Ectopic Pregnancy


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I just had an ectopic pregnancy and I thought I should share with others who may be worried about an ectopic pregnancy.

The first tell-tale sign is we are unable to find the pregnancy sac in the uterus at 5 weeks plus till 6 weeks. The gynae told me he suspects an ectopic pregnancy although I really hope it wasn’t. I began scouring the net for information on ectopic and if there’s a possibility of not seeing the pregnancy sac. In my mind, I hope we are not seeing it because of a retroverted (tilted uterus) and also because of my adenomyosis and fibroids.

We went for several blood tests and ultrasound scans (every alternate day) to monitor the HCG levels and to scan for the sac but alas, there was no sac and the HCG levels continue to rise. For my case, my HCG levels did not double every 48 hrs but were quite substantial (about 45%- 61% every 2 days, started at 765). This is bad news cos it is growing but we don’t know where. As you may already know, an ectopic pregnancy is serious and becomes an emergency if the fallopian tube ruptures and can be dangerous to your health. I was disappointed that the ultrasound is not able to detect the sac in the tubes either (which I later found it’s possible for some cases to detect ectopic through ultrasound but not always). The uncertainty makes it very difficult for DH and I and to decide when the gynae asked us to consider the options of an injection (Methotrexate) or laparoscopy (key hole surgery) or to observe a while more (this happened at 6w2d from LMP). We are secretly hoping that everything could turn out well and we picked the option to wait and see and to come back and review at 6w6d. It was a roller coaster ride – one mind hoping for a surprise, the other trying to rationalize the pros and cons of injection vs laparoscopy. He told us my case is v strange cos HCG is so high (at 3625) but no signs of pregnancy nor pain. He warned us however that if I experience any abdominal pains on one side, I need to be admitted to any A&E immediately as it may mean the tube has already ruptured.

That night, I got ready some stuff to prepare myself if I need to go A&E (my glasses, some clothes, scarf etc.) Before I went back for my review, it hit me. On 6w3d morning (the very next day after we met the gynae), I had discomfort on my lower right abdomen, it felt like a dull, tugging mild cramp. After I had my bath, a series of symptoms surfaced- dizziness, faint spells, the mild cramps did not go away after 30-45mins, I start to notice I wasn’t standing very straight. I struggled if it was the normal pregnancy symptoms but DH and I knew something is wrong, we need to go back and see the gynae at TMC immediately.

At TMC, the ultrasound showed a bit of blood mass at the pouch of douglas. Gynae says he did not see it the last time he did the scan. He asked that we prepare for laparoscopy immediately (too late for injection). The next few hrs were just going through the motion and trying to calm myself down for the surgery.

I understand the anxiety and I hope to share what I could remember at the early stage of the ectopic pregnancy, based on my own experience…

Early signs (which may or may not be exclusive to ectopic)
• No pregnancy sac at 5w-6w
• Sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms at 5w plus (breast not as sore, no nausea, no constant bloating – the bloating only comes at night and goes away in the morning)
• Vaginal bleeding (mine started shortly after I tested positive, it was on and off, sometimes less and sometimes more). It started first with light brownish discharge, then more bleeding in brown, and then it became light red then eventually, very dark color.
• I only tested positive with a very very faint line at 5w, 2 negatives were tested at 4w. (not sure if this is relevant)
• HCG not doubling every 48 hrs (for my case, it was rising substantially but not doubling)
• Slight pulling sensation at one side of the lower abdomen 2 dqys before onset
• Had a bad cramp (feels like a bad menstrual cramp) 2 mornings before the onset when passing motion, broke into perspiration and felt dizzy and weak. However, the pain went away after 30 mins, without much bleeding

I hope those who had ectopic pregnancy before could also share on their experience/ early symptoms so that we could help others get more prepared and informed. If you experienced any of the above, pls also share.

