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October 2018

Skin as Smooth as Your Baby’s? It’s Possible!

Are you envious of your little one’s perfect, smooth skin? Tired of fighting adult acne? We’ve got the solution for you.

As mothers, we’re used to doing it all. Be it working, tending to our children’s needs, or busying ourselves with household tasks – we’re often left with little time to ourselves. We’re so exhausted, it’s no wonder our skin starts to lack lustre too!


Furthermore, adult acne is a common issue amongst women. Did you think your pimple problems were far behind you? We’re afraid not. 4 in 10 adult women struggle with acne; and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it doesn’t mean it never will. Stress, genetics, hormonal fluctuations, and a lack of sleep are just some contributing factors to adult acne. Sounds familiar?

Plus, adult women are more prone to scarring, as we’ve slower metabolism when compared to teenagers. That means an increased chance of acne pits and scars whenever we face a breakout. With a lack of time to properly treat our skin, we usually resort to slathering more make-up to hide our pits and scars. Not only does this not help, it actually causes more acne!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and self-assured despite her busy schedule. That means looking in the mirror and liking what you see! Read on to find out what we’ve uncovered.

Green Beauty from the Southwest of France

Now, imagine – it’s 1970, and you’re in the Southwest of France. Nice, isn’t it? Pharmacist Pierre Fabre is beginning his research into treatments for the skin. Among lush fields of greenery, is the secret weapon to all of your skin woes: Rhealba® Oat.

Since then, Pierre Fabre has continued to uncover the secret of the harvest. From the precious seeds to the final product, they succeeded to harvest the Rhealba® Oat extract when it’s properties are at its peak – ensuring the best care and safest protection for your skin.

When treating your baby’s skin, you look out for harsh chemicals and keep them out of the way. Why not do the same for yourself? It’s time to switch to plant-based dermo-cosmetics, ensuring your skin gets the same treatment as your little one’s! With the A-Derma line being one of the few skincare lines dedicated to caring for sensitive and fragile skin, you know you’re getting the gentlest beauty possible.

A-Derma Phys-AC PERFECT: The Answer to Your Acne Woes

Are you sick and tired of adult acne, pits and scars, or your skin getting worse with harsh chemical-laden products? Us too! We’ve found new hope in the A-Derma line’s latest product: Phys-AC PERFECT. This fluid isn’t only suitable for those suffering from acne, but helps fragile sensitive skin as well. Say bye bye to acne scars and hello to brand new, glowing, healthy skin! There’s no more need to cover up those pits and scars with make-up. You can be confident barefaced too!

Clears Up Blackheads and Spots

Phys-AC PERFECT features soothing and anti-irritating Zincol to soothe red spots. It also contains AHA and BHA (salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid) with keratolytic effect to help the skin get rid of blackheads. No more clogged pores and less breakouts? Yes, please!

No More Marks

CICAHYALUMIDE® is the patented active ingredient in Phys-AC PERFECT proven to help reduce residual marks with threefold anti-marks action against: red marks, raised marks and hyper pigmented marks. It’s time to say good riddance and goodbye to your acne scars!

Restore Balance

The Phys-AC PERFECT formula offers twofold rebalancing action. On the one hand, hydro-compensating agents (glycerin, hyaluronic acid, etc.) rebalance the skin’s hydration level and comfort; and on the other hand, intelligent, absorbent powders and glutamic acid limit excess sebum production and mattify undesired shine. Phys-AC PERFECT is designed for treating & preventing adult acne. It’s time to restore your baby smooth skin!

Fight Adult Acne, Leave No Marks Behind

If you’re tired of having to hide your skin with tons of make-up, it’s time for a change. Exude confidence (even when you’re barefaced!) without worrying about marks and scars, or fragile skin that turns red all the time. With A-Derma’s brand new Phys-AC PERFECT, your skin woes will be a thing of the past! Fight adult acne, leave no marks behind.

To try A-Derma Phys-AC Perfect for yourself, click here to sign up for samples! Like and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to participate in monthly giveaways as well.

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Skin as Smooth as Your Baby’s? It’s Possible!