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December 2018

Tired of Hiding Your Blemishes? It’s Time to Let Your Skin Shine.

Four in 10 women battle adult acne beyond their teenage years. But there’s no need to do so anymore, ‘cos we’ve got the answer to clear adult skin. Free your complexion of blemishes; leave no marks behind!

Most of us waved a relieved goodbye to acne once we hit our 20’s. Unfortunately, for many women, acne is still a part of their daily lives. This includes multiple blemishes, frequent marks, and perpetual skin imbalance. In addition, this is the time when women get our first wrinkles, and start losing radiance.

Acne can become a constant cause of stress and worry. “How do I cover my blemishes? Will make-up make my acne worse?” are common questions we hear. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and you are no exception! With clear skin, you’ll be able to feel more confident about yourself.


Why Do We Get Adult Acne?

Many factors contribute to adult acne: the busy lives we lead, stress, a lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance… All these play a part in making our skin less perfect than we like it to be. In addition, bad habits such as over-consumption of sugar, smoking, and not slathering on sunscreen also contribute to the problem. The environment plays a major part, too, with sun exposure and pollution also contributing to adult acne.

Do I Have Adult Acne?

There are a few tell-tale signs of adult acne. If you find yourself suffering from the following blemishes, you probably have adult acne:

  • Inflammatory spots (these are spots, often red and white, that persist on the lower part of the face)
    Blackheads and micro cysts
  • Scarring and Pigmentation (skin renewal slows down with age, making it more difficult for acne scars to heal, and pigmentation to go away)
  • Cutaneous imbalance (areas of the skin, lie the T-zone, with excess sebum or sensations of discomfort)
  • Loss of radiance

Is There a Solution to My Acne Woes?

Yes! Don’t fret, adult acne can be managed. Even better, it can be resolved. Up to 70% of women conceal their blemishes under too much make-up daily. Unfortunately, this can aggravate already-damaged skin, making it even more prone to acne and break outs. Why not take action to find a solution for your acne problem instead if hiding it?

Acne-prone skin is made more fragile by acne itself, and its often harsh treatments. With A-Derma being the specialist brand for fragile skin, there’s no worry of further damage to your skin! They’ve continued their approach of taking care of acne-prone skin and rebalancing fragile skin, making them the best of both worlds for your face.


We’ve found that the new Phys-AC PERFECT works well to target all kinds of skin blemishes, hoping every woman to present her best face no matter what the situation. This skin-perfecting approach works in three distinct phases. From clearing up spots and blackheads, to getting rid of marks and balancing your skin, it’s undoubtedly the all-rounded solution. By fighting adult acne with Phys-AC PERFECT, you can look forward to an even skin tone with no blemishes!

The active ingredients, enveloped in lipids and a hydro-compensating gel that is extremely gentle on the skin, are gradually released into the core of your skin cells. Not to mention, this 100% gentle gel is suitable for sensitive and even fragile skin!

Apply once a day in the morning, and don’t forget sunscreen! It makes for a great make-up base, too. For best results, use together with Phys-AC Purifying Micellar Water and Phys-AC Purifying Foaming Gel. This combination of purifying, cleansing, and soothing ingredients work together for clear, refreshed, and comfortable skin.

With Phys-AC PERFECT, your skin will soon be free of all marks and blemishes. Hydrated and mattified, get ready to see your radiance renewed. Without needing layers of make-up to cover up, you can finally let your skin shine! Phys-AC PERFECT is available for $49.90 at all Guardian and Watsons stores nationwide.

To try A-Derma Phys-AC Perfect for yourself, find out more about the product here ! Like and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to participate in monthly giveaways as well.

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Tired of Hiding Your Blemishes? It’s Time to Let Your Skin Shine.