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December 2016

Raeanne’s Tinker Bell Garden Themed 1st Birthday Party at Skyve Wine Bistro

It appears that one can’t go wrong with a fairy themed birthday party for a baby girl. Little Raeanne Claire’s parents threw her a Tinker Bell garden themed bash at Skyve Wine Bistro to mark her first birthday.


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Celine Chee, 29, and Spencer Ng, 33 – both accountants – describe their little girl, Raeanne Claire, as a feisty and cheerful bundle of energy. The couple who held Raeanne’s full month party at Skyve Wine Bistro fell in love with the venue and decided to reserve it again for their only child’s first birthday  bash. If you’re a fan of the green hued fairy from Neverland, you’ll love Raeanne’s Tinker Bell garden themed first birthday party!

What’s your favourite parenting moment with Raeanne?

I love bonding with my daughter through sensory play activities, swimming and reading. We make it a point to read a few story books together before bedtime every night!

What was the theme for this party?

We chose a Tinker Bell garden theme. My husband and I wanted to throw a magical and whimsical birthday party for Raeanne. Skyve Wine Bistro’s interior is rather old-school and exudes rustic charm, similar to that of an enchanted garden. Hence, we reckoned that a Tinker Bell garden themed party would complement the setting. Our guests were also informed in advance to come dressed in floral outfits in line with the chosen theme.

Tinker Bell was our choice of fairy because there’s something so alluring and magical about her sparkle. Oh, and we were also extremely excited to dress little Raeanne up as Tinker Bell! Hopefully, when Raeanne grows up, she can look back at the beautiful photographs captured at her first birthday bash and realise how magical her party was.

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Why did you choose Skyve Wine Bistro as the party venue?

Skyve Wine Bistro could accommodate up to 130 guests and we got to have the entire venue to ourselves for about three hours. We also liked that there weren’t any pillars which might obstruct the view of some guests. The laid-back charm that the bistro offers was an added bonus which we loved. Spencer and I have tried the food at Skyve on a couple of occasions previously and our tastebuds were pleased! Chef Jachin Tan’s delectable menu was well received by our guests during Raeanne’s full month party at Skyve, so we decided to hold her first birthday bash there as well. We made sure to change the menu this time round though!

What was the set-up?

Two huge flower sculpture balloons from Balloon Blasters flanked the dessert table while strings of helium balloons in pink, green and purple (in line with the Tinker Bell garden theme) were hung up all around the bistro. Angeline from Colour It Sweet and Maggie from Skyve helped with the venue set-up. Colour It Sweet also customised a Tinker Bell garden themed dessert table along with a backdrop. The dessert table included yummy cupcakes with sugar flowers, mushroom shaped cake pops with sprinkles, Tinker Bell cookies, butterfly and flower shaped cookies, jelly cups topped with  sugar fairies and macarons.

Tinkerbell Garden themed party 3

Tinkerbell Garden themed party 4

Tinkerbell Garden themed party 2

How many children were there?

There were 30 children at Raeanne’s party. They were mostly children of our relatives and close friends. The kids absolutely loved the balloon sculptures given out by the balloon twister as well as the Tinker Bell garden themed desserts laid out on the dessert table.

What kinds of games and activities did the children take part in?

As Raeanne was only one and couldn’t yet take part in games and activities herself, we didn’t think it was necessary to have games and activities lined up. However, we did engage Chris Oh from Oh Balloons! to twist balloons into animal shapes for all the little ones present. They sure were thrilled! Even the adults were very fascinated by Chris’ creativity and effortless balloon twisting.

Tell us about the cake.

Raeanne’s first birthday cake was a two-tiered one with pink as the primary colour, and purple and green as secondary colours. The bottom tier comprised fondant ruffles and it was topped off with a Tinker Bell shaped sugar figurine. The words “Happy Birthday Raeanne” were piped onto the cake with icing. We wanted the birthday cake to be a sweet looking one that fit the Tinker Bell garden theme and Colour It Sweet delivered just what we wanted!

Tinkerbell Garden themed party 14

Tinkerbell Garden themed party 17

Tinkerbell Garden themed party 11

What made this party memorable?

Seeing the many happy faces of our relatives and friends enjoying the food as well as having fun was the most memorable thing for me!

Did you give out goody bags?

Yes – we put together our own goody bags! When Raeanne was ten months old, we had gone on holiday to Melbourne. There, we stumbled upon Tinker Bell themed children’s party goody bags and cute party accessories from BigW. We wasted no time in buying them! The goody bags contained Disney fairy themed temporary tattoos, stickers, bubbles, fairy wands and note books. I added some local snacks like Hello Panda biscuits and chewable candies to sweeten the goody bags for our little guests!

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Tinkerbell Garden themed party 10

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Your top birthday party planning tip for other parents? 

Plan your child’s birthday party at least three months in advance as weekend slots at hot venues are usually snapped up pretty fast. Check out Pinterest for inspiration on party themes and based on those, you may want to engage a professional party planner to doll up your chosen location. It really does save working parents a whole lot of hassle! We only arrived at the venue 15 minutes  before Raeanne’s party commenced and everything was perfectly in place. Engaging a photographer is also a must as it’s best to leave it to a professional to ensure that all your guests have been captured while looking their best!

Party details:

Venue and food: Skyve Wine Bistro
Cake and decor: Colour It Sweet
Balloons: Balloon Blasters
Planning and e-invitations: Raeanne’s parents
Goody bags: BigW (Melbourne, Australia)
Photography: FlagAHero
Birthday child’s outfit: Tinker Bell dress from JCPenney and Tinker Bell shoes from Happy2Sisters (Etsy)
Balloon twisting: Christopher Oh (Oh Balloons!)


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Raeanne’s Tinker Bell Garden Themed 1st Birthday Party at Skyve Wine Bistro