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Post Natal Thai Slimming Massage (Highly recommended)

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Jung, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Jung

    Jung New Member

    Hi All,

    I have always been a silent reader of this forum and this is my 1st post. I have decided to post this because I personally saw the results and also feel it is worth my time sharing this with everyone.

    Background Story

    I put on 15kg from my 1st pregnancy and before I could lose the 1st baby weight, I was pregnant with the 2nd one. All in all, my total weight gain for the 2 pregnancies was 27kg. With my 1st pregnancy, I took up 10 sessions of Jamu massage with a Malay lady. She used hot stone & wrapped my tummy but there were NO results.

    Like what most people say, confinement is the best time to "reset" ur health. Also I was bent on making sure I slim down this time so I did my research and saw some mummies posted about this Thai lady called Nit, whom they claimed that she transformed them from XXL to S size. I contacted her and she showed me her package prices. My first instinct was OMG this is soooo expensive but after I looked at it from a slimming perspective and did my math, I realised she is not over charging at all compared to the slimming centres outside. Moreover, hiring her means TOP to TOE slimming as opposed to just Jamu massage on the tummy. I then decided to place my faith in her.

    More than just a Package

    Nit is a very experienced slimming confinement consultant. Hiring her is like having a personalised confinement masseue, a herb specialist (u know like how those traditional people who knows alot about herbs). She is a chatty lady whom you can ask a lot of questions and she can answer you why. She obviously knows what she is doing and has the ability to tweak the amount of herbs to cater to every person's health and slimming needs (this requires skill). She takes pride in everything she does and makes sure you get optimal results out of what you paid for. She speaks like a mother who wants the best for her daughter.

    Nit uses many different ways to slim you down & bring you back to pink of health, I shall list a few here but not limited to what I have listed. Of course, the amount you wish to pay for is in accordance to what kind of results you want. Also, she uses fresh herbs compared to many outside who only use dried herbs. Fresh herbs has more effect and the amount of things she brought to my place was an eye opener! It also means a large part of what you paid for is used to buy these herbs (which needs to be imported from Thailand) and if you do the math, you will realise she actually earns quite little.

    1. Big Stone - This stone is no ordinary stone we find outside. It comes from the mountain and has it's history. The stone is heated up and placed on parts of your body to aid in slimming.
    2. Virginal Steam - It is said to help dry up the lochia and heals your womb. This also has tightening properties.
    3. Bamboo - I love this most, this helps to bring the body back in shape and smoothen out cellulites.
    4. Body Wrap & Herbal Steam - This also helps to bring the body back in shape and also it is important that we sweat the toxins out of the body.
    5. Hip Stepping - This is extremely important to me as well because of how our hips expanded during birth. She studied anatomy and she knows where to step and make your hip smaller.
    6. Hot Blanket - I believe this is not new to many and she provides this service cheaper and longer than what you get from slimming centres!

    Basically, apart from learning the traditional confinement ropes from her father since 8 years old, Nit is professionally trained and is certified.

    I am still undergoing treatment with her and am looking forward to further weight loss! Will update again once I have completed.

    For those who are interested, you may go to her facebook at Jitsinee Nit Therapy or take a look at her you tube videos online.

    Nit from Jitsinee Nit Therapy @ 93906921 (due to work constingencies, best to contact by whatsapp)

    ** Please note that the above is written based on my personal experience solely because I think Nit deserves more people to know about her and I am touched by her dedication in helping mummies becoming slim & bringing them back to pink of health.

  2. Janelle Lee

    Janelle Lee New Member

    Hi there, thanks for sharing :) i will share this with my friends too.
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  3. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Can i check w u how much u pay for the sevices?
  4. miss koh

    miss koh New Member

    Hi all, I would like to recommend the post natalassage i went. Started off my first session of post natal massage with Madam Partum and would like to recommend my friendly therapist Ling Ling. During the session,She uses hot compress for my blocked duct and my milk supply increased after her massage. Subsequently my flabby tummy. Many new mummies first concern would definitely be huge tummy. I thought i will need few session to see result, but just right the first session i can feel my tummy became smaller and flatter �. Now that i have completed my full 5 sessions, my confidence level is back and able to wear back my pre pregnancy dress which makes me even overjoyed. I will definitely recommend my friends to Madam Partum
  5. Jung

    Jung New Member

    Hi Angela,

    I took her premium package which is slimming and massage from top to toe. It costs about $250/session. She has simple package for tummy massage n hip stepping starting at $110 (around there). I personally find the hip stepping unique and impt cos our hips widened due to childbirth.
  6. Kristin83

    Kristin83 New Member

    How many times roughly u need to do the massage before you can see the slimming effects?
  7. Jung

