1. H

    Anyone having or had your baby at KKH?

    Hi, I am currently a subsidised patient at KKH. I am wondering when is the latest I can switch to private? Is there a deadline? I am trying to enjoy the subsidies for as long as possible but choose the private ward in the end. Also, any particular gynae to recommend? I’m leaning toward elective...
  2. S

    Hyfosy feedback

    Hi all Just wanted to share my experience about Hyfosy done at KKH. I read a lot of stuff and was a bit nervous about the procedure especially the pain and bleeding. Of course, every woman will react differently. For me, i took antibiotics a day before and pain killers 2hrs before. It was not...
  3. F

    Hospitalization leave - KKH

    Hi All, Any good gynae in KKH to recommend who is not stingy on HL? Previous gynae moving to private hosp, thinking of getting a new gynae. Work can be pretty labour intensive and coming to 3rd trimester so planning ahead now. Hope to get recommendations from your guys! Thanks!
  4. R

    Bad Referral experience at KKH FMC

    Quick opinion of Dr Daniel Koh: the only doctor who made me walk out of the door with no respect left for him. The following paragraphs recount the experience we had that led me to the opinion. I was referred to KKH from SGH due to ventriculomegaly, hydrocephalus discovered at 28 weeks. This...
  5. S

    Anyone have feedback on Dr Qi Maili?

    My gynae Dr Khoo Chong Kiat at KKH is leaving for Mount A. I’m being transferred to his wife, Dr Qi Maili, as I want to continue at KKH. I can’t find any info on her though. Just wondering if anyone has been under her care before? Thanks!
  6. M

    Failed IVF, Crinone and AF

    hey guys, I just had a failed IVF first cycle. Had a day 5 blastocyst implanted, and i got flu straight after implant unfortunately. I had spotting 6 days after transfer, followed by 3 days of heavy bleeding, more like 4th-5th day of menses that type (if u know what I mean?) and back to...
  7. Y


    Hello, any recommendations for VBAC gyane? tia!
  8. L

    November 17 IVF

    Anyone gg for ivf in November slot? Just had my final consultation with Dr Jessie Poon (KKH) and its confirmed we will go for IVF in November. The nurse will be calling me around Oct to go for counseling and briefing. Lets share our journey and emotions And BABY DUSTS TO ALL!
  9. M

    new mom

    Hi Mummies, I just found out that im pregnant, so the first step is to choose a gynae and hospital. so between KKH and TMC, which is better. i help need help in this. TIA
  10. Mr Lee

    Any soon-to-be dad here? Please share your experience

    Hi all, My wife should be about 1.5 months pregnant now and I have just made appointment for Dr Han How Chuan, William at KKH. As my wife is a foreigner and since she left all decision making to me, it's not a easy trip for me as I have to gather information about pregnancy, gynaecologist, and...
  11. MacMac_has_Hope

    Bilateral Hydrosalpinx Support Group

    hi. I'm 32 been TTC for 2 years. Scanned with Hydrosalpixn near 2 years ago. And can't find much people who has the same condition as me. My first doctor recommended Neo-salpingostomy (cutting a whole in Fallopian tubes and drain out the fluid), but I wasn't ready thus been doing some...
  12. M

    IVF in Oct/Nov Cycle

    Anyone doing IVF in Oct/Nov? I am waiting for my period to come to start stims. :)