You can start feeding your baby with fruits, once your baby is 6 months old you don’t have to introduce foods in any particular order. The main thing is to introduce your baby to as many flavors and textures as you can, soon after your baby is 6 months old. For the first 6 months, babies should be given only mother’s milk, after 6 months along with mother’s milk give your babies fruit juice, and fruit purees made up of fruits like Apple, Banana, Mango, Pear, Watermelon.

You can make purees at home, making purees at home can be inconvenient and also time-consuming so you can buy ready to eat purees.

Some babies won’t learn to like the food until they have tried it 10 times or more. You can always try again in a few days. Remember that you are your baby’s role model, and everything you do is an endless source of fascination. If your baby sees you and your family enjoying healthy foods, your baby will more likely to try a taste herself. So it’s great to eat together when possible. You should avoid giving honey, salt, sugar. Babies need only 1 g of salt a day which they already receive from mother’s milk. Give different combinations of fruit purees, it will help to develop the taste buds of your baby.​
fruits are the best solid food for the baby. fruits like apple, mango, and banana can be included in the babies diet once you start with solid food. as these fruits are rich in nutrients which are essential for the babies growth and development