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    You can start feeding your baby with fruits, once your baby is 6 months old you don’t have to introduce foods in any particular order. The main thing is to introduce your baby to as many flavors and textures as you can, soon after your baby is 6 months old. For the first 6 months, babies should...
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    The best day for any woman would be the moment it was confirmed that she is pregnant, well but it is the joy of being a mother that can surpass the above feeling. The word baby food is referred to as strained and pureed food. This food is for babies who are 6 months and older as it minimizes the...
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    Apple Banana puree for your baby

    Bananas and apples are a great option for a first solid food for your baby. As the child grows, you can continue to make apple and bananas a key part of your baby’s diet. Let’s see the benefits of giving apple and banana pure to your baby Bananas and apples are naturally sweet They are packed...
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    What food should be included in stage 2 baby food?

    Your baby’s first 12 months of life are marked by milestone after milestone from learning how to roll over, sit up and crawl to growing those first few baby teeth and experiencing “real” food for the first time. One especially existing milestone is the move away from simple stage 1 puree into...
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    What babies need?

    “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents” Children are very critical and imperative for deciding how the world is going to be in the future. Parenting forms an important aspect of the growth of children. The things that a baby...
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    A Mother with a broken heart searching for hope and strength to move on.

    I’m a Mother of one beautiful baby. I have a small family of three. There are struggles but we were still trying to resolve them because we loved. Yes, love(D). We had no reason or distraction to fail or to give up. Then Jeannis came into our lives. She invaded my marriage, my family became...
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    HELP, I am unable to shake of this incident from my mind

    Today me and my 3 year old son were walking home from the mall. we were only a few meters away from reaching home near the traffic signal. my son is a very daring and play full boy. He does not understand the concept of being scared. and he also does not like to sit down in his pram any more so...
  8. MumLike

    Any Suggestions for Step 3 Formula Brand Options?

    Whether you will go with breastfeeding or giving your child formula is just one of the number of decisions you will make as a mum. Choosing between a regular cow's milk formula and a hypoallergenic formula is another thing and seeing a variety of formula brands in the market doesn’t make it any...
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    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hi mummies n daddies... I'm providing a homebased infantcare service in my house. More than 25 yrs xp looking after infants. Good feedback from former parents. Three siblings with me for 7 yrs Toddler 3yrs old just went to childcare Present toddler waiting to go childcare. All kids goes to...
  10. siti gina

    "new daddy" - heart-warming experience

    Hello everyone. Allow me to share. Yesterday received an SMS from a new daddy "my wife just delivered a beautiful princess this morning thru normal delivery". Just 3 hours after delivery. Each time I received msgs like this, makes me feel "part" of the beautiful experience. What make this...
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    Fatherhood and fathers' rights discrimination

    hello, please delete this thread. Sorry it's not ready yet