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(2006/07) JULY 2006 MTB

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by sleepygarfield, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Just tested positive, will be seeing gynae on fri...

  2. kin

    kin New Member

    hi! I also just tested positive beginning of the week.No idea edd on june or july?
  3. Hi Kin

    Is this your 1st pregnancy?

    u can calculate your EDD based on the first day of your last mense..u might want to go to www.babaycenter.com to find out your due date
  4. Any july 06 MTB?
  5. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    Hi Sleepy Garfield,

    I will have my scan this friday and hopefully I will be July 06 MTB.
  6. Hi 2005,

    how many weeks are u now?
  7. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    Should be around 5-6wk, last period was 2nd Oct. I had a MC early aug, hope this time is gonna be fine.

    How about you?
  8. hey 2005

    my last period was also on 2 Oct! my EDD will be 9 Jul 06.

    Went for checkup last fri but still couldn't detect heartbeat, gynae asked me to go back again on 19th.
  9. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    Oh, I went last Friday too but she suggest to wait for another week to scan since it was too early. So she gave me some pills to support the pregnancy in view of my last MC.

    which gynea you are seeing? I am with Lisa Chin at GlenE.
  10. My gynae didn't give me any medication at all, perhaps cos this is my 2nd pregnancy. The 1st one was very troublesome, got to see gynae every week for a jab to stabilise the foetus, this round doc said quite stable..however i get morning sickness!

    I'm seeing Dr Teoh Eng Soon at Shaw Centre.
  11. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    I don't feel much morning sickness and that makes me worry. In July when i suddenly lost the ms feeling, subsequent scan the heartbeat was no longer there.
  12. it's a blessing that you don't get MS. i don't get any MS for my 1st pregnancy, everything was as breeze and my gal turns out very healthy...

    Some pple will only get it at week 8, some don't get it at all..while i'm the so called less fortunate one, i get it at week 4!

    nowadays don't know why i gets cranky easily, keep on throwing tantrum at my hubby, and i feel so uncomfortable the whole day.
  13. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    i guess it's god willing if i should have a child, so i try not to bother too much as well.

    Well, man should get part of the pain and discomfort we have to go thru during pregnancy?

    I feel tired easily, dizziness and can't seem to sleep well at night, wake up around 2-3am everyday for an hour or two before i can get back to sleep again.

    You at work?
  14. me too! i also can't sleep well at night, and my timing of waking up is amazingly the same every day regardless what time i go to bed. I'll wake up at 2.15am, 4.15am & 6.15am! Everyday without fail..tat's why i feel so sleepy & tired throughout the day..

    yeap, me working...at raffles place...u?
  15. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    I am working at Jurong Island, yeah in the middle of nowhere!
  16. hey u must remember to keep all your antenatal checkup receipts cos now can claim medisave $450.
  17. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    Hmmm... I don't know anything about that. I threw away the last one. How to claim?
  18. u just accumulate all your antenatal checkup receipts, then when u admit to hosp , u submit to the admission officer, they'll help to submit together with our hosp bill..for antenatal checkup, u can claim up to $450.

    my gynae also didn't tell me tat, i get to know it thru hosp website and confirmed with a fren who is also pregnant.
  19. kin

    kin New Member

    hello everybody? I;m new here too! I tested positive on 1 Nov only even though my last menses was 16 sept.(the wk before negative) Not sure my EDD in June or July. Have not seen doc yet...
  20. kin

    kin New Member

    hi sleepy garfield, just saw yr previous post many days back(which I answered you!!) This is my no.2.
  21. Hi Kin

    I didn't see any reply in my previous post, that's why i created another thread...u can go to www.babycenter.com & make use of the due date calculator to calculate your EDD.

    Why didn't u go to a gynae?
  22. kin

    kin New Member

    well, my hubby says it's ok to wait and i think that I'm fine. Prob do so say next wk or so. I'm a little paranoid coz I had a miscarriage early in May.I;m still have MS and feeling all the syptoms so I guess the baby is fine.
  23. kin,

    i think your is a jUne 06 bb. Hv u started taking folic acid? This is a MUST!

