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November 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by AZ.Zhang, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. zhu baobao

    zhu baobao New Member

    Talking about supplement. I think I might be able to share with u. Pm ur number and I can share more detail with u.

  2. Jenyyy

    Jenyyy New Member

    Hi! I waited for 2hour for the 2nd visit, he didnt say anything when doing the ultrasound scan. just ask me to go back this week again.
    give me a pic of ultrasound but i have no idea what isit. Mayb is water bag or sac.
    My hub was quite pissed, but that the way Dr adrian is.
    just need to write down what u wanna ask before seeing him.
    But his antenatal package is cheap.
  3. Piggygal19

    Piggygal19 New Member

    Hi ladies, I’m interested to join the WhatsApp group. Did my first fresh ivf cycle and i got a BFP! First time mum here, appreciate to the learn thing from the group.
  4. miraclechamp

    miraclechamp New Member

    Hullo ! First time mummy. M in week 5... can't wait to share and know more. Can add me too in the what A app group.
  5. Wowwee

    Wowwee New Member

    Just tested positive (twice cuz I couldn't believe my eyes lol) after several negatives during the tww!!! I'm supposed to travel this weekend and mother said I shouldn't.. Earliest appt w gynae is 29 April, is that too long? im probably 4-5 weeks along based on last menstrual start date ..
  6. Rachel_RTHL

    Rachel_RTHL New Member

    Congrats to all MTB! I’m into week 5 now, first timer. Would like to know what other supplements are you ladies taking other than folic acid?

    Has anyone started to drink formulated milk for mummy?

    I’m experiencing some cramps with slight spotting but my friends told me it is fine as the foetus is growing. Not sure if this is normal, but my next gynae visit is in another 1.5 weeks time.
  7. Applze

    Applze New Member

    Hi Mummies, I have tested positive yesterday and just this morning! But at the same time I am having brown spotting. Will be going down to do blood test with Dr Ann Tan to get the confirmation first.. This is my first pregnancy.. Excited yet in panic mode, as I have ever had a chemical pregnancy with empty sac 3 years ago :(
  8. Gelato-berries

    Gelato-berries New Member

    Hi Rachel
    I experienced some brown spotting too during my week 5 of pregnancy, went to the hospital and it turned out that it was a threatened miscarriage. I was put on Hospitalisation Leave and asked to take Duphaston thrice a day. Thank God the gap that was causing the threatened miscarriage has been sealed up. Do consult your Gynae when in doubt. I was told by the Gynae that they classify any form of bleeding as threatened miscarriage. Do not be frightened by this big word they use, doc told me there is nothing much they can do at this stage other than ordering home rest and take Duphaston to support the pregnancy. Just see your Gynae earlier if you are concerned.
  9. zhu baobao

    zhu baobao New Member

    U have to pm @loveholic your contact detail. M still waiting for her to add me into the group chat.
  10. zhu baobao

    zhu baobao New Member

    Pm @loveholic ur contact detail to be added into the group chat.
  11. ilovephoebe

    ilovephoebe New Member

    Hi, please add me in whatsapp groupchat
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  12. Mosquito

    Mosquito New Member

    Hi how to pm?
  13. Annabelle Yong

    Annabelle Yong New Member

    Hi mummies

    I'm. A new member. Just went for my 1st gynae visit today. I'm 8weeks today. Chose prof John tee from kkh as my doctor due to referral and good feedback and review I read from online.

    Saw the sac, heard the heartbeat and saw the little one using V scan today.

    Due date : 12 Nov.

    Is there a WhatsApp group? Pls add me too.
  14. Annabelle Yong

    Annabelle Yong New Member

    Hi I've pm my no too. Pls.add me too
    (At your own comfortable pace and time)

    Hello all mummies by the way.
  15. loveholic

    loveholic Active Member

    ok i've added most of u inside! some not added yet cause im asking for ur name :p

    and @Mosquito and @Janice24 i can't seem to reply you via ur message. could you pm me again? thanksss.
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  16. Lil AF

    Lil AF New Member

    Hello Everyone! ☺️

    I found out im pregnant on 11 March. This is my first child so kind of lost and worried. I am not sure how many weeks i am today. I went to Raffles hospital they checked by HCG blood test and confirmed that i might be at my 6 weeks. However when i went to KKH , the doc scan through my tummy n vigana, mentioned that im at week 4. *Confused* How can i get assurance and confirmation of the number of weeks?

    And till now i still havent decide on the gynae. Any recommendations on the private hospital gynae? I was adviced to go for subsidy till im 6 months. Whats your oppinion?
  17. Lil AF

    Lil AF New Member

    Can add me too.. :)
  18. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

    Doesn’t matter wk4 or wk6 now, as long as confirm you are pregnant. The date will change still until u done the first trimester scanning then only stick to the date n based on fetus growth rate.

