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Nursing rooms - the good and the bad

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by rachelleling, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Hi, I'm a first time mummy and i can;t wait to bring my little one out for shopping!!

    i tot it would be good to have a list of good and bad nursing rooms in shopping malls so that i can plan my shopping trips and bf my baby in comfort.

    So, I hope mummies can share their experiences with the good and bad nursing rooms and hopefully we can make a list for all mummies!b


  2. echo2

    echo2 Member

    most shopping centres have nursing rooms now, but if you cannot get one, then you can always go to a coffee joint to sit down and bf. you can use a nursing cover or wear a belly band under your shirt.

    here are some of the ones that i have used:

    vivocity - bad. nursing rooms are hard to find, small, poorly lit and poorly ventilated.

    anchorpoint - nice. nursing area has 2 chairs that can be curtained off from changing area, but there is no centre curtain in between the two chairs. however, this means my hb can wait with me in the nursing area if the other chair is not used.

    jurong point - not very good. nursing room is located inside female toilet, which means daddy cannot bring baby to change diaper. also means nursing room has toilet smell. they also have a basement baby room but it only has changing area with no nursing area.

    taka - nursing room is located in b2 toilet, but there is no signage outside to indicate. there are individual cubicles with a locked door, separate from changing area.

    centrepoint - baby room in 3rd floor is very nice and comfortable. nursing area is a big cubicle with a door, can seat 2-3 mummies & babies. there is also a family toilet on 6th floor which has a room for changing and nursing. no comfy armchair, just a normal chair (like those found in waiting areas).

    harbourfront - nursing room on second floor is cosy with separate areas for nursing and changing. however, nursing area has a curtain instead of a door with lock. not so good.

  3. echo2

    echo2 Member

    great world city - family room in b2 is called baby splendor (haha) but it is really done up very nicely. nursing room has a little lamp, hooks for your clothes/bags, a comfy armchair and little decorative items inside.

    wheelock place - baby room in 1st floor toilet has both changing and nursing area together, which is not good. there is a sliding door with a lock, but a nursing mother would deprive someone else the use of the changing table if she locked the door.

    suntec - only one baby room on 3rd floor, but it is quite cosy. separate nursing cubicles with locked doors and separate changing area outside.

    united square - baby room on first floor is very nice. many cubicles for nursing with a comfy chair and a small ledge to put your stuff.

    paragon - nursing rooms on 3rd and 5th floors. nursing cubicle is a bit small but is separated from changing area by a door with a lock.

  4. hamteo

    hamteo Member

    ikea tampines - nice nursing room with dispenser for diapers and pad covers in case you forgot to bring

  5. cecelia446

    cecelia446 Member


    Wow, thanks for the info. I'm impressed by your little 'research'. :p *Thumbs up* for u.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  6. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    Are there baby changing rooms in 313 Orchard and Orchard Central

  7. cheerieheart

    cheerieheart Member

    Hi, I blogged about some nursing rooms I've visited, sharing about their amenities, what I like and not like, and also put up some photos as well. Feel free to drop by my blog visit the topic "Nursing Rooms". Hope it is useful [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  8. shearer

    shearer Active Member

    RWS nursing rooms.... above average...

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