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Hi there, im a first time mum to be,

Anyone delivered their baby with Dr KT Tan or Dr Qi Maili? I've heard a few good words for them but not quite reassuring for Dr KT Tan.

How is the stitching done and your recovery period with either doctors? I am looking for Gynaecologist as i wanted to switch from subsidies route to private and i wanted opinions on either doctors.

If you have any other good gynae doctors that you experienced with at KKH, you can comment as well! I really appreciate your help!
I swear by Liu Shu Ling. Stitching is good with no further complications. She delivered my kid via C sec in 2022. Scar is nice and I can get off the bed the next morning. I know of friends who went to KT Tan, motherly no nonsense doc. If you want TLC kind of doc, perhaps she might not be suitable for you.