Parents are always worried about the eating habits of their children, be a few months old babies or a 20 years old adult.
It becomes very important for the parents, that their child is receiving all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, calcium at the right quantity, at every growth stage. Today we will be understanding what’s important for a baby’s diet.
4-6 MONTHS – The first 6 months babies should give only mother’s milk nothing else should be given because mother’s milk contains all the essential vitamins, calcium, the fiber that a baby requires.
6-8 MONTHS – Along with mother’s milk babies should be given purees made up of organic fruits and vegetables. You can give either ready to eat purees or make it at home. You can also give Cooked rice water which is rich in vitamins, proteins, fiber.
8-10 MONTHS – Introduce your baby, porridges made up of sprouted ragi which has the goodness of iron, fiber, vitamins, calcium, proteins. Helps in the growth of your baby. Include dry fruits in your baby’s diet which are rich in vitamins. You can start introducing solid food as at this stage baby can eat solids.
10-12 MONTHS – As your baby gets more teeth and learns to chew more effectively, he/she will begin to eat larger pieces of food. Keep a check on your baby’s chewing habits as if necessary, cut the food part into smaller pieces so that it becomes easy for the baby to chew and swallow.
Babies should have a balanced diet that will promote growth, increase efficiency, and enhance their eating habits.