    Jung New Member

    I bought 20 sessions with her. I saw results at my 6th session with her and its still ongoing ;) actually if we do the division... she is charging $19 for every body part of slimming. Haha. That's how I kinda tell myself its quite worth it compared to going to slimming centres. Oh one more thing, she doesnt believe in wrapping ur tummy the whole day like most malay jamu does. She said its actually not good squeezing ur womb & it causes wrinkles in ur tummy.
  8. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Wow $250 per session. That's very ex.
  9. Jung

    Jung New Member

    haha ya it is..That's why I mentioned must look at it from a slimming top to toe perspective.. Not compared it against Malay massage that only do the tummy. Honestly compared to outside slimming centres, this is alot cheaper. For example, 1 bamboo massage outside costs $700.
  10. Jung

    Jung New Member

    By the way, i managed to get her price package for you all to see. ;-) of cos you all can choose to have lesser sessions if you have a budget. Good luck peeps!

    Attached Files:

  11. Jung

    Jung New Member

    Attached is the overall comprehensive package.

    Attached Files:

  12. Jung

    Jung New Member


    Hi all, I thght it would be good to share with you all what each treatment has so you can understand why her package is not cheap. Do note that all Nit's treatment, fresh herbs are used. And because they are fresh herbs, they are perishable and she will need to buy them again should they become dried up. All these are factored into the package. Also do note that some charge cheaper because they are not using fresh herbs. So its quality is every cents worth.

    Insights to the benefits of Herbal Steam

    Herbal Steam is good for physical and mental relaxation. The fresh herbs (more than 40 types) prepared by Nit are skillfully concoct according to your body needs. Nit will use her experience to professionally make a judgment on how much each herb is needed for the day to aid in your slimming and health needs. This means, everyday could be different.

    She first apply a cream to open up the pores of my body and then do a wrap. The wrap is to help shape and retain the skin's moisture. The botanical properties in the steam will seep into your body through the open pores, at the same time the toxins from your body will be forced out via sweat. Inhaling the herbs while steaming helps to relax the mind and body so as it will be easier / less pain when she proceeds to do lymphatic drainage via massage or hip stepping. It also increases the glow of your skin and aid in blood circulation.

    As you can tell, every treatment she does has its step by step and reasons that links to the next treatment. It's not some "anyhow" job.

    Alright, got to get back to the baby. Will update again!
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  13. Jung

    Jung New Member

    Updates & Insights

    Herbal Face & Eye Steam

    As we all know, changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation can all affect your eyes and your eyesight during pregnancy. At least, it did for me. For the longest time, I could no longer wear my contact lenses and each time when I remove my lenses, my eyes will go all red.

    Part of my package with Nit includes herbal face & eye steam, in which helps to remove water retention and blood circulation. The 1st time I tried this, I felt refreshed and could also see my eye bags less puffy. At the end of the session, you will see that there is a collective rheum at the corner of your eyes like as if it cleared your vision. The entire procedure is very relaxing breathing in the steam and all. In fact, it also aid in curing my sore throat and clear my nose blockage!

    Big Stone a.k.a. Hot Stone

    As previously mentioned, this stone is no ordinary stone you find outside at the garden. This stone is especially brought down from the high mountains of Thailand. Apparently, it is hundreds or even thousands of years old. The difference is that the mountain stone is entrapped with the power of nature i.e. comes with minerals and also solar compounds compared to a normal stone. These natural good properties will be transferred to your abdominal muscles when placed on your tummy.

    p.s. The normal stone - unknown to others, has a cooling effect which is not advisable for use during confinement.

    Basically, the benefits of the hot stone include aiding the uterus to go back in place faster. It strengthens the stomach, drives gas and helps assist quick lymphatic drainage.

    Head & Hair Therapy

    Fresh herbs are prepared and traditional knocking is done on your head. It is believed that the herbs will help open up the pores in the scalp and absorb its goodness helping you with your memory, no loss of hair and also no white hair.
  14. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    You seems to be promoting her service aggressively.
  15. Jung

    Jung New Member

    Good things must share mah. I wanna jot it down here so everyone unstds why it costs that much. Then when my friends ask i can just direct them to read my posts!
  16. Sarahnicole17

    Sarahnicole17 New Member

  17. Sarahnicole17

    Sarahnicole17 New Member

  18. Sarahnicole17

    Sarahnicole17 New Member

    Im a mom of 3
  19. joopie

    joopie Member

    Hi all,

    I'm a mummy of 4 and has just completed my last session with Nit. I've chanced upon this thread on Nit's post-natal services and decided to pen down my experience with her. I'm very glad to have known Nit via Singapore Motherhood and had engaged her post-natal services for my no.2, 3 and 4.

