1. W

    Looking for Baby Adoption

    We are a married couple with no child, hoping to adopt a healthy Chinese baby. Please contact us. Thank you.
  2. C

    Survey for New Mums/Mums-to-be

    Hello! I am currently in my final year of study and I need to gather information on preferences of new mums/mums-to-be. If you have the time, do help me fill this quick survey up! Thank you :)
  3. L

    Brand new! Mummy / Baby Bag bundle set (jujube)

    Brand new Jujube Hello Kitty Bakery series Zealous backpack Best used as Mummy/baby bag! Selling off as a bundle set which includes: 1) zealous backpack 2) be set Retail price: $284 Offer price: $220
  4. J


    ALL FROM JAPAN. Donald Duck Coin Pouch - $10 Pumpkin Halloween Donald Duck - $10 Donald Duck Sitting Up Soft Toy - $12 (yellow image is how it looks like sitting up - legs position are adjustable). Donald Duck Square Cushion (Super soft) - $18
  5. J


    Authentic, from Japan. SANRIO. Selling as I have an extra. Size: (50cm x40cm) Drop me a message and I will contact you!
  6. C

    TTC group chat (WhatsApp)

    Hi babe, I am creating a grp chat on TTC. Anyone keen to join? Have been struggling TTC for almost 3 yrs after miscarriage, ivf, iui :(:(
  7. C


    You can start feeding your baby with fruits, once your baby is 6 months old you don’t have to introduce foods in any particular order. The main thing is to introduce your baby to as many flavors and textures as you can, soon after your baby is 6 months old. For the first 6 months, babies should...
  8. C

    What should be included in baby's diet?

    Parents are always worried about the eating habits of their children, be a few months old babies or a 20 years old adult. It becomes very important for the parents, that their child is receiving all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, calcium at the right quantity, at every growth...
  9. A

    Montessori Materials

    Hi Mums! I have a question for you guys. If a store were selling montessori materials made from recycled clothing, would you be willing to buy it? What if by donating your own clothes, you get discount vouchers for these materials, would it encourage you to buy them?
  10. Z

    Looking to adopt.

    Hi there. My wife and I are currently looking for a baby boy to legally adopt (anywhere 0 to 1 year old). Preferably malay or mixed heritage as our family is mixed as well (I am Thai/Malay and my wife malay/indian). We are 40 & 38 years old, and so looking forward to finding a little one to...
  11. A

    Looking for a Little One ♥

    Hi there. My husband and I are currently looking for a baby to adopt (anywhere from unborn to 1 year old). Gender is not important, but preferably of mixed heritage (Malay/Indian/any mixed race) as our family is mixed as well. We are 34 & 32 years old, and so looking forward to finding a little...
  12. S

    WTS: Baby Carrier

    Mom's In Mind Sarong Baby Carrier. This is a USED item. Still in good condition. Selling only @ $12.00 Check out details here
  13. C

    Looking for Carters Clothings

    Hi Mummies, I wanted to buy Carters clothing for my girl whom is currently less than 1yo. Do you all know which website or shop can i get? Thanks in advance!

    Baby Bouncer at $59

    Mummies who are thinking to purchase a baby bouncer for your newborn, you may like to check out this website - Use code: BBSAVER for $110 off (U.P $169) Free shipping. Valid till 23 April 2019
  15. D

    Baby Nasal Aspirator / Nose Cleaner

    Hi All, I'm selling Nasal Aspirator for baby. My experience before having one, I had problems using manual suction. 1. My baby not cooperative, keep moving.. 2. Fear 3. Cry till the whole village woke up (haha!) So i have no choice to bring baby to A&E to get the mucus and phlegm out...
  16. R

    Baby massage

    Anyone sending their newborns for massages?
  17. C

    I am Nanny located at Hougang Ave 9 (behind Hougang 1)

    Available Hi.. Parents - I am an Experienced (many years) Nanny/Babysitter located at Hougang Ave 9 (3mins walk from Hougang 1). – Singaporean, Female. – Babysit at my house – Clean and nice environment with nice playground. (No Pets) – Interested please contact me at 82005007 (Ms Tan) for...
  18. M

    Combi Baby Toddler Shoes Size 16.5 cm for sale

    Combi Baby Toddler Shoes Size 16.5 cm for sale Colour : Yellow and Blue Excellent condition 9.8/10, barely used. Original bought at $59.90 from Isetan, now selling $15. Self collect flexible timing at Siglap with prior arrangement or weekdays lunchtime to meet at Orchard/ town mrt towards Yio...
  19. M

    Onitsuka Tiger California 78 Baby Toddler Shoes In Red

    Onitsuka Tiger California 78 Toddler Shoes In Red for sale Excellent condition barely worn once and baby outgrown. Bought for $89 from Isetan, now letting go at $55. Comes with box. In size K8 / EUR 25.0 / 15.0cm Self collect flexible timing at Siglap with prior arrangement or weekdays...
  20. Babylovin

    Looking for temporary babysitter/nanny for 3 month old baby in Punggol

    Hi all, I need a temporary babysitter/nanny for my 3 month old girl in the month of March. Location is in Punggol. Experience with infant is greatly appreciated.