Positive pregnancy test?


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Hi hi..

Monday - I went to KKH for fertility follow-up appt. I took urine test and was negative.
After knowing is negative, doctor prescribed me medication to induce my period. After taking for 3 days..

Friday - I took urine test again in the morning. (First pee) . The result shown positive? 2 lines.

I missed my period and my cycle is very irregular and it’s “normal “ that my period is missed or delay. I decided to take pregnancy test on Friday as i felt my BBT has been constantly high for the past 10 days. Usually my bbt is 35.9- 36.1? But now above 36.5

I feel quite lost now.


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You can go to any gp and take blood test for beta-HCG to confirm your pregnancy. Blood test is most accurate and hence it’ll solve your doubts.