    your 1st one a boy or gal?
  24. kin

    kin New Member

    hey sleepy garfield,
    thanks so much for your concern. I took the EDD calculator just now, and edd is June 25... my first is a girl, just turned 3 yrs. You? Do you think if we carry on talking like this ,we will jam pack the thread...HA.. Well, i think you must be abt 5 wks pregnant. The edd calculator says i'm 7wks.Hmm... Oh yes, i;ve been taking folic all this while.
  25. Kin
    my gal is turning 3 in coming Jan! We can continue to jam the thread since rite now not many pple chatting...till someone chase us out, then we stop..keke...
    ya, i'm just 5 weeks preggy but i had bad MS!
    Your tummy grew bigger liao?
  26. kin

    kin New Member

    Hi Sleepy garfield,
    I can't wear any of my work clothes now, I've gone to maternity pants now as my tummy is super bloated. I think it is more gas and being 2nd pregnancy, i think the tummy stretched already.My no 1, I had spotting and v v bad MS, so bad that I was almost on drip becoz I took hormone jabs and progesterone pills(which increases yr MS), I had MS all the way to 7mths. No choice but to "dong". I will throw out at least 7-8 times and hence, quit my job. Ha. No 2 which failed in may, had MS immediately after I discovered preggy, all the way till the day they did D&C. Now, the no.3 .I vomit of on on, not everyday though.I cannot stand smell(cooking) in general, totally bloated, do feel like vomitting when more hungry, i also get dizzy spells all the time now....hope all these means everything is well and growing. has your tummy grew already(esp nearer the pelvic area?)
  27. kin

    Ironically, my tummy becomes flatter than before , i think cos i can't really eat, feels hungry but just eat 2 mouthful, and feel so full liao...

    my first one was a breeze, don't know why this one give me MS.

    Ur tummy grew bigger liao? i was hoping i still can hide my pregnancy till end of 1st trimester...but heard alot of pple saying 2nd one will grow faster..
  28. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear all

    hi. congrats on your pregnancy!!
    im actually from the June MTB thread.

    for those whom have not chose your gyane yet, you might find the attached link useful: -


    Personally, I am using DR LC Foong. I seen 4 other gynaes before settling on him. He is an extremely friendly, caring and professional doctor. Highly Recommended!!!
  29. afs

    afs Member

    hi everyone

    i juz saw my gynae today and confirmed that i am 5.5 weeks preggie. edd 10/07/06. managed to see the bb heart beating through the scan and was so amazed that i almost teared. bad new is that doc also detected a blood clot which she said can cause miscarriage of not treated so she prescribed 2 weeks of progesterone to stabalise the pregnancy. truth is, i was quite dissapointed on hearing this as i thought everything was going well cos no bad cramps or spotting. now i am so worried. anyone encountered the same thing?
  30. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    hi millie,

    Don't worry too much, at least the gynea find out potential problem and early treatment should help to get rid of the problem.

    I had an accident this morning, a taxi bang into rear end of my car while I stop for a boy to cross the zebra crossing. Hope I will be fine, will go to the doctor later.
  31. Pepper,

    are u ok? do u feel any pain?

    Millie, my EDD is just one day before yours! Don't worry, everything will be fine, the more stress you're , the higher the risk, be positive!
    I had endometriosis, and during my 1st pregnancy, gynae said my chance of miscarriage is 80%, i got to go for a jab every week, now my gal is coming to 3 yrs old already, and no. 2 is on the way...
  32. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    My neck doesn't feel exactly right, and a tiny discomfort in my stomach. Maybe it was from the shock.

    I am waiting for my replacement car from the rental company since my car bonnet can't be closed after the accident. Been driving for 7 years and this is my first accident.
  33. pepper,

    while waiting, you got to keep your movement to a minimal. Try not to walk too much.
  34. afs

    afs Member

    hi sleepy garfield and pepper

    thanks for the advice and consolation. trying not to worry but guess i cant help it. now hubby telling me to quit my job on doc's advice. so now have to worry abt finances as well as the pregnancy **sigh**

    pepper, do keep us updated after your visit to doc. hope both u n bb will be ok.
  35. yas

    yas New Member

    Congrats to all MTBs! [​IMG]

    Hi Millie, I'm from the May MTB. We are in the similar situation. My gynae detected a blood cyst during my 6 wks of pregnancy. He gave me 2 wks MC and told me to take complete rest, not to walk abt too much. And told me to take wkly jabs and 2 different types of hormone pills daily 3 times a day. Thank God this really helped. Now I am 12 wks preggie. [​IMG]

