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January 2017

4 Ways This Tiny Oat Ensures Healthy Skin for Everyone in the Family (and No, It’s Not Part of Breakfast!)

Learn how one tiny little oat plantlet can soothe, protect and strengthen the immunity of mums’, dads’ and even children’s delicate skin.

Avena sativa, the common oat, has been used in herbal baths since ancient Roman times. It was known to soothe skin irritation, relieve inflammation, and heal skin diseases. In the late 1970s, Mr. Pierre Fabre, a French pharmacist with a passion for botany, began researching the plant in earnest.


He found that a threatened and almost-forgotten variant of oat, the white Rhealba® Oat, had the highest concentration of anti-inflammatory molecules – out of 26,000 oat varieties worldwide!

So why is it so special? And what does it do for our skin?

a-derma plantlet

1. It Regulates Skin’s Immunity

After 30 years of study on the Rhealba® Oat, researchers discovered that at exactly 12 weeks of life, its tiny shoots contain the maximum concentration of active ingredients. At this stage, they boast peak levels of immunity-regulating, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, this high concentration of active ingredients is so fleeting that the plantlet must be harvested within three to four days.

This means that when harnessed correctly, skin care products containing the Rhealba® Oat can ‘train’ your skin to build up its own immunity. Healthy skin from the inside out!

2. It Protects Fragile Skin

Did you know that Asians are more affected by fragile skin than any other ethnicity in the world? In a survey conducted by A-DERMA Laboratories in France, Spain, Sweden, Japan and the USA, up to 53 per cent of Asian respondents complained of sensitive skin. If you are female, you’ll probably feel it more; three women for every two men are affected. And we already know that babies and children have even more vulnerable skin.

Skin care products containing the Rhealba® Oat help protect fragile and vulnerable skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV radiation. It also helps to soothe already irritated skin.

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3. It’s Organically Grown & Responsibly Produced

Sustainability is the keyword when it comes to manufacturing and development these days. Knowing that the product you’re using is grown and produced in ways that respect the environment can make a difference in your purchasing choices. When it comes to skincare, this is even more significant. After all, what you put on your skin will be absorbed by your body.

That’s why we like the fact that A-DERMA’s oat crops are organically grown in a dedicated area − in southwestern France called Terre d’Avoine (Oatland) – so the quality of the oats used is monitored and regulated. On top of that, in doing its part to protect biodiversity, the previously threatened Rhealba® Oat has also been successfully rehabilitated. Win-win!

4. Potential for Allergy is Practically Non-Existent

Most times, when we develop an allergy to skin care or cosmetic product, it’s due to our systems having previously been ‘acquainted’ with an ingredient it contains. One of the most common sources of allergy and hyper-sensitisation is certain forms of proteins. The Rhealba® Oat is unique because it isn’t available for human consumption in the first place. This means that the risk of pre-sensitisation through food is eliminated. Furthermore, thanks to an innovative extraction system developed by A-DERMA Laboratories, the plantlet extract contains no detectable proteins.

The Essentials for Fragile Skin

a-derma products

Now everyone in the family, mums, dads, kids, and even babies, can enjoy the benefits of Rhealba® Oat. Although its roots are in pharmacology, with dermatologists and paediatricians recommending its products to manage irritated and atopic skin conditions, anyone can benefit from using A-DERMA products. In fact, here in Singapore, it is already one of the leading plant-based dermatology brands in the market.

Not sure which to start with? Check this handy guide:

The A-DERMA ESSENTIAL CARE range comprises five products. They are formulated to cleanse, moisturise and soften delicate skin on both face and body.

  • Dermatological Bar – a soap-free bar for face and body (for adults and children)
  • Soothing Foaming Gel – for those who prefer a liquid cleanser for face and body (for adults and children)
  • Skin Care Cream – silky, non-sticky moisturiser that soothes face and body (for adults and children)
  • Hand Cream – non-greasy solution for the deep repair of dry, irritated hands
  • Lip Balm – long-lasting (up to six hours!) protection and nourishment of dry, chapped lips

Try It Out!

A-DERMA products, including its ESSENTIAL CARE range, are available at Watsons and Guardian stores islandwide.

Find Out More!

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4 Ways This Tiny Oat Ensures Healthy Skin for Everyone in the Family (and No, It’s Not Part of Breakfast!)