my son was also used to b in siglap branch, i withdrew after 2mths.. regretted going there.

don't believe wat lily says.. i caught her lying abt 1 student school behaviour to her grandmother once.
n i dun like the chinese teacher.. not v professionaal at handling kids.. d way how the class are conducted are also v disorganised.


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Hi all,

I am thinking of sending my ger for her pre-nursery and kindergarden in zoophonics of the bukit timah branch..Any comments on the teachers??


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Sorry don't know about the Tampines branch.

Wow didn't know the Siglap branch was that bad. I thought of sending my older boy there but changed my mind cos I didn't really like the venue. Didnt have a nice feel. Plus it took forever to reach them on the phone. I called many times before I could get anyone. Left message and no one returned my call. To me, simple things like follow-up are very important. I feel it reflects whether a centre is run well or not.

I also heard that Growing up gifted is quite good. They teach zoophonics too. A few of my friends send their kids to GUG. No complaints so far, from what I know. 2 of them go to the one at United Sq, one is at the new centre at Mountbatten.


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hi glad to find a topic on this. im thinking of sending my boy for these kinda classes too but would only like to start in jan. he'll be about 8 mths old by then. im just confused as to which one to choose. how's gug?


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So many negative feedbacks for siglap zoophonics branch. How about beauty world branch? I was impressed with their recent exhibitions displaying the works of their students when I brought my son to nam seng.


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Hi All,
My daughter is 21 months old and i am planning to send her in playgroup near to my place tampines street 33 there is one branch of zoophonics also...Please guide me where i can register her...



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My son is attending K1 at Beauty World branch this year. Highly recommended.
He started with the weekend enrichment classes when he was 18 month or later, I think. Then I put him in Zoophonics daily classes in April 2009. He started without knowing his ABCs and now he can read and he knows his numbers to a 100 and he knows mathematics (additions) too. I would say he is lucky to have very good teachers in K1 and N2.

I will send my daughter there next year. My daughter is in PCF since early this year 2010. Still cannot recognize her ABCs and 123s. I hardly have time to teach her. So I rely a lot on the school.

When my twins turns 18m, I will most likely send them for the enrichment classes too.
Please pm me if you need more information.



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Hi everyone,
It had been quit a while I had not came in, last since July 09 2010. Not because one of my friend recently sent her boy to the beauty world branch, not surprise at all, she was VERY upset that once after she made payment, their true color shows(I shall not go into details but guess you can imagine) Things became SO bad that she is planing to speak with CASE.
If she had asked us or read this site, she wouldn't had wasted so much money and time.
Most of all, her poor boy was so affacted by the teacher's bad attitude when they knew that he is withdrawing. VERY NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!!
Now the poor little kid is afraid of school.
So, dear parents, please think again, think for your perious darlings! If this is a good school, WHY are there sooo many poor/ nasty remarks?
Did you see such remarks on GUG/ JG/ Lorna Winston/ Kinder muskic etc
Dear parents, please share your views here with others.
Thanks & Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!
Dear mummies

My gal is 27mth old and thought of putting her zoo phonic at JW branch there during wkend slot?

How is yr child progress? and what is their fee charges?

Thanks for sharing!


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Hi summer,

i was also thinkg of bring my 28mth old boy to the JW branch for the wkend slot.

have u went for the lesson? how was it?


My friend & I have pulled out our kids from wkend classes in Zoo Phonics (Bt Timah). Our kids' teachers & assistant teachers are FT from Philippines & China.

My friend felt that her kid did not improve much. Her kid told my friend that her teacher every time stop teaching 15mins before class ends, kids do nothing in class.

My kid's teacher could not pronounce phonics letters of 'C' & 'K' correctly. She spoke english with tagalog accent.

Once, I saw the teacher did not wash her hands after using the toilet...**I fainted**.

In another incident, their assistant teachers kept chatting to each other in the toilet. They have forgotten about the class of kids they have brought to the toilet, they are not vigilant. Their Bt Timah Branch is located in the shopping centre, what happen if kids got kidnapped?

