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October 2016

Isabel’s Peppa Pig Themed 2nd Birthday Party at Home

Forget Porky Pig. Peppa Pig is now the pink snouted cartoon character who’s a hit with preschoolers. Little Isabel Lum is such an ardent fan of the anthropomorphic animal that she had a Peppa Pig themed second birthday party at home back in March!



Lawyer Melvin Lum and his wife, Ong Wei Chin, who is a legal counsel, describe their two-year-old daughter Isabel as a lively and mischievous toddler who is always determined to have her own way. “But at times, she can also be very sweet and endearing, such as when she tells me to be careful when she sees me standing on a stool,” adds Isabel’s mummy, Wei Chin. Isabel has an elder brother, Joshua, who is five.



What’s your favourite parenting moment with Isabel?

There are so many actually! But one that comes to mind is watching her acquire a new skill for the first time. This goes for both my children. Whether it’s Isabel putting on her shoes on her own for the first time, or Joshua playing his first song on the piano, these moments are simply priceless!

What was the theme for this party?

For Isabel’s first birthday bash last year, we went with a colour theme – pink and gold. Joshua’s fourth birthday party last year was a superhero themed one. Since Isabel has become quite the fan of the animated series, Peppa Pig, we decided to throw her a Peppa Pig themed second birthday party. She especially loves the character George – she even calls him ‘baby’!

Why did you choose your home as the party venue?

I chose to hold Isabel’s party at home because I wanted it to be at a place that is close to our hearts.




What was the set-up? 

The set-up was rather minimal as the party was a close-knit affair. It took me a couple of hours to complete the set-up. I had a long rectangular table covered in pink table cloth and complete with little white chairs for the children to sit at. Some desserts and the birthday cake were laid out on a chest of drawers with the adjacent wall bearing a simple banner that announced, “Isabel is Two”. Red, pink and white pom-poms and balloons completed the set-up. We left lots of space in our living room empty for the kids to roam free and play!

How many children were there? 

There were approximately ten children present at Isabel’s party. The kids were aged between a few months to six years old. They were all children of our close friends.



What kinds of games and activities did the children take part in? 

I had planned out two very simple games for the children to take part in. They were a treasure hunt and pinning the tail on Peppa Pig and George. The pictures of Peppa Pig and George were printed in black and white on large sheets of paper so that the kids could colour them in with crayons. The children enjoyed the games, especially the treasure hunt during which they were made to search for hidden toys such as cars and figurines!

Tell us about the cake.

The birthday cakes I have come across are usually very colourful, but I wanted to keep Isabel’s birthday cake simple by sticking to just two to three colours. The chosen primary colours were red and white. The cake, which we paid $300 for, was topped off with edible fondant figurines of Peppa Pig and George. It also had a row of red fondant hearts running along its circumference.





What made this party memorable?

My favourite memory from this party was that of Isabel eating the George figurine on her cake! Also, I loved how the children who came to the party had fun by just running around – they were just being kids! All the people we were hoping to see at the party turned up, making it an extra memorable one.

Did you give out goody bags? 

Yes, of course! We gave out goody bags that contained Peppa Pig soft toys as well as little tubs of colourful Play Doh.


Your top birthday party planning tip for other parents? 

Start planning your child’s party way ahead! It takes some time to gather all the things that are needed to throw a great birthday bash.


Party details: 

Venue: Melvin & Wei Chin’s home
Food: Cedele & Sushi Burrito
Cake: Celebrate With Cake
Decor: Pink Ink Paper (banner) and Wei Chin
Planning & goody bags: Isabel’s mummy, Wei Chin
Photography: Derrick Choo (Perfect Light Photography)
Birthday girl’s outfit: Il Gufo

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Isabel’s Peppa Pig Themed 2nd Birthday Party at Home