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Trying to Conceive 2019

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by irenerachel, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. irenerachel

    irenerachel New Member

    Hi. Anybody TTC now? Wanna start a whatsapp group for support?
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  2. iall88ll

    iall88ll New Member

    Im TTC for 6mth stil no news...
  3. .Jan.

    .Jan. New Member

    Hi guys! I'm new here..

    I've just started in Jan19. Right now I'm 24DPO, no AF yet..tested last sat BFN :(..I can feel a couple of cramps here and there but they usually go away after a day..feel quite gassy recently..other than that everything is pretty normal..there's still hope until AF comes... baby dust to you all!!
  4. .Jan.

    .Jan. New Member

    Lets Jia You, iall88ll!! ;)
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  5. Cths

    Cths New Member

    yes, is there any whatsapp groups for TTC?? i wanna join!
  6. elegancez

    elegancez Member

    Hi ladies, I have been ttc-ing for #3, but not actively trying though. I got a feeling that I am not able to conceive again, or very hard to as a few times we do it on either very near my ovulation day or on ovulation day but still not preggy. haiz...feel like giving up already. my #2 is already 3years old... husband is not keen on #3 but I am. the worst part is seeing one of my friend keep 'accidentally' got preggy, now she's preggy with her #5! and she say her hub use condom somemore still get preggy... why some people get preggy so easily ah...
  7. saxydevil

    saxydevil New Member

    Hi all,
    Im new here.. 36yo & ttc for #1.. I have endometrosis (ovary).. Had ttc few years back for a yr but nth.. Recently started ttc about 2 months.. Was quite sure i was preggy as af was late but test is bfn.. After 5 days, i had heavy bleeding and i think i might have seen a sac (red/white).. (sorry tmi!) looking for support group as well to share anxiety and support each other..
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  8. Frednie

    Frednie New Member

    Hi, I’m keen to join the whatsapp groups for TTC :)
  9. SarahG

    SarahG New Member

    Hey ladies. Is the WhatsApp group being created already? I'm Keen to join!
  10. purplish

    purplish New Member

    I am keen to join as well!
  11. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    I am keen too.
  12. Revol

    Revol New Member

    I am keen too.
  13. yunz

    yunz Member

    Im keen tooo
  14. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    Is anyone on letrozole?
  15. yunz

    yunz Member

    Im on clomid.. is it the same?
  16. Gladd

    Gladd New Member

    I am keen too to join the WhatsApp group.
  17. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    Letrozole helps make you ovulate too. I was on clomid but doctor said that it’ll cause the uterine lining to become thin, which might affect implantation so we switched to letrozole. Good luck!
  18. Jo_nat

    Jo_nat New Member

    Planning #2. I’m having fertility massage by Angelia to prepare. My Cousin BfP after her massage. She’s like god sent to many pps also very nice and I love her for her humbleness n genuine also tcm to tiao my body and husband

    TCM Tan Kien Seng at Clementi
    Fertility massage Angelia 94514908
  19. saxydevil

    saxydevil New Member

    What is the cost like? Im currently taking blackmores conceive well, and my hubby is taking the mens one.. I heard many good reviews abt bmcwg and my friends got bfp aft taking it too..
  20. bunnizz

    bunnizz New Member

    Hi everyone! I was just starting to TTC as well, and I went to Taipei and bought 3 boxes of the Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence for Pregnancy Plan. I went through one box and BAM, I'm now 5 weeks pregnant! :D however, this means I have 2 more boxes of chicken essence left that I cannot drink due to pregnancy. As I flew the chicken essence back from Taipei, I had to remove the boxes in order to fit them all into an ice bag (it must be kept frozen at all times). The contents of each box (20 packets) are packed nicely in a big ziplock bag.

    I am selling off these two boxes for $180 EACH (price non-negotiable), that's $20 cheaper than what's sold in SG. The expiry date for both boxes is in July 2019. Collection point will be at Jurong East or Boon Lay. Please text me at 91777511 if you'd like to purchase, thanks! :) Fastest fingers first!