Dun be upset. I also had an ectopic pregnancy last Feb. I did not realise that I was pregnant. All I knew was I had severe stomach cramp on CNY eve and decided to go A&E for treatment. The next thing was I was diagnosed having ectopic pregnancy and needed emergency ops. I lost my left tube cos the tube ruptured and spent the first 2 days of CNY in hospital. It happened so sudden.. But after 6 months, i managed to conceive with my remaining tube. Life is amazing. I just delivered on 12 mar to a healthy boy. So dun give up ;) keep believing in miracles
Was diagnosed ectopic 2 weeks back and was given 1st mtx jab on 26 may, did blood test 5 days later and hcg level increased from 10000 to 17000. Had a 2nd jab and now waiting for another blood test to determine if the hcg levels go down. If it does, heng. If not, hv to remove the affected tube. But currently there's no bleeding or any worried...
hi memories33, did u have yr etopic at 33yrs old? i'm 33yrs this yr too and I have a had a freaking experience with near to story is as flow: When I found out I was pregnant (5wks), I was overjoyed, however things started to turn downhill 2 days shortly. I started to bleed. After being prescribed by family doctor with Duphaston(progesterone pill), bleeding never really stop. Friend asked me to visit her gynae and gynae told me after my bloodtest, beta HCG7878, that I might I have encounter either miscarriage, slow growing baby or ectopic pregnancy. Repeat blood test 2 days later shows beta hcg 9401 and he was more positive that I am having ectopic pregnancy since he found no sac in my womb. Devastated with this finding i seek 2nd opinion and went bk to my family doctor and my family doctor refers me to another gynae. This second gynae is not helpful either or perhaps want to earn quick money and come to a conclusion after transvarginal scan that no sac, and for my safety wants me to perform a lapascopy. I return to see 2nd gynae 3 days later for blood test, however prior blood test, she did a transvarginal, and there we both see a sac. Initially she says saw a sac but later change her mind after said I told her I am happy to see one and she finishes it off saying that it's only fluid. Since dear husband came along and he was equally concerned with how fast this 2nd gynae want to end this with lapascopy since she says most probably is ectopic pregnancy. dear husband was questioning what if she can't find anything in my tube? Lapascopy will cause scars on my fallopian tubes since incisions need to be done and harm or reduce my future chance of pregnancies....
Not happy with these we went to Kandang Kerbau Hospital. After a series of tests, Kandang Kerbau Hospital diagnoses that there is really a sac inside me. My baby is in there. However it is not going normally.... and given my poor hcg 8300, i need to do a D&C. Never have my life been so lost during these 2 weeks...I keep questioning if I have done something so wrong in my life that result in such? After more than 10yrs of marriage, when we finally want a baby, and look forward to this pregnancy so much but such things happen.... I am just trying to let go with lots of tears.
I really cannot say how much my agony over those 2 private practice gynae too and the reason why I want to share this is to bring more awareness for pregnant ladies to be more careful on private practice.
Hope everybody is good here. Had a d/c and well my hcg level has dropped to 2900. Good trend but I can never be happy till it goes <5 and am going to TTC once I hit <5. Jia you!
Hihi memories33,
Just saw this posting. Yes, You must be strong!
I went thr an ectopic pregnancy in Aug 2011. Similarly, no sac was found and I had slight bleeding. After various scans in KKH, the doctors concluded a 95% chance of ectopic. Thus, my hubby n me decided to go for the keyhole surgery and my left fallopian tube was cut off. I was v sad then.. but things happened too quickly.. I was only 2 months into my marriage life then.

Pls always hv hope in life! I went to consult chinese sinseh. Their belief is that the womb does not have enough strength to push the sac down.. Duno how true that is .. hmm..
I ate chinese medicine for about 5 months, and I conceived in Jan 2012. Now, waiting for my baby to come out anytime within the next 2-3 weeks. Always believe miracle can happen ....
Jia you Memories 33!
Hi sisters, i also went thr ectopic preg in july .. no sac was found also... lap was done &amp; till now i still feel my body very weak.....

