HELP, I am unable to shake of this incident from my mind

Today me and my 3 year old son were walking home from the mall. we were only a few meters away from reaching home near the traffic signal. my son is a very daring and play full boy.

He does not understand the concept of being scared. and he also does not like to sit down in his pram any more so i usually just let him walk with me holding my hands. he likes to press the traffic signal button.

So for a single moment i let his hands go for pressing the button and he was standing with me for a few secs. and then he just ran across the road without a warning when the lights were still red . there was a car which was speeding near us . i started screaming my head off and running after him. and my son who is a small boy did not understand, he thought we were playing. but thankfully he missed getting hit by the car in a few inches.

I was frozen for a moment, i was full of guilt, angry with myself for letting him go for that one moment. i feel terrible and shaken to my core for i will not be able to forgive my self if anything was to happen to that boy. i feel anxious and worried and i am unable to clam myself down. this scene of what if ... keeps flashing in my head repeatedly again and again.

I know nothing bad happened and i know that i will take extra extra care to not let that happen again. but still feel unbearable and painful and guilt ridden.


what a close shave! luckily your son is safe.

you can start teaching him about road safety and always keep a hand on him.

don't feel bad about yourself, this is accident. forgive yourself so you can take care of your child.



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Your son is so lucky. Be more careful next time. This is a good lesson for all parents to learn. Let the past pass. You can be a good mother still.


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i say sorry in advance first. there is a saying in chinese that if one does not suffer from an incident, he/she will enjoy great in future.

i just try my best hope u will feel better. my son also almost dashed out to the road once. when i reach home i give him a good thrashing because he always likes to struggle free from my hands for no reason.

after the serious scolding, he always make it a habit to hold either parent’s hand.