Lastly, their admin manager is unfriendly.


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hi to all,
i highly recommend zoo phonics bukit timah @ beauty world. the teachers there are very helpful and accomodating. very concern with the child's progress. they gave my child free bridging (a one to one session with the teacher) and evem allowed me to sit in to make sure that my child is coping well in the class. it helped him alot esp in reading. i am very impressed that he can read well and even write sentences now, he goes to saturday enrichment class. i have recommended it to my friend and they are now attending the toddlers class every sunday. they said the teacher is very good even though she is not a local. she is very lively and very good with kids, they like her alot. my friend recommended again to another friend and all of us like the results that we are getting.


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I am considering to send my ds to tampines mart branch, please share with your any comments for the teachers and school program.


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I am considering to send my ds to tampines mart branch, please share with your any comments for the teachers and school program.


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hi Shann Yheng the teacher's name is teacher zane. there are several positive comments i heard about her. my child loves her so much and i have noticed that the children are quite attached to her. one of my colleagues also enrolled under her class and her son has special needs and she said her son is progressing well with teacher zane, he has speech delayed problems before and now the psychologist that they go to said his son is now in first word stage. its very impressive. she has her way to the kids' heart. i recommend her highly.


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it is very rare to find a dedicated loving teacher. and i think teacher zane from bukit timah branch (beauty world) is one of them. she may not be local but her accent and the way she carries herself is very professional towards parents and very compassionate to kids. i myself is in education line and i can say teacher zane is doing a great job in educating kids.


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Are you considering to enroll for kid to zoo phonics at IBP? I m considering to. My gal has been with Zoophonics bukit Timah for abt a year in their toddler class n she is recently move to the advance level .

The abt review on the teachers n services r quite right. Teachers mainly from Philippines n china. Recently I think they hv 1 from Thailand. My gal is in teacher Zane's class. She's really good n passionate in children n her teaching. No prob on her accent.

However, if she's on mc or wt n other teacher took over, I don't really see that from them. Even if some do show the energy in teaching but I don't think any parent would want your kids to speak like a maid. Sorry to describe this way. besides tt you could that they can't manages as well as teacher Zane with a full class of 10.

The Chinese teacher was ok. Tot she looks abit sleepy sometimes but when she teach she was ok.

I just got to know tt they had open a new branch at IBP n teacher Zane will b teaching there. But if not mistaken for the toddler age 2-3 yrs. I hv no doubt in her teaching but I m very concern if the rest of the teachers can make it..

If most of the teachers r not speaking the right accent, I will hv concerns..
Pink piglet,
My son loves teacher Zane too. You dropping by ibp to "check out" the other teachers? Do update me cos I am considering of switching to ibp


hi any one send their kids to ibp? i been there once, the prinicpal is nice, but we notice many filipinos teachers too, the principal also admitted they engaged many filipino teachers, but she claimed they select the teachers carefully ....


Hi, thinking of transferring my 27mths son to Zoophonics Siglap. But from the feedback, this branch doesn’t seem good. I thot that Zoophonics course fee is very reasonable. A month they charge only about $350.00. It is very reasonable but is the “quality” good?
My son is in IBP tods class and taught by Teacher Rachel. Previously Teacher Zane. So far so good he attended since Jan 2012. The teachers are nice and they are quite flexible. Most importantly for me, my son is happy there.


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Hi, thinking of transferring my kids to [email protected] too. Do any parents know if their teachers turn over rate is high? I fAct I did not notice many Filipino teachers but saw mostly Chinese (prc?) teachers there. I am concerned about the rate that they are teaching the kids.

Do anyone have kids in kindergarten classes? Do you think they have a lot of homework to complete on weekends and do they feel unhappy at school?


Anyone sends your kid to Safari House @ Dover? Any feedback is appreciated.

I dropped by without any appointment and the teachers who attended to me were nice but later when the Centre Manager called me (Teacher Lily), didn't get a good vibe. So i'm in 2 minds about it now.


