Mummies with 2007 babies in Sengkang

Eliz,wow! Enjoying trip yeah! Been very busy lately,ian's been sick since 29th dec. Nw on the road to recovery.hope he can go to school next monday.
Korea so cold huh?wil heed yr advice then.haha
Enne,miss me?haha,

Eliz-coz my MIL lo.. talk to those 'aunties'.. haha.. heard tat the PG don't learn much etc etc la.. then seems a lot dropping out... then now I change to this new PG.. realize a couple also came frm the previous PG.. kekekeke..

bunz-Yeah lo.. everyday.. haha..
Hello mummies...
So glad to still see so many people here! I also havent chatted on threads for long time! Always go BP only hehe.

Wow eliz, your pics from Korea are nice! Your Megan is so pretty! How come got photographer follow your group? So gd!

I think my boy is the only one who still havent joined any PG so far! I'm just planning to enrol him this year for next year's n2 class in PAP. Will he miss out alot if he doesnt go to any PG or n1 for another year?
I'm thinking to take megan out of cc and go for those 3 hours PG.. any to recommend?

Thanks. The photographer is extra ah.. we need to pay for the photos.. not cheap at all but see so nice, cannot don't buy! hahahaa.

As for just going for N2, i KS ah.. scared my gal cannot catch up.
I lazy mummy, don't do much "home schooling" with her.
Eliz - pictures so nice exp also nvm lah! If me I also buy! Hehe. I abit worried lah about my son, but cant bear to send him to school yet...sigh.
Sigh, me too.. esp when the 1st 2 weeks, megan kept crying but now she's really good..
She will come running to me when i'm back from work and say: Mummy, i didn't cry today! I like school!!
Eliz - Ur Megan is soooo sweet! I think my heart will melt if my boy said something similar to me haha! You have a sensible gal! I hope next time my boy will be like that lor when he goes to nursery...

May i join you all? My girl is Dec 07. Staying at Compassvale. Now sourcing for Kindergarten... Headache.
Hello Mummies!

Good to see the thread alive again.
time flies and our bbs now are tods. My boy is N1 this year (though he is not even 30 mths yet) but he benefits fr being the youngest of his class as rest of korkors and Jiejies sayang him. The downside is that he gets very yaya.

Eliz - my belated response - very nice pics! Looks like a very fun family trip
Rest assured ur girl will blend in and enjoy the class to come.

Mattmum - if u could keep ur boy at home then better so coz sending them to ccc- makes them fall sick v often
I wished i could keep mine at home if there is more support until he is around 3yrs. Most of my frens did that n they did not complain as much on their kids fallg sick so often.

Any mummies here oso on Kiasu parents portal ?
Hi Little Fly,

I'm a member of Kiasu parents portal, but rarely visit it. I once place my girl in childcare too, after the 1st week, got HFMD. So i withdrew her. Now back with babysitter. I can't bear to see her falling sick so often. It's a nightmare for me, during the HFMD. My girl spread to me too.
Eliz-sorry din come here for quite some time, so how? ur gal still in CC or in PG now??

OmTara-hey which part of compassvale r u at? me at compassvale road.. so fast sourcing for kindergarden?? my #1 is March 07.. think we got quite a no of 07 mommies here...

Little Fly-hey hi.. ur boy is in CC now??>.
Enne, i'm at Compassvale St. My girl is Dec 07. Some CC already have to waitlist. I'm not sure to put full- day or 3hrs...
Morning mummies!

Busy eh? So long didn't log in..
Megan is still in CC. She has settled down so shall not "disturb" her for now.

Now reserve a place soon ah.. SK too many kids.. i was very lucky to get a place for my gal.
Called so many all full!!
hi Omtara-I think most good CCs nid to be on waiting list ler... now who's taking care of ur girl??? compassvale st, think quite near me.. hee

Eliz-wah good for Megan then... then u can 'put' ur heart down le...
hey hey..

I like Amazing Star but its full already.
I know St Anne's Kindergarden registration for catholics start now.

Megan still cries when sent to sch in the morning, more if i/hubby sends her.
But when she comes home, she willc come running say she didn't cry

I think for now, its great improvement already.
Babysitter is looking after, but she have to go back to her hometown next month le.
Yes, most reputable CCs need to wait list.

I'm looking for full day child care, as nanny won't be available. Slowly source, hope to be lucky.
Eliz-haha.. yeah lo.. sounds like quite a good girl liao... maybe morning time just wanna 'yang orh' only. hee..

omtara-ohh.. ok hopefully got one for ur kid soon!
Hi all,

Ask you all, have you ever lost your cool over your child. I'm feeling so guilty. Keep scolding & shouting at my girl coz she won't listen to me.
I need to control, i need to be patient.

I don't have a cane at home, that will stop me from using it. Really don't wish to use violence on her. I have to stop shouting at her too (it doesn't work on her) If all else fails, perhaps cane will come in....
OmTara-either u SHOUT at her.. ask her stand notti corner.. or ignore her... for me.. I dun use cane.. coz I dun wan to 'lost control' and hurt my own kid..

But I think a cane is still needed if very notti ba.. depends on how u discipline..
Hi Mommies

I only spree when i come to MHF and often forgot to check this page. Heehee...

Enne - Yes, my boy been in CC all along. I wonder if you mix me up with Mattmum ?

OmTara - I think it is only a passing phase so they test our patience. For me, my boy craves approvals and attention so we use cold treatment or say 'Mummy don't like you' and he will quickly come over and hug you for forgiveness and re-acceptance. So far, no need to use cane
Any luck with kindergarten ? I am still fretting over it to be honest.

Just enrolled my girl into Cheire Hearts (playgroup). Can't bear to see her cry. It's another tough stage to go through.
OmTara - once she made friends there, she'll be v happy and keen to return to school. Give her some time to adjust. Sigh! If fret the same for my boy when the time has come for him to move on to Kindy as his current ccc have up to N2 only
long time never post here... dunno whether anyone remembers me.

i need some help here. currently maidless coz after sending back a silly maid back home (dunno food rotten, feed my girl).. we received a fresh one who was with us for half a day, then say wanna go back phili.

1) has a maid that wants to transfer out (2 kids in the house, 10mth old baby and 3yr old toddler). must go ah-ma place on weekdays with baby (ah-ma oso stay in sengkang)

2) part time cleaning service lobangs available this saturday

3) part time domestic / nanny help available for wkdays 1-6pm (to help my mum with the 2 kids, cooking n household chores)

any of ur kids in character montesorri.. at what age do they accept kids arr? thinking of putting my 10mths old girl there once she reaches the age eligiblity (now that's a funny term to use)... and when she is 2.5yrs old which is start of 2012.. put her together in her korkOr school (tat onli accepts 2.5 or 3yrs old and above)
Hi mummies!

Anyone interested to enroll Yr child for swimming lessons? I'm trying to form a private Gp of 4. It's at Seng Kang Swimming Complex, Tue, 5-6pm.
its $80 for every 4 lessons.

Btw, any feedback on Cambridge CC at Seng kang?