I hav no confident to ttc.....
Hi snoopy, concentrate on getting well now. Do take care of your health, u need about a month (like confinement) to feel stronger. Don't carry heavy things and sit down when you drink. Please take this time to rest well and not worry too much. Many people had difficulties in getting pregnant and during pregnancy. Have faith babe.
Congrats soapie88, I'm happy to hear that n ur example will give hope to everyone who had an ectopic preg before. We're there things you did to help with ur subsequent preg?
I have 2 ectopic pregnancies, one after another. (Luckily i hv a boy then so i decided to stop trying.) Then the left fallopian tube was removed to do test(gynae suspected tube spoilt, as both in left). I had 2 earlier miscarriages too. so it was really a down down period for me. Years later, i was preg with twins boys and they were delivery naturally. Don't give up hope. Don't self pity, it is not your fault. Look on the bright side. You can always talk to me or others who know what you are going through
Jia you.
Hi ppl I'm new here , I just discharge from Kkh , I had ectopic pregnancy when bb 7 weeks . Have one injection , 5 days later going to follow up . My hcg is 1700. Hope I can get well soon . Haiz I'm worry abt whether can I still get pregnant and will not get ectopic again
Hi , does it means that we need to eat confinement food about one month ? im bleeding now now menses , i ask my gynea , he said is normal . Any advise ?
Hi Shirley, I had an ectopic pregnancy last year and had my left tube removed. Did not do confinement after surgery but went to TCM to 'bu' my body. Managed to conceive 5 months after the surgery and just given birth to my baby gal. So do not be discouraged.. Good to strengthen ur health and try again when u r ready.
Also good to eat black fungus to clear the old blood in the womb.. My mum cooked chicken with black fungus for me to eat after the surgery.
Shirley, me too, also worry to hav ectopic preg again....
But now u better to 'bu' ur body first cos our body really weak after this failure.... take good care...
Ladies, just a sharing.. I was having EP early of this year but MTX did not work for me. I have had laparoscopy surgery in March and left tube was removed. I felt extremely down and think of I never been so easily to conceive again. Anyway, I started taking folic acid after my hcg < 0 and you guess what.. I conceived at my third cycle..

I am currently 20 weeks and the baby is a precious little BOY!!

So please dont give up. Ladies after EP still able to conceive like me but rememeber maintain a well-balanced diet and exercise (i swim 2-3 times after surgery) to have a healthy body.

I did not visit any TCM but I was drinking red dates tea every day to replenish the iron..
Hi thanks for all the sharing , I'm happy to know that you are pregnant now . Congrats !

I now going to Kkh for follow up check up , hope my hormoe level can drop .
So sad my hormoe level up to 1900 but doc said some ppl is like this , go up and it will be down next time . Pray hard next week will drop .
Hi Shirley,

Don't be disheartening! My initial hcg is 33,000 that is extremely high... MTX did not work well for me to have hit < 5 prior to the burst of my left fallopian tube. My hcg finally went down to <5 after my laparoscopy within 2 weeks.

God blessed!
Hi Claire

Thanks , I will be positive hope next week will be better . Currently my bleeding is like normal menses , doc said is normal , as long as not pain . Haiz , I know I'm Lucky which I detect early about this ectopic pregnancy , but the whole process really very diff to go thru .

I admited to Kk on 2 oct , 3 oct doc said I can op because hormoe is 2650 but I prefer to op by my own gyane dr Han . So he let me wait because I don't have pain and still can monitor whether my hormoe go down .

4 oct , another result out . Hormoe really down to 1560 . They dr han will be back by evening , so they said most prob I don't need to op .

5 oct confirm don't need to op first , dr han give me injection and follow by check up .

Haiz I everyday at home very scared my hormoe will not go down . I try to think positive , hope I can make it .
I am having 1 sided twitching pain on the right side of my lower abdomen...Last time used to be pulling sensation... so its kinda worse now.. am getting worried... Went to the gynae on tues and did an ultrasound... but then he cannot detect anything... he went on to do a v scan and saw a small small water bag (abt 6.6mm) but nothing inside yet.... He told me its inside the uterus but dunno y i am getting paranoid... should I be worried that something is going wrong???

Yup, went to gynae, he saw the water sac in the uterus (or at least thats what he told me).....

Currently, 5 weeks 2 days. Did not take any blood test although i wonder y....

i am approximately 5 weeks pregnant. actually me and my hubby wanted to wait till i'm 6-8 weeks then we consult our gynae. but i was having bad cramps especially at night when im sleeping i can wake up due to the pain. so i went to see him earlier. he managed to see a sac so he ruled out ectopic and said it may be muscles stretching. he gave me a jab and some medication. but recently it came back again and it was more immense than before. the pain is like tugging at the lower left abdomen all the way to the left back. anyone experienced this before? it is very worrying for me and my hubby cuz we lost our 1st... our next visit is next week. anyone able to advise?

