Trying to Conceive 2019


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Hi, I’m new here. Trying to conceive at the end of the year. Would like to go to the gynae for a check up first. Can anyone recommend me a gynae for pre pregnancy checkup?
I’m considering dr paul tseng, can anyone advise how is his charges? Thanks
Paul Tseng is good and skillful. I am with him. His regular consultation start from $130 onwards


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Hi all,

I have missed my period for 2 weeks and my last period was on 23/9/2019. I used pregnancy test on 4/11/19 but tested negative. Could it be too early to test? My period is always quite regular and this is the first time being so late. I have ttc for 4 years till now and I don't wish to have another disappointment again. What should I do? Should I make appt with gynea to check or wait for another week???
Hi Wantabb.. I suggest to wait for another week.. Have you tested?