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May 2019

Mum-tested: ONLY Aesthetics’ GLASS SKIN™ Treatment (review and giveaway)

The other day, my children cuddled up close to me and stared. I thought they were being affectionate, but it turned out they had something of urgent importance to impart to me. The loves of my life (and speakers of The Brutal Truth) informed me that my face looked like Io.

“One of Jupiter’s moons,” they helpfully explained.

As I failed to greet this proclamation with the desired ecstasy they thought it deserved, they told me, “We’re comparing you to a heavenly body. It’s a compliment!”



Hence when ONLY Aesthetics offered a trial of their new GLASS SKIN™ Laser treatment — the first in the world btw — I thought it was serendipity and said “yes!” even though I had no idea what it was. 

A trippy journey down the Google rabbit hole later, as words like “dewy” and “glowy” joined “translucent” and “clear as glass” in my head, I was sold.

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Getting Transparent about Glass Skin




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So what exactly is glass skin? According to my new BFF Google, it is basically dream skin — smooth as a calm lake on a windless day, poreless as a baby’s bottom, blemish-free, and infused with an otherworldly shimmer.

You see it on airbrushed, digitally-enhanced celebs and models in magazine spreads. And of course, on all our favourite Korean drama idols and K-Pop stars. Outside of the K-sphere, celebs like Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss, Priyanka Chopra are fans.

Online articles and Youtube tell me that I can perform the 11-step Korean skincare routine to achieve glass skin, but seriously, which mum has the time?

The Science Behind the Treatment

GLASS SKIN™ is a laser treatment that promises glass skin within five minutes and ONLY Aesthetics is the first, and only one in the world, to introduce the GLASS SKIN™ laser.

This is:

• Suitable for Asian skins
• Great for those who struggle with sun damaged skin and acne-inflamed rosacea skin
• Able to help prevent post laser hyperpigmentation (PIH)
• Effective in treating various skin concerns
• Completed in under five minutes, without any downtime so you can pop in and out during lunchtime!

Significant results can be seen in a short period of one to two sessions. 

Another treatment under the GLASS SKIN™ range is the H2 GLASS SKIN™. This 15-minute “Hydrogen-infused” treatment is where the anti-aging magic comes in. Apparently, hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant that can fight free radicals.

Incorporated into the GLASS SKIN™ treatment, it helps eliminate wrinkles and fine lines safely, and boost skin’s antioxidant properties, making this a treatment that goes beyond skin deep.

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The Process

Before undergoing any treatment, there is a consultation with the in-house aesthetician, Dr Sin Yong. He examines my skin, tells me what’s wrong with it (too much!), and explains how the GLASS SKIN™ treatment can help.

After this it’s in one room and out another for a thorough cleansing, and then the treatments. A friendly therapist takes before and after photos of my face, all of which I am too embarrassed to look at. Everything is over in less than 30 minutes, and I didn’t even have to take off my top!

Back at reception, the other therapists tell me how much clearer my skin is. It’s definitely looking calmer, with visibly reduced redness, and much, much smoother. Dr Sin Yong assures me that my skin will improve over the next few days, and that blemishes will heal more quickly from now on.

It’s not at Korean star level yet, but over the next few weeks my skin continues to glow. Those pesky ‘time of the month’ pimples come and go in two days instead of staying for a week. They’re also smaller and less angry than usual.

Of course, nothing beats drinking lots of water, using sunscreen religiously, eating right, and getting enough sleep (#mumgoals). But if I can get closer to flawless in minutes with ONLY Aesthetics’ GLASS SKIN™ Laser treatment, why not?

Want glass skin too? We’re giving three mums a chance to get it!

:: Giveaway :: 3 x GLASS SKIN™ Laser + H2 Infusion treatments at ONLY Aesthetics

We have three GLASS SKIN™ Laser + H2 Infusion treatments at ONLY Aesthetics to give away. These treatments are worth $388 each (before GST) for first-time customers at ONLY.

How to win:

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  2. Relax! We’ll get in touch with you if you are one of the three winners

Terms and Conditions:

• Treatment type will be decided by ONLY Aesthetics upon consultation
• Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash
• This giveaway is applicable only in Singapore

Closing date: 12 noon, Wednesday 15 May 2019

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Mum-tested: ONLY Aesthetics’ GLASS SKIN™ Treatment (review and giveaway)