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Both my 2 kids were from zoo phonics bt timah since nursery. When they started safari dover which is a childcare I transferred both of them there as I m a working mother. So far both my kids enjoyed going there and the teachers also not too bad. I can see my gal is doing very well there



I Want to buy Phonics Flash Cards

Do you have phonics flash cards to let go? If not, may i know where can i get it?



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Hi all, iv been out for a while, i just cant contain myself seeing my kids so happy again when they saw Teacher Zane at Zoo phonics Bukit timah last Saturday. My kids miss her a lot since she was shifted to safari house at ibp. I heard she has 30+ kids there all under her care. she is indeed an outstanding teacher to think that moms trust her to take care of their kids in the childcare. I heard from my colleague that her daughter is in her class and they already saw an improvement with their child esp. with the behavior and confidence. just like what i saw with my kids when they were under her. She is indeed consistent with her performance. Thumbs up for teacher zane!


My kid is in zooophonics siglap. He seems to like it a lot. Cried when it was a holiday and he could not go to school!
He is only 2 plus but can say phonics for some of the alphabets.
I guess it depends if your kid likes it there


hi mummies, my son just turn 1yo, so thinking to find some weekend activties for him now.. am quite lost with so many schools ard. any comment on Zoophonics @ Bt Timah Plaza (is Teacher Zane at Bt Timah Plaza branch?) ? BiBinogs at Serence Centre?


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Hi mummies,

I'm a daddy who is really pissed off with the management in zoophonics at Bt Timah branch.

My son's classes are arranged back to back, and in the middle of the course, the management decided to change the hours immediately for the next class (so that they can squeeze in one more class).

There's no way I can rearrange my schedule and I protested. She insisted that 1 week is 'sufficient' notice, went ahead with the changes, and left my son missing the 1st 15 mins of the class.

The only solution she gave was a bridging class, which I have to top up from my own pocket for a change that is benefiting only herself.

I'm discontinuing this course with zoophonics as I don't see any reason to accept this inconvenience for an average quality education.
Don't have too high hopes. Both my kids also did zoo phonics then. Paid heaps.

This is a syllabus that you can easily teach yourself at home. Enter with reasonable expectations.

The teacher and other aspects of the class n school environment you chose is more impt.


I have put my twin boys in Zoophonics for their sat enrichment class. Only Teacher Zane is considered good at that place. Other than her, I am not sure as there is some turnover issues there. I withdrew them after 6 mths there.


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anyone can share how much is the enrichment class for 3yo? thinking of sending my gal to zoo/bttimah...


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I am surprised to see so many negative feedback about zoophonics siglap. I enrolled my 5 years old boy in zoophonics siglap last year. I must say i am extremely happy with the teachers and environment there. The teachers are very passionate in their profession and i can see they love the kids! Kudos to Teacher Di who left siglap branch and goes to Bukit Timah branch this year. She is one of the most passionate teacher around. My boy is under Teacher Gayathri this year and he loves her too.

I started my younger boy who is 3 years old there this year. He is enjoying himself .

I am not too sure about other parents experience with the school but i strongly recommend zoophonics siglap.


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I'm deciding between Zoophonics Tampines Mart and Happy Train Tampines CPF Building for my 18mths son. Anyone have experience?


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Teacher zane has left zoo bt timah...anyone knows where she is now?

Any comments on the teachers at zoo/bt timah?


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im a little concern about the lack of "transparency" during class....I'm not comfortable with the fact that parents are not allowed to stay and watch their kids in class(even from outside the centre), on top of that, they locked the main door during lessons. Can't help but wonder what's really going on inside there and whether they are really teaching well or not.... But I will give them a try and view my child's progress...


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seems like quite alot of negative feedback on ZPBT nowadays....

is it many of their gd teachers are no longer there?

I am still thinking if I should trf my kid to that branch or not.

noscon - I have a few gfs whose kids are w/ ZPJW & are learning alot of things, & v happy there. Bt I stay at Bt Panjang, can't b going to JW branch right? Abit funny & too far.