    Like what Jung has mentioned above, Nit is a wonderful lady who cares about her clients' health and body. Her post-natal massage is also one of a kind in Singapore and very detailed from head to toe. I took the same premium package as Jung and although the prices are steep, it is worth paying this amount than getting other luxury stuffs from my point of view. I like the hip stepping part as I am able to fit into my old skinny jeans in a short period of time. I really admire her patience when she did the body scrub for me. There will be body scrub made by Nit for each session and she will do a thorough scrub using a small black stone to remove my dead skin once a week. I had a shock at first when I did this thorough scrub couple of years back. A lot of dead skins were removed each time we did the thorough scrub (P.S. this is a very different scrub from those spa salons)

    Bamboo shaping is also my favourite part – after giving birth , our waistline will go “up” and looking from the back, our back will look like a waist line of a Bear. This session helps to firm our body and shape our waist line back to curvy back you used to have.

    Usually for c-section mummies like me, our period discharge is considered “clean” as compared to those mummy who went through normal deliveries. In my first session with Nit, she had helped to remove the excess period stored in the womb. I can feel the heavy flow of period rushing through and when I head to the toilet, my night sanitary pad was soaked with blood with a huge blood clot on it. I think this is the effect of the big stone and her massage tactics.

    Do contact Nit from Jitsinee Nit Therapy via 93906921 if you wish to find a good massage lady. Happy searching ladies!
  20. erinkgt

    erinkgt New Member

    is there any package less than $100?? for hips to toes?
  21. Shirureyu

    Shirureyu New Member


    What is the expected results after completing 20 sessions? My scenario is the same as you. 3rd child and 1st and 2nd is only 16 months apart. Is the treatment having yoyo effect?
  22. queenie3321

    queenie3321 New Member

    Hi all,

    I am a first-time mother and I am glad to engage Nit for my post-natal massage. I came to know Nit through this motherhood thread and decided to share my experience with her.

    During my online search for post-natal massage, I am looking for a head to toe slimming as I have put on a considerable amount of weight during my pregnancy. My entire body (arms, thighs, calves, tummy and etc) increased in size significantly, I felt inconfident and worried that I could not go back to my pre-pregnancy size as I saw many woman have problem slimming down after they have baby and some became fatter and fatter, I definitely do not want that to happen to me. I came across this thread, I have read Jung’s and Joppie’s review mentioning “head to toe slimming through using fresh herbs” and “bring back to the pink of health”, I felt this is what I was looking for as I not only want to be slim, I also want to be healthy because no point being slim but not healthy. I contacted Nit and she advised me to meet her for consultation as she needs to discuss the package with me and she also needs to see my body to determine what kind of fresh herbs she needs to prepare. Do note that everyone’s body constitution is different and hence, different concoction of fresh herbs required. True to what Jung’s have mentioned, I noticed Nit was indeed knowledgeable in confinement, baby, health and slimming, hence I signed 20 sessions with her.

    Nit gave me a lot of advices for my baby and for me and I felt like being cared for like her daughter. I asked her lots of questions during the sessions as I am a first-time mother, she is able to answer me with reasons. I am very impressed with her ability to know my day to day body condition just by one look at me, I can see she is really experienced and she truly knows her work very well and she will adjust the fresh herbs accordingly based on my day to day body conditions and body needs. The way Nit does the treatments for me are also personalized which I felt being well taken care of by her, I felt like she was my personal masseuse. I could really see my body improves day by day.

    Here are some treatments which I specially like:

    1) Vaginal Steam: It helps to promote healing and kill bacteria for my episiotomy stitches. After two sessions of vaginal steams, I am able to sit comfortably on a normal chair without pain.

    2) Herbal Steam: The concoction of fresh herbs in the herbal steam promotes sweating the toxin out of the body. The concoction of fresh herbs also helps to firm/tone up the body.

    3) Big Stone Massage: The big stone is from the mountain which contains minerals, it helps to remove excess water, gas and lochia in the womb. It promotes blood circulation bringing the womb back to shape.

    4) Bamboo Massage: I am amazed by the effect, it really smoothen out the cellulites on my thighs!

    5) Hip Stepping: It brings my hip back to shape as giving birth will widen the hip.

    I have just finished my sessions with Nit, I can see myself from XXL size to S size. I will definitely look for Nit again if I have another baby. You can contact Nit from Jitsinee Nit Therapy at 93906921 if you are looking for a good post-natal masseuse. :)
  23. Gemini001

    Gemini001 New Member

    Hi Jung

    What’s the outcome after the full session with Nit?
  24. Gemini001

    Gemini001 New Member


    How’s ur body after nearly two years after massage?
  25. Jenifir

    Jenifir New Member

    Hey Jung,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

    I've just finished my package with Nit a couple of weeks ago. Awesome results indeed!


  26. sarphis

    sarphis New Member

    Hi joopie,

    Did you drink the tonic as recommended by Nit? Im taking up her package this July (paid deposit).

    Appreciate any advices!

    Thanks in advance.


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