    If u intend go subsidy for your choice and u will see different gynea each time.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  19. Applze

    Applze New Member

    Hi, which formulated milk have you started on any?
  20. atsztg

    atsztg New Member

    Hi. I have cyst discovered during my scan. My gynae said not to worry though.
  21. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

    My wife took Similac. she did try others before and she only love Similac. Actually depend on individual.
  22. Rachel_RTHL

    Rachel_RTHL New Member

    I’m taking Similac strawberry yogurt flavour now (bought this). Currently awaiting samples of mummy’s milk from other brands, can request online.
  23. Jlpw

    Jlpw New Member

    Hello!!! I am a new member and this is my first time tested positive for prenancy! Im also alittle lost and am going for my first gynae visit on wed! Alittle nervous! Hope for some guidance! :)
  24. DoReMiFa06

    DoReMiFa06 New Member

    Hello everyone, just tested on monday. 1st gyane appoint will be on 1st april :)
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  25. Janice24

    Janice24 New Member

    Hi, there is no pm box for me to select, can you add me at 82823546. Thanks .
  26. zhubaobao19

    zhubaobao19 New Member

    tested positive on 4 Mar and saw a gynae the following week. said 6 weeks and can only see the sac and very small heartbeat. all seems well so far. no nausea nothing.. just feel like sleeping. I didn't choose a gynae though. just went KKH subsidized option.
  27. LinHuiling

    LinHuiling New Member

    Hi! I am new and also my first time pregnancy. I am around 7 weeks, saw the little sac at week 5. Can add me in the Whatsapp grp chat??? :)
  28. Lil AF

    Lil AF New Member

    Hi MTB!

    Any recommendation on which gynae to go for Mount Elizabeth Novena or Parkway East Shore Hospital?
  29. hyuain

    hyuain New Member

    Hello ladies... I got my BFP last weekend. And I'm totally not prepared for it.. I unknowingly went for a CT scan 3 days before finding out I'm pregnant as I have irregular menstrual period and hence I didn't give much thought about my missed period. Seeing my gynae again this Thursday, and we'll take this a step at a time...
  30. rl85

    rl85 New Member

    pls add me up. 97976224 rykiel
  31. happy4jj

    happy4jj New Member

    Hi everyone, I just got to know I'm preg again. My 2nd one thru IVF again. My 1st is just 13mths ago. Is there a WA group chat to join?
  32. Brownie VH

    Brownie VH New Member

    Hi, i'm 8 week plus now. My 1st time pregnant, EDD 1 Nov.
    Recently i having so much watering discharge and skin rashes, anyone same as me?
  33. ALT

    ALT New Member

    same here, 1st time mom, 4 weeks along, due in nov 2019. have breast soreness since a week n sum dizziness.
  34. ALT

    ALT New Member

    Yes, lets start the whatsapp group
  35. ALT

    ALT New Member

    im still waiting
  36. strudey

    strudey New Member

    Anyone here having constant hunger pang? Feeling hungry almost 1-2 hrs after meals. But yet couldnt eat much each time (too bloated and full easily). Cant function well, always feeling sleepy if not sleeping will be hungry. Im about 5 weeks plus now.
  37. AZ.Zhang

    AZ.Zhang New Member

    Actually feeling no appetite mostly.. ya agree! super bloated eat too much will vomit out..
  38. Roxyjas

    Roxyjas New Member

    I am also still waiting.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  39. strudey

    strudey New Member

    Yes to no appetite but yet feeling hungry. Think of food will feel nausea. Kinda weird feeling. So far only soups are still palatable for me
  40. Roxyjas

    Roxyjas New Member

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  41. ALT

    ALT New Member

    emailed u, thanks
  42. ALT

    ALT New Member

    emailed u, thanks
    emailed u, thanks
  43. screechin_soprano

    screechin_soprano New Member

    Just visited Dr Adrian and found out I'm into my 6th week! The nausea is getting worse but his meds helped to control it. After that, I get paranoid cos the symptoms are subdued. Mummy hormones at work.... Haha!

    Looking forward to joining the WhatsApp group. :)
  44. AZ.Zhang

    AZ.Zhang New Member

    Hihi.. what u taking to combat the nausea?
  45. mini_jubilee

    mini_jubilee New Member

    hihi all lovely mummies to be,

    I just found out on Tuesday that I am preggy with #2 … about 4 years apart from my elder …
    can I join the whatapps grp?
  46. screechin_soprano

    screechin_soprano New Member

    Hi! I was given Maxolon 10mg.

    It works better on me than Dimenate.
  47. abcdisney

    abcdisney Active Member

    Hi all i jus discovered i was preg last sun! Havent seen doctor. Not the first time.
  48. abcdisney

    abcdisney Active Member

    Hi all, just discovered preg last sun. Have not seen gynae. Guess i’m prob the oldest mum here.
  49. mini_jubilee

    mini_jubilee New Member

    May not be... how many weeks are u already?
  50. happimay

    happimay Member

    Hi just found out I preggy. Can add me pls
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