    P.S. I can't say for sure it was the chicken essence that helped me conceive so quickly, but I do have endometriosis which makes it harder to conceive, so if I managed to do so within just once cycle, seems like the essence is quite legit haha.
  21. Social Chameleon

    Social Chameleon New Member

    Hello ladies,
    I'm TTC as well. Will be starting my 1st IVF with KKH in April.
    Would love to join the WhatsApp chat too!
  22. yunz

    yunz Member

    Clomid also making me ovulate.. my lining is ok from last chk.. wish everyone gd luck too...

    Can request letrozle?
  23. yunz

    yunz Member

    I also ttc #2.. where is tcm at clementi?
  24. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    That’s great then! I didn’t get my lining checked. I just changed since doctor suggested that it’d be better. Yes, you can request.
  25. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    I just visited Dr Zou Yumin at AMK today. Hopefully all works out!
  26. jensmurf

    jensmurf New Member

    That’s good! I was there for the first time too today ;)
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  27. yunz

    yunz Member

    I went to her disciple.. also at amk..
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  28. meowmeow83

    meowmeow83 New Member

    I am keen too
  29. Jo_nat

    Jo_nat New Member

    433 CLEMENTI AVENUE 3 #01 - 252 Singapore 120433
  30. Thinkie

    Thinkie New Member

    Hi, I want to join the whats app chat for TTC too.
  31. yunz

    yunz Member

    How is the charges like?
  32. yunz

    yunz Member

    Is there one? I wan too...
  33. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    Don’t have.
  34. yunz

    yunz Member

  35. starlights

    starlights Member

    I tried* letrozole... but doc say cannot take for more than 6months. I ttc under e drugs given but nothing happens...
  36. Nivasini

    Nivasini New Member

    Oh man! Yes, doc also told me can’t take for more than 6 months. This would be my first. I’m hoping the miracle will happen. Good luck! I read online that certain fertility pills don’t work for some ppl. Maybe sth else will help for you.

    I also have read a few stories where ppl don’t conceive on the pill and are able to conceive after they have stopped. Don’t give up!
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  37. starlights

    starlights Member

    Thanks babe... nah I got PCOS so it would be really a miracle if my dH sperm can find the egg la. Plus our activity is not high at all.

    Anyway.. Baby dust to all =)
  38. yunz

    yunz Member

    I also got PCOS and caused irregular menses n not ovulating myself.. after using hormonal oils and drink supplement, my menses is getting better.. now taking clomid to ovulate.. pray hard n baby dust to all..
  39. Veronica**

    Veronica** New Member

    I had a miscarriage last yr Jun and I've been ttc since then.. been trying for 5 months on all sorts of methods (ovulation kit/ fertility calendar/ measure temperature) but still not successful.. :(

    I'm going to try tian yu xiang chicken essence hopefully it will help..

    I'm keen to setup the group chat.. do pm if anyone wants to join.
  40. cheery pumpkin

    cheery pumpkin New Member

    I am keen to join the WhatsApp grp too!
  41. starlights

    starlights Member

    i also want chatgroup...
  42. zerobino

    zerobino New Member

    Yes me too. Has anyone created group chat on WhatsApp ? Can add me
  43. purpleishblue

    purpleishblue New Member

    Me too! Can add me if theres any gc
  44. yunz

    yunz Member

    There is a watsapp group ongoing.. you can pm to Veronica** and she can add you in...
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  45. Jo_nat

    Jo_nat New Member

    Keen to join wa group too
  46. Yzza

    Yzza New Member

    Hi im keen to join
  47. Babycake80

    Babycake80 New Member

    Hi would love to join the ttc whatapp grp
  48. J.bibi

    J.bibi New Member

    Let me know im keen to join the group chat too. Not young and trying to plan for a kid at my age is daunting.
  49. Thinkie

    Thinkie New Member

    I am keen to join the grp chat
  50. BeautifullyblessedK

    BeautifullyblessedK New Member

    I'm TTC and I'm keen to join the chat group as well. :)

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