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Need Advice On Slimming

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by watie, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. watie

    watie Active Member

    hie mummies,
    i created a new thread.. becoz found d existing thread @ WTB very hard 2 find.. hope u dun mind Amanda (llya)... ;p

  2. eliza_hairi

    eliza_hairi New Member


    wat u doing here? hahahaah
  3. watie

    watie Active Member

    eliza_hairi (eliza_hairi),
    haha. nutin 2 do mah.. haha.. aniway d advice may cum in handy.. ;p muahaha... im not slim u noe..
  4. name

    name New Member

    Err.... actually just want to find out alittle bit more on this like any side effect and does it works like "extrim" / "tummy trim" which means you will go toliet to output after eating to get rid of the fats.
  5. karen

    karen New Member

    Hi, actually we need to start to slim down within the two mth right after giving birth. Therefore, this period being the golden time for whose those mummies who want to slim down. During this period, you just control diet (however ensure intake well and tonic food during confinement), you may add some supplement like high fibre and high vege protein powder as these able to help to lose water retention and help you to go toilet every day. As everyone know that, we find it is difficult to go toilet during confinement due to the wound and the intake food (all ginger or other tonic food). Therefore, it is important to ensure there is no constipation.....

  6. zao

    zao New Member

    yup, exercise and diet control is the best way to slim down. Juz got to know a pilates instructor who juz gave birth thru c-section and back to pilates and shape within 2 mths. I juz sign up for her pilates class...
  7. libralim

    libralim New Member


    me also interested in pilates class, where did u sign up and how much did u pay? or u can PM me the details please? thanks in advance.
  8. zao

    zao New Member

    Hi GL,

    You dun accept PM. I signed up at Toa Payoh Sports Council. It's $110 for 12 sessions. If you have ntuc gold link card or if you are a civil servant, 20% off. They are starting the new class next week.
  9. watie

    watie Active Member

    wah... my house here oso got cc.. maybe i go n check out d classes dey offer.. can i noe wat made u take up pilates? instead of yoga or aerobics?
  10. libralim

    libralim New Member

    oh sori.. thanks for the info.. will check the web on cc..

    I personally feel that aerobics will give u muscle, whereas pilates is more on the stretching and tightening your muscles. I took up pilates some time ago and quite enjoy it, but the instructor quit liao.. Yoga!! Never try before, but my fen told me is quite boring.. hehehehe..

    Just to share wif all of you, I recently tried a slimming cream 'Xpertise'. Read in some magazine, and got good review. Brt from Watson at like $30+. Not bad, can feel that my tummy is a little tighten, wil keep you all posted on more result.
  11. zao

    zao New Member

    pilates and yoga have different objectives and they are two diferent exercises.Yoga is more for relaxation and calming of the spirit. Whereas pilates works a lot on the core muscles, like abs and strengthening of the back.

    Depending on what u 1, choose the type of classes accordingly.
  12. mikel

    mikel New Member

    Hi all
    I've gain 16kg during my pregnancy and still had 8kg to lose to reach my pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. It was rather difficult for me to lose it for the first 4 months. After I cut down my food intake (3 meals only and 70% full/2 meals 90% full) and I managed to lose all my weight within 3 months. No rebounce of weight till now. I didn't spend a single cent on slimming products, just willpower to curb binges.
  13. kook_car

    kook_car New Member

    Hip hip Hurray for MIKEL !!!
    * clap clap clap clap clap clap clap *

    Not many ladies so strong willpower lah, else those slimming pdt & sliming ctr no biz liao lor. [​IMG]
  14. mikel

    mikel New Member

    No choice lah ... I'm a SAHM and don't want to spend so much money on slimming products or slimming centres ... so curb my eating ...
  15. mtblynne

    mtblynne New Member

    hi mummies,

    I'm new to the thread.

    i gave birth 4 mths ago,
    2 mths after birth..i started to exercise.
    i swim 45 mins ever odd days.
    i do line dancing.
    i even went for belly dancing...
    but still so "fat"...sigh...
  16. mikel

    mikel New Member

    Don't worry, you need time to slim down ... I took 3 months to slim after being 'fat' for 4 months after birth. Beside exercising, you need to cut down food intake to slim down faster.
  17. kook_car

    kook_car New Member

    Are you keen to explore using Enzyme Supplements to management your weight? Is yes, I PM you some article to read & explore.
  18. glenglen71

    glenglen71 New Member

    try Taking ABAO Blood group Silmming pill from Long Far do PM me share with u more
  19. pagyoh

    pagyoh New Member

    Hi -
    Juz to share that I've recently came acrossed a weight management product at which it has already sucessfully help alot of people to lose / gain weight and at the same time stay healthy. It's about real results!

    I've seen in my own eyes and in real person, somebody weighing 100kg being able to shake off the 'extra' kgs in just 1-3 months time. He lose 10kg after taking the product seriously for the first 3 months and is still taking the product now to lose more weight.

    Apparently, this is not the only 1 person that I've met but many of them who have shared their experiences wif me and how it have helped them and their success stories.

    I'm taking the weight gaining programme now and I'm happy to share that I've gained about 1kg after taking the product for 1-2 months time.

    Interested to find out more, pse PM me.

  20. olivesuep

    olivesuep New Member

    hi... if you are keen to achieve slimmer legs, pls pmail me or email me at precious.season@yahoo.com.sg

    Currently joining a preorder that sprees for a Japanese supplement that works to tackle fat cells & swellings at the leg area... increase your bust size at the same time[​IMG]
  21. chin19

    chin19 Member

    hi pagy, i can't pm you. pls pm me. thanks
  22. jiayou8080

    jiayou8080 New Member

    chin19 (chin19) email me
  23. baby_ashley

    baby_ashley Member

    Hi mummies,
    i understand to slim down we will tend to try all ways..recently my friend introduce me this healthy way of slimming down.
    I have seen results from real life people also.
    Mummies, if you are keen to find out more pls pm me or email me.

    we must work hard to slim down in a healthy way!
  24. clmy09

    clmy09 Member

    How abt supplement pills that are certified & taken by olympics athletes.

    A patented program that helps you to get rid of the existing fats & replace the "empty space" with muscle to increase your metabolism. =)

    It has helped me & lots of friends around me to achieve a healthy BMI & slender shape.

    Do PM if you r interested to know more.
  25. chalris

    chalris New Member

    Sometimes, the weight stayed on because of hormones changes.
    I tried supplements and lost 2 inches off my belly and hip in 2 weeks.
  26. gapgirl

    gapgirl Member

    better lose weight after delivery if hold on for too long, its very very difficult to slim down. hate the flabby tummy.
  27. minibun

    minibun Member

  28. blessedxav

    blessedxav New Member

    Hi Mummies, I have helped a lot of mummies from this forum slim down and my most amazing result is a weight loss of 8 kg within two weeks. No unhealthy crash diet, completely safe and totally effective. I have not had any clients who did not slim down whilst on my program. Wanna lose weight the healthy, effective and economical way? Contact me now at christinakhoogh@gmail.com to find out how!!!
  29. ibeautyq

    ibeautyq New Member

    I have a lot of ugly cellulite bulges on my thighs after my pregnancy. I've been able to get rid of those on my tummy and arms, but the ones on my thighs refuse to go away. I read about the Adipo Lavendar Therapy from Marie France. Has anyone tried it before? Is it good?
  30. rachel20

    rachel20 Member

    Hi Cheryl,

    I know the way to get rid of the ugly cellulite. Please pm me for details.
  31. rachel20

    rachel20 Member


    Actually, we dont have to go to slimming centre for cellulite bulges. It can be too costly

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