Mummies with 2007 babies in Sengkang

hahaha... nvm lar, we just chat!! Maybe the rest will come in and join us


You know abt the mosquitoes.. i'm very tempted to go to see the MP to try and do something abt it..

This isn't the 1st time.. but the other times my gal got it on her arms and feet so not so bad..
Yeah my boy got 'kissed' by them for quite a no of times liao.. duno y SK so many of them ard. better to use mozzie patches.
I also wonder why... so irritating.. already resort to having the aircon on everynight!

During rainy season much worse!
It does eh..

So going anyway for holiday? I just booked a trip to Korea and bringing Megan for the 1st time!

Hope she will enjoy herself.. doubt i will though.. hahahaa..
OOps, i meant anywhere in my earlier post! Hee..

I usually go without my gal so this is her maiden trip.. Really scared too ah..

You like that serial?? I yet to watch it.. haha.. Think the trip will go to one of the scene.
Eliz-but no time to watch coz busy with the kids at home, so I din really watch.

my boy only been to malaysia before ler..

we shd find a time to form a playgrp.. coz think most of the kids here quite close in age ler... ur Megan, my boy, bunz boy, bunnybluey boy.. but all seems no more active here liao ler..
Wow...finally the thread alive :p

My gal oso got the pigheaded bites ...last week
Same...given calamine lotion

I have 2sets of Small size talentplus uniform to let go...
Hi Enne
My gal too. Genting the farest.
This korea trip is her 1st so far away trip..
Now she know what's aeroplane and seems very excited abt taking it.

Hi Precious
Your gal too?? Looks like we shd all write a letter to our MP and get them to fog SK?
we chatted b4 just that I changed fm Lynn_tan to PreciousMoments but user name still: Pm_lynn :p

My gal is Jan'07 bb
Eliz: I duno is it caused by the mossies in Sengkang cos I brought her to Hortpark the day not sure ley :p

If got more then can write to MP liao ....
Halo all again

Enne - you're back! How old is your 2nd kid already?? How come you and Eliz seem to always log on at the same time! Haha...telepathic leh you two...I want to let my boy join a playgroup too...havent found the appropriate time to join a suitable one. But don't want to send him to a centre yet. If you ladies are interested, should we start one? My boy is 25 mths. This thread has been around for ages lah, but we havent really met up with one another yah! Been 2 years fast!

Eliz - so envious! When you going to Korea? I want to go there someday too! But don't want to go by guided tour group, and worried about getting around and language barrier there. Are you going F&E?

Hi Mattmum
I also have not sent Megan to any playgrp.. how to go abt to start one?

Korea in Dec.. now headache over winter clothes for megan. So ex!! And also not worth to invest..

I'm going with guided tour.. Worried abt F&E since i'm bring megan along..
Like you said, getting ard and language barrier is scary! hahaha...
mattmum-my 2nd kid is 9mths already.

Eliz-thot u wanna send Megan to CC.. normally pple send to either PG or CC.. so if CC then cannot PG le ma.. hee.. how's ur search for CC???

Maybe we shd set up our own pte playgrp since most of our kids are ard the same age~!!
Eliz - Korea in Dec is coooold!! But Megan will get to see snow, yes?
You can try layering her usual clothes so you just need to buy a jacket or two for her to wear outside. When I brought Mattheaus to Japan, I also only bought like 2 jackets for him. Expensive lor, and will outgrow very fast...You can try Zara Baby, they have very nice jackets for girls too.

Enne - so fast! Your younger baby is already 9 months! I think we should start our own playgroup? The thing is, we must coordinate on a mutually agreeable timing for the kids to meet up, which isnt easy I think.

If you ladies are interested, maybe we can discuss further?
Let's make it alive then!

Eliz-hows ur search for CC??

Me gog to change PG.. haiz.. coz MIL heard a lot of neg comments from other parents and most are pulling out.. anyway today last day of sch le.. next year then start at new PG...
Helo mummies,miss me?haha. Wow megan is going korea! Eliz kp us update when u bk from korea,been wanting to bring ian there,but hubby scared too cold for him...
Eliz-how's ur gal doing at her CC???

my boy started his new PG but he seems 'unexceptionally' guai till my MIL also scared.. coz she 'peeped' at him.. and he was sitting quietly and looking ard.. see others kids cry.. but he still 'cool cool' look at them,.. he wasn't like tat at his old PG.. haiz hopefully its just a matter of warming up..

No good.. She cries the moment she wakes up: Mummy, i don't want to go to school!!
Getting her to change into uniform etc is a tug of war!
Then when reached school, the teacher has to carry her in with her in tears.

Though its just the 4th day of school, my heart aches so much seeing her like this.

The teacher did say she's doing well though as she doesn't cry all the time.
She will cry then stop when she gets to play/draw etc.
Only when she thinks of me then the tears will come.

Thankfully no nightmares at night and i was told she can eat and sleep well in school
Eliz-sounds ok ba.. give her more time.. guess she is just too used to mommy..hehe.

wah.. u reply very very fast hor

So busy till forgot to check this thread.

Korea was so COLD!!! NO winter pls for kids below 4years old? hahaha.. Esp when its -12Degree!

But megan did enjoy herself when we were indoors away from the cold
It was also very good bonding for us.
I carried her so much that i lost weight during this trip!! Yeah!!

Here are some pics





Thanks! Got a photographer following the grp throughout the trip.
Took so many nice ones that we bought quite afew! Tsk tsk..

By the way, you mentioned earier that your boy started new PG.
Why change?