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  1. C

    What should be included in baby's diet?

    Parents are always worried about the eating habits of their children, be a few months old babies or a 20 years old adult. It becomes very important for the parents, that their child is receiving all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, calcium at the right quantity, at every growth...
  2. radish1

    Maid kill ah gong ah ma

    Another murder case...Maid kill people like killing animals. They are all heartless....steal n kill like nothing... Mummies better think twice if getting domestic maid..... Recently someone post a video clip of maid abuse bb ,throwing the bb up in the air n drop on bed....throw bb away from her...
  3. radish1

    Nanny service at PASIR RIS

    Hi mummies n daddies,there are 2 nannies available now in PPasir Ris. Very xp,clean n neat house...More than 20 yrs xp taking care of infants..Pls note that this is a home-based service,NO going to client house...Contact 97327396 for more info tks.....