

Today is busy Monday.. whole morning I kept talking and talking. So thirsty now!

i was at isetan yday.. kipling had some bags on sale. the one that i got online in a SMH overseas spree (shipped via vpost) was half the price that isetan was selling... :p