    Take care and get your gynae to monitor you closely.
  36. millie,

    if your hubby can afford, why not just quit? I can understand your worries, nowadays it's quite difficult to survive on single income esp when a little one is on the way. Perhaps you can go on unpaid leave for 3 mths? Once u pass the 1st trimester, bb shd be quite stable.
  37. icy

    icy Active Member

    I actually encounter the same thing as you. I was having spotting since i was 4 week preggy.. my gynae see a blood cot & say i am on a threatening miscarriage.
    I have to continue with progesterone.. for like 2 weeks already.. only recently the spotting is much improved. I had hear the bb heartbeat only recently and i heard it is a great step ahead already.
  38. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    I just saw my gynea and was given 3 days MC, but I think I will go back to work tomorrow. Feel guilty as I was on a lot of MC this year already... Doc say the accident shouldn't affect the bb. did a scan and saw the baby sac 1.6cm, EDD is 11/07/06. Haven't seen the heartbeat, worry as my last pregnancy also has very slow growth and MC after that.
  39. afs

    afs Member

    hi all

    thank you for sharing your experiences with me.
    juz cald my workplace and told them i would be taking a leave of absence cos hubby insisted. he said we will have to manange on whatever we have. i juz feel like i going to be a burden to him.

    yasmin/icy, wud u know how the clot will be expelled from the uterus? like i mentioned, i dun have any spotting (touch wood). if i should spot, is it normal or should i be concerned. doc did not say i need bedrest juz dun walk around too much. sorry to ask u gals so many queations juz that i 4got to ask doc all these questions.
  40. kerenelu

    kerenelu New Member

    Hi Millie,

    LIke what the rest of the girls say, dun worry too much [​IMG]

    I had spotting when i was in my 7th week. I visited the gynae and that was my first visit. I dun even know why there was spotting. The gynae removed a blood clot for me and he even showed me the clot. After that, i took a hormone jab and the gynae it wll be effective in stopping spotting. I was on progestorone pills (two pills per morning) for a week.

    Everything's fine after that and i am approaching 16th week [​IMG]

    To the rest of the ladies here, congrats!
  41. Pepper,

    Glad to hear that both you & bb are fine..don't worry, you shd be able to see the heartbeat by end of next week..I've yet to see mine too..
  42. kin

    kin New Member

    Hey Pepper,
    Take great care and glad that everything is fine. Don't worry too much coz it will stress you and bb out. Be positive. I had bad no.2 experience and lost it this yr too. Can imagine how you feel.Be POSITIVE!

    Hi Sleepy Garfield,
    I've decided to see doc and have made appt to see him next Tue...after thinking for a while. you know, overnight, i developed a very bad cold and soresore throat.... I really felt a bit panicky as i don't know what to take. Since I don't know the condition of the baby, I am refraining fr all medicine. But its really suffering. Am keeping my fingers crossed.... All you mothers must take care,the flu bug and the weather is really bad these days.
  43. newmomhappy

    newmomhappy New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this thread. I'm in my 6th week now, baby due on 02 July 06. Both my hubby and I are so supper excited about the baby.

    Anyone has nice and affordable maternity boutiques to recommend? I've gone to Maternity Exchange at Specialist Centre, don't think that the clothes there are worth the price. Rental cost the same as some new clothes in other boutique.
  44. Hi Newmon,

    Congrats! Ur first one? Saw the heartbeat already?

    I was told 9mois in pLaza sing sells very modern yet affordable maternity clothings...
  45. young_bride

    young_bride New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I used tested on the Home Pregnancy Kit and it came out positive..

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism this aug, and currently on medication. Dunno if this will affect the baby.

    I've already arranged to c a gynae tomorrow morning. Dr Roy Ng from Mount E, anybody heard of him? Is he good?
  46. Hi YB,


    i suggest you stop the medication first, don't take the risk.
  47. pepper1975

    pepper1975 New Member

    Hi YB

    Yes, you better stop the medication first if your condition is not very serious or very dependant on the drug.

    Is this your first?
  48. young_bride

    young_bride New Member

    Hi Pepper & Sleepy Garfield,
    Thx. my thyroid is very dependent on the drugs...so I can't afford to stop taking them.

    This is my 1st preg.
  49. young_bride

    young_bride New Member

    how do u all feel when u r pregnant? I sometimes have aching pain in my adominum & recently keep having diarrea.
  50. YB, if that's the case , perhaps you shd give your GP a call now, check with him if it's still safe for you to take the medicines.

    This is my 2nd pregnancy. 1st one was a breeze, no morning sickness at all except my buttock very painful when it expanded...This time round, i'm not so lucky, i get morning sickness the 1st day i missed my menses. These few days it gets worse and i really puke almost after every dinner...maybe i shd call it night sickness instead...on top of that i do get some pulling kind of cramp on the lower abs which doc said it's normal.
    Did you eat the wrong food tat leads to diarrhoea? Remember not to take crabs, flower crabs are ok but not the normal ones.And no raw/uncooked food such as sashimi or half boiled eggs.

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