I think if u really wan, u can go for a 2nd opinion which is what i am going to do.. or u can bring forward the original gynae did a v scan and saw a water sac abt 6.6mm in my uterus.. but then last few days i actually felt tugging pain in my lower right abdomen but it lasted only abt half a day.... last time was pulling feel , now its tugging pain although its not sharp pain... but i feel unease... to add on... suddenly i got diahrrea on exact day... and the color is dark dark green... faints... then today (sat) i felt a scratching kind of pain on my right shoulder tip... all are symptons of ectopic preg... then i got so anxious... rang up almost all gynaes in the west but none can make appt... since the shoulder tip pain is only 1 to 2 seconds... i decided to just go for 2nd opinion on coming tues.... instead of waiting till my original gynae which is the week after next.... (cos he says he dun see any prob at the pt of time when he see i kinda scared he will not believe the symptoms...)
Hi BearBaby,

Thank you for sharing. Do you have any to recommend? My gynae is at TMC and my hubby and i dun really trust KK..
My fren recommended Dr Roger Heng from a clinic in Aljunied... if u staying in the east... if u staying west, u can try bukit batok central one of the clinic (Dr wong mun tat) ...
hi bearbaby, the symptom that u describe, is as what i experience when i had ect preg...pls go to see gynae ASAP... it is very dangerous...! dont delay anymore...
Hi Bear baby, I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2010 and shortly after got pregnant again. As I was concerned whether I would have another ectopic pregnancy, I went to kkh to do a detailed scanning and ectopic pregnancy was ruled out. You may just want to go there for the detailed scanning and after that, opt for a private gynea. The equipment in kkh allows scans on our Fallopian tubes and surrounding..
Hi all,

thanks for your advice... currently for the past 2 days, i dont have any of the symptons anymore... so hopefully its nothing...
hi mommies, just want to share that i had an ectopic last apr and had to do an laproscopy. Subsequently, I didnt see any tcm doc (although I did a mini 2 weeks confinement) and I was preg again in Jul2011. Now my boy is already 7months. I understand the worry of getting ectopic again. But jia you to all!
Hi Just sharing , im now at kk waiting fot my blood test result again . Last week my beta HCG is 62 . Hope to day can drop to normal .

Im thinking , when can i re try again ? 3 months or 6 months ??

I still very worry , any good TCM to recommand for me to check my body ??
hi, reviving a old thread. any recommended gynae in KKH? i had a EP in March and want to try again. firstly i need to check if my tube is blocked.
Hi memories33. One that I know I'm pregnant me and my husband was very happy, but haven gone to see a doctor (just have a pregnancy test at home) and when to Korean for holidays and after the 6 days of the holidays I got a very bad cramps and it start to bleeding, I got so scared and tell my husband so we when to Korean women clinic. I told the doctor that I'm pregnant but this morning I saw blood and it start to have a bad cramps, so the doctor take my blood test and do the ultrasound scan, but he say I can't see anything inside maybe is a ectopic pregnancy he say. And I need to wait for the next day after 12 pm to know my blood test. I'm so scared so my husband say better to go back to Singapore tomorrow morning. After reach home and put my bag we when to KKH A&E I waited for so long , and get another blood test and ultrasound scan unfortunately she say I'm sorry u got a ectopic pregnancy and need a laproscopy surgery right away and my word become upside down that's how I got my first ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago( 2015 )and I got my left fallopian tube removed ...after that I trying to get pregnant for 1 year still no good new. So I when to see a Chinese doctor hope can help to get pregnant but unfortunately nothing happens so I when to KKH to get my IVF, I go through so much and I got pregnant I'm happy like crazy so I when for my first pregnancy check up on the 21 Jun 2017 and the ultrasound scan show nothing I'm so scared I say not again... So when my turn to see the doctor she say maybe is early pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy that why can't see anything, so I when to take a blood test it show my HCG levels is 7000 and again I take the ultrasound scans it show my right tube got something and it's 1.9 big, after the scan then immediately send me to A&E. The doctor told me that u got a ectopic pregnancy I got 2 options 1st is injection 2nd is laproscopy surgery but I never reply her I was thinking why me again?? Did I do something wrong for the God to take away my babies it the 2nd time and now the right fallopian tube and this is the only tube that I left I really feel like crying. The thing is I don't feel any bad cramps or bleeding this time so in the end I choose injection after 5 days I need a follow up, now I'm 6w I hope everything gone well I don't need to go for surgery. So I hope can keep the last fallopian tube that I have so next time I can get pregnant again... So happy for those women's can get a happy ending
May I know who is prone to ectopic pregnancy? People with endomentrosis? And for people who have endo, the chances of EP are higher?
Just to share how I discovered my ectopic pregnancy...

