Seeking Insights and Experiences on Family Virtue Education in Singapore

jam peter

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【Seeking Help】Researcher looking for insights and experiences about Singaporean family virtue education Hello everyone!
I am a researcher currently conducting a study on family virtue education in Singapore. I hope to get your help here, to learn about how Singaporean families impart family virtues when educating their children, as well as experiences and advice in this area. Here are some questions I would like to ask everyone:
  1. Which family virtues are typically emphasized in Singaporean family education?
  2. How do Singaporean parents educate their children and cultivate their family virtues in daily life?
  3. What role do you think Singaporean schools play in fostering students' family virtues?
  4. Can you share your experiences and successful cases in family virtue education?
  5. Do you have any suggestions or opinions on family education in other cultural contexts?
If you are willing to share your insights and experiences, please leave a message in the comments. I am very grateful for your help! At the same time, everyone is welcome to share related resources or discuss other topics related to family virtue education.
Thank you again for your attention and assistance! Looking forward to exchanging with you here.
Wishing you all a happy life!