The Most Sincere Confinement Nanny - Good for Dietary Needs

Ye Xuan Hui

New Member
Hi everyone,
It's been about a year since I went through my confinement and I totally understand all the fears and worries that come along with it. I was heading to Penang when I remembered my confinement nanny was from Penang and decided to pay her a visit.

I'd like to make this post in appreciation to Cheu Eyan Auntie! I contacted her through the agency Nanny Moon, and she is the best. My kids loved her so much and she really help me through my confinement period.

She is able to cook a variety of dishes, including vegan and halal meals! so for mummies with dietary needs like me she is amazing.

Highly recommend her to mummies! she can be found through the agency nanny moon, just ask for Lim Cheu Eyan Auntie! Good luck to all new mummies ☺️

I highly recommend AVOIDING Nanny Moon!

Finding a good nanny can be a matter of luck, but we rely on the companies we engage with. Unfortunately, Nanny Moon has proven to be absolutely terrible in that regard.

Throughout the ordeal, I was not treated with empathy at all. When the matter was escalated to the co-founder, who is also a parent, I felt more gaslighting than genuine understanding.