I had a sharp lower abdominal pain with pressure near my rectum area. I panicked as it was a pain that I have not experienced before. I went to a GP the next day and he did a pregnancy test for me (which he did just for the sake of doing as I I told him that I just had my menses on 16 June, which was just a week before I see him). He informed me that my test was positive and immediately referred me to a private gynae. I went to the gynae and did a scan. He did not managed to see anything from the scan and told me that maybe it was still too early (the positive line was faint on the test). I did mentioned to him about the pain I have but he dismissed it and said that it will not be ectopic pregnancy, otherwise he would have already seen it.

I continued to have a dull feeling on the left lower abdominal with occasional spotting. Once I saw some brown discharge and that got me on high alert. I told my hubby that I have been spotting and the pain is not going away (just a dull feeling) and he told me to go see the gynae again. I decided to go to KKH directly and at the 24 hour clinic, again the doctor was unable to see anything from the scan and told me that I have either miscarried or it was ectopic pregnancy. So I was sent to do further test.

To cut the long story short, it was discovered to be an ectopic pregnancy (my baby was found at my left fallopian tube) and my hormone level was 5000 plus - which means that injection was not a good option for me as the success rate will be very low. So I have to undergo laparoscopy immediately to remove my left fallopian tube. The day after my surgery, my surgeon told me that my baby was already 2 cm. As my right fallopian tube looks ok, they went ahead to remove my left fallopian tube with my baby.

It was a scary experience and everything happened so quickly that I am unable to think and make any logical decision.

Going back for my review 4 weeks later... hopefully, I will be able to gain better understanding of my ectopic pregnancy from my doctor

Not sure if going for this will help those woman's who had epotic pregnancyable to help them conceive again. Anyone tried??
Was looking around for advice on how to cope with post-ectopic pregnancy emotions and self-care and found this thread... really felt thankful that I am not alone in this.

Will share my story as well...

Had super heavy and painful period on 1st Sep to 7th Sep, then kept having very bad cramps post-menses. So I went to KKH on 12th Sep to get it checked. Tested +ve for pregnancy and did an ultrasound scan but the doctor said there was no sign of the foetus. She said it could be either too early into the pregnancy, a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Took blood test and hcg was 700+. Given folic acid and was told to return 48 hours later.

Went back 2 days later for 2nd blood test and hcg went up to 1200+. Doc said it's 99% a normal pregnancy and didn't do a scan and was given a 1st appointment on 3rd Oct. DH and I were overjoyed.

Had bleeding on 25th Sep and started passing out blood streaks on 26th Sep so I went to KKH to get myself checked. Doc did a scan but found nothing in the uterus. Was arranged for a detailed scan and blood test. Detailed scan showed the foetus grew inside my right fallopian tube and my hcg is only 1400 (only went up by 200 over 2 weeks). If it is a normal pregnancy, hcg level should double every 48 hours, and if HCG is 1500, there will be signs of at least a sac showing up on the ultrasound scan.

Doc confirmed an ectopic pregnancy and arranged for methotrexate jab. Jab was painful but i think the emotional roller coaster was more painful that the jab is nothing compared to what I felt. There's also a 15 - 25% risk of the methotrexate jab not being successful. Will go back this Saturday to do a blood test to see if the hcg level goes down. If it doesn't then i will need a surgery.

In between 12th and 26th Sep I had symptoms like a bit of cravings, nausea at night (that goes away in the morning), sore boobs (which went away after a while) and spotting. It's all the normal pregnancy symptoms. The only thing that didn't felt right was that... I occasionally told DH I didn't feel pregnant at all. My instincts kept hinting me but I kept brushing it off. Well somehow, a woman's instincts are accurate.

I was advised to TTC only after 3 months, of which I wish to try too. However to be honest, I am worried that an ectopic pregnancy will happen again and I don't think I can deal with another emotional roller coaster. I broke down last night and this morning the moment I was awake. I kept wondering 'why me?'. I've always led a healthy lifestyle, no drinking/smoking of any sort but it still happened. As I type this, I am slowly beginning to accept it now... hopefully I can close this chapter soon and move on.

To mommies who are also having ectopic pregnancy, stay strong. You are not alone in this.