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January 2021

What is postnatal confinement at KAI Singapore like? This mum shares her review

If you are pregnant, and you haven’t considered KAI Singapore (previously known as KAI Suites) for your confinement, are you really even pregnant? Just kidding. But really, this new luxury postnatal hotel has made huge waves in maternity news here recently. And it’s not just because KAI Singapore is the first and the only pre- and postnatal luxury hotel in Singapore.

It is also the fact that KAI Singapore is probably a more tempting incentive than the Baby Bonus in getting women to want to have babies. Case in point: almost everyone who has been here walks out thinking, “I want to get pregnant so I can stay here for my confinement!”

But there’s a $25,000 caveat before you start getting your ovaries in gear.

This is what it costs to stay at KAI Singapore for 28 days in a deluxe suite, with meals for the mother. While the sum may seem astronomically prohibitive at first glance (for comparison, hiring a confinement nanny for the same period of time will cost around $2,800), there are those, like Mrs Choong, who believe that it is worth the price.

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Worth the price

“Yes, it may be pricey. However, you get what you pay for,” says the 38-year old Marketing Director, who did her confinement at KAI Singapore after the birth of her second child.

“Coming from China where the industry of confinement centres is fully developed, I am well aware and informed of what this has to offer. Therefore, I am very open to the concept. Secondly, I doubt I will go through another childbirth experience, so I feel that I deserve it.”

Traditionally, confinement marks the first few weeks when new mothers rest, heal from giving birth, and bond with their newborn. They also learn to adapt to a new stage of life, as well as breast feeding. For first-time mothers, and even those having their second, third, or more children, this can be a trying time.

KAI Singapore promises to ease the process, not just with five-star amenities that provide every comfort, but also with ‘omotenashi’. This is a Japanese concept of hospitality that pays attention to even the smallest of details, and anticipates guests’ every need in order to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Mrs Choong gave birth at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), and checked in to KAI Singapore after a three-day, two-night stay at KKH . While she initially booked a 14-day confinement package, Mrs Choong extended her stay for another 14 days, during which she answered our burning questions about what it was like to stay at KAI Singapore.

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Why KAI Singapore?

“I chose KAI Singapore for several reasons. First, I knew that KAI Singapore is a full-service confinement centre. This means it has a full range of services that cater to the needs of my baby and myself, from the professional nursing team that looks after us, to the delicious and healthy confinement food.

Second, with my first child at home, I needed somewhere where I could recover while taking care of my newborn. Staying in KAI Singapore would help me to recuperate while my family looks after my daughter at home. With a newborn and another child at home, it may be difficult to rest fully as I would have to look after both of them.

Fact: The attention to detail begins even before you have given birth. Once a mum-to-be has booked a package, she can sign up for prenatal classes at KAI Singapore. After birth and the hospital stay, a limousine picks her up, and brings her and her baby to KAI Singapore for their in-room check-in. Baby can room-in with mum, or stay in the nursery where each cot is individually monitored by camera.

What was the one thing about KAI Singapore that drew you to it?

It was the nurses from the care team. As professionally trained nurses, they are well-equipped with the right skillsets and knowledge to look after my baby and me.

Fact: Every member of the nursing staff has had experience in maternity hospitals in Singapore. A KAI Singapore nurse will accompany mum and baby for every postnatal, and paediatric check-up.

How has your stay been so far?

I have been very satisfied and happy throughout my 28-day stay at KAI Singapore. The small personal touches from the service and care team exceeded my expectations.

The nurses customised their services to my needs. They also accompanied my baby and I for every single check-up.

On top of that, the in-house team of chefs also customised the meals according to my rate of recovery. My elder daughter visited occasionally, and the service team would surprise her with snacks. That was a really nice gesture.

Fact: You have never tasted confinement food like Kai Cuisine confinement food. It follows Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of 一休二排三调四健养 (healing, detoxification, restoration and nourishment), with a bespoke menu for every mum planned according to her childbirth method, as well as her rate of postpartum recovery. Only the freshest ingredients are used, some sourced from local farms, and no artificial additives or MSG are added. Even the sauces are made in-house.

What did you like most about the…

Room — The room is very well designed. Every basic need of a new mummy is considered. The complementary herbal bath provided by KAI Singapore is also really enjoyable.

Fact: There are only 18 rooms at KAI Singapore: 14 Deluxe rooms (above), and four Premium rooms (main image right on top). Deluxe rooms have queen-sized beds, while Premium ones are large enough for king-sized beds, and added wardrobe space. All beds come fitted with 600-threadcount Egyptian sheets.

Food — I had delicious and beautifully-presented meals prepared by the chefs. I felt that everything was cooked with a lot of heart, right down to the preparation of the sauces which were made from scratch.

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Facilities and support — All the basic requirements for a new mummy were provided, such as the assistance in breastfeeding, showering, and so on. This all-rounded customer service experience enabled me to recuperate in comfort.

Medical services for mum and baby — The nursing team was very detailed oriented. They recorded every single detail about my baby, such as the amount of milk for every feed, how many times my baby was breast fed, the position in which my baby was fed, and even my baby’s bowel movement. All these are written down in case my baby has any medical conditions and needs to visit the doctor.

In addition, the nursing team was very caring. They would regularly check up on me, monitor my blood pressure, attend to my wound, and ask about my recovery status. Hence I was more confident, independent and less stressed and anxious.

How do you spend your time here?

Having experienced childbirth for the second time, I did not see the need to attend any classes. Hence I just focused on resting. With ample support from the team, I was so well-rested that I even had time to do some work in my room.

Fact: Mums can opt to have postpartum massages at Kai Spa, or in their own rooms. On the menu are traditional postnatal Jamu massages and Bengkung wraps, lactation massages, and head and shoulder massages. At the Kai Aesthetics clinic, state-of-the-art equipment manage face and skin rejuvenation, hair-loss, body contouring, scar and pigmentation reduction, and even pelvic floor muscle strengthening and vaginal tightening.

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What would make the stay even better for you?

KAI Singapore has a strict policy on the visitors, where only the spouse or one registered guest is allowed access to the mummy’s room. All other guests have to remain on Level 1. There are definitely pros and cons to this regulation. The disadvantage is that some people may find it restrictive or inconvenient. The benefit is that the mum is able to have sufficient rest in the privacy of her own room. The team at KAI Singapore may want to look into refining this regulation as I believe some mummies would like for their parents, or in-laws to visit them in the suites.

Would you stay at KAI Singapore again?

It is unlikely that I will have another child, but if I do, I will choose KAI Singapore again. I had a very good experience as I was able to recover better compared to my first delivery. This is a once in a lifetime experience.”

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What is postnatal confinement at KAI Singapore like? This mum shares her review