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August 2017

Caden’s Winnie The Pooh Themed 1st Birthday Party at 10 SCOTTS @Grand Hyatt

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, childhood character themes never go out of style. Little Caden Justin marked his first birthday with a Winnie The Pooh themed bash at 10 SCOTTS.


Easy-going, good natured and jovial. That’s how Celine Chee, 31, and Spencer Ng, 35, describe Caden Justin, their one-year-old baby boy. “Food is his happiness. He’s not a fussy eater and tries just about anything we feed him,” says mum Celine. The couple, both accountants, also have a three-year-old daughter – Raeanne Claire. Having thrown an elaborate Tinker Bell garden themed party to mark Raeanne’s first birthday, they wanted to hold a similar celebration for Caden.

And so they did. This time, it was an adorable Winnie The Pooh themed birthday bash at 10 SCOTTS. Scroll ahead for all the details and pictures!

What’s your favourite parenting moment with Caden?

Engaging Caden in activities like swimming and singing nursery rhymes along with his elder sister, Raeanne, is one of my favourite parenting moments with him. Caden is easily amused and we love hearing his laughter, especially after a long day at work – it never fails to brighten our day! Also, I am still nursing Caden and this has allowed me to bond closely with him.

What was the theme for this party?

This was a Winnie The Pooh – Hundred Acre Woods themed party! We had a hard time brainstorming for a suitable theme. The usual choices for baby boys tend to be superheroes, animals, dinosaurs and cars. We pondered long and hard and eventually decided on Winnie The Pooh as we wanted a theme with a touch of sentiment. We had previously come across some meaningful quotes from classic Winnie The Pooh stories. Caden will probably only be able to appreciate these tales when he is older, but we want him to remember this particular quote in future:

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

We want our son to always take the time to enjoy the sweet little things life has to offer; Winnie The Pooh’s pots of honey are meant to symbolise this. This quote pretty much summed up our wishes for Caden on his first birthday. Moreover, my husband and I felt that 10 SCOTTS’ rustic wooden backdrop suited our Hundred Acre Woods theme very well.

Why did you choose 10 SCOTTS as the party venue?

Firstly, 10 SCOTTS is a classy venue that is comfortable for family events.Caden’s full month party was also held there and our guests were very impressed by the ambience. In addition to that, it could accommodate all 130 people on our guest list. We also had the entire venue to ourselves for the duration of the party. This allowed us to decorate the venue with our desired decorations – there were no restrictions on what could go where. We had dined there before and found ourselves very pleased with the service and selection of food.

What was the set-up like?

The styling of the set-up was handled by Angeline from Colour It Sweet. On her suggestion, we engaged Balloon Blasters to create a pair of large balloon sculptures shaped like apple trees in order to bring out the Hundred Acre Woods theme of the party. We also requested for Balloon Blasters to make a balloon arch in shades of green with a brown base to resemble a tree. An air walker Winnie The Pooh balloon was also placed at the entrance of 10 SCOTTS. Little balloon bouquets in varying shades of blue were randomly placed to decorate the place.

How many children were there?

There were about 30 children at the party – mostly kids of our relatives, friends and colleagues. The age range of the children was between two months to about five years old.

What kinds of games and activities did the children take part in?

Considering that we only had about two and a half hours for the party, we were concerned that we may not have enough time to accommodate games and activities for our little guests. Hence, we stuck to just hiring Chris Oh from Oh Balloons! Chris is a talented balloon sculptor who fascinated the children with all sorts of lovely creations, from animals to lovable Disney characters. I can safely say that the kids absolutely loved the balloons they got to take home with them!

Tell us about the cake.

It was a two-tier cake. Angeline from Colour It Sweet had sketched out the cake design for us to get a rough idea of it initially. Pleased with her design, we went along with it. The top tier, flavoured in vanilla, was in a shade of pastel blue. The bottom tier, in chocolate, was shaped like a tree trunk.

I had specially requested for a Winnie The Pooh figurine to be placed on the top tier of the cake – it was wearing a cute little party hat while eating from its favourite honey pot! Caden’s name and age were made distinct on the cake upon my request.mAngeline also created Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger figurines to be placed on the birthday cake along with a tree.

What made this party memorable?

The magical moments captured by the camera during the party! Engaging an event photographer was one of the best decisions we made as we are now able to look back at all the happiness that was shared. Seeing many of our supportive relatives and friends coming together to celebrate our son’s first birthday has made our family feel very loved. We particularly enjoyed catching up with those whom we had not seen in a long time. Our guests also commented that the photographs from the party had turned out very well!

Did you give out goody bags?

Yes, I purchased the goody bags from an online store known as Goody Bag – Melody Store on Facebook. The shop offers little Winnie The Pooh canvas tote bags that are great for little ones! We then went to the supermarket to pick up some local snacks to fill the goody bags with. Small tumblers in various colours were also customised with Caden’s name on them and put in the goody bags. We also added bubble wands in some of the bags for the older children.

Your top birthday party planning tip for other parents?

Plan your child’s birthday party at least three months in advance in order to ensure that popular venues are available. The same goes for photographers and event stylists who are in hot demand. For parents who work full-time, engaging a professional party stylist who can take care of all your party needs would be the best choice – it will really save you a whole lot of hassle and time! These professionals will also be able to provide you with interesting ideas that will make your child’s party unique.

Engaging an event photographer is also a must as it will allow you to focus on what truly matters – mingling with your guests and simply enjoying your child’s birthday party. Do also consider having a backup venue in case things don’t go according to plan with the initial venue you had in mind.

Party details:

Venue and food: 10 SCOTTS @Grand Hyatt Singapore (High Tea Buffet)
Cake and decor: Colour It Sweet
Balloons: Balloon Blasters
Planning and e-invitations: Caden’s parents
Goody bags: Goody Bag – Melody Store
Photography: FlagAHero
Birthday child’s outfit: H&M and Pediped (shoes)
Balloon twisting: Christopher Oh (Oh Balloons!)


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Caden’s Winnie The Pooh Themed 1st Birthday Party at 10 SCOTTS @Grand Hyatt