Mummies with 2007 babies in Sengkang

Hi Meilan,

Have not been to 2003 thread for a long while too but still in touch w some of the mums.

Won't b able to attend the playgroup as that's Jb naptime.

Greetings to piyoz!

Hi Meilan - have pm you! Let me know if you received.

Hello mummies

I am rather worried these days because my 16 month old boy is still not walking. Sigh! Everyone keeps asking whether he has started walking, and he hasnt. It really worries me, but I don't want to put unnecessary stress on him. We just saw the pd that day for his MMR, and pd said it's probably just because he's not ready. Some of my friends also say boys tend to walk later. But I just can't help worrying. He just seems more interested in crawling. Once we let go of his hand while walking, he trembles and quickly squats down to safety. He just would not take that first step independently. All my friends with 07 babies born 1 or 2 months around my boy's time have all started walking. Mummies, when did your babies start walking? Any advice for me?

Hello SK Mummies,

Sorry for lurking in this thread. I have been a long time not to do any posting.

Welcome Piyoz and Hello Vamiga,
I have a boy borned in Jul07 too. I had decided to sign him up to Talentplus playground in Blk 152 for next year ... I have not decide which month to start because my boy is quite slow in learning ... The teacher advise us that the child must be able to walk.

Do not worry much about your boy. He will walk very soon. My boy has start walking but he is like a "drunken man" ... knock into walls or hard objects and falls down very easily ... I got more heartpain to see him in pain and bums on his head ... he got a few times, he falls backwards and hit his head ... I was so worried and have to keep on monitor him ... a lot of sleepless nite leh ... before he can walk properly, he want to run ... more headache for me ... Now, he dun want me to hold his hand and
I have a hardtime protecting him from falling down ... very tiring ...

My mum told me that his leg may be very weak when he start walking so he falls very easily ... so she made frog legs porriage for him to eat a few times ... I am not sure whether it works.

Oh yes, I have this activities walker toy (passed down from my sister) to let him practise his walking ... you may like to get a similar one and try it out ... Hope this help.
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Hi Mattmum,

Every baby r different so no pt comparing. Most likely, matt is just more cautious by nature & needs lots of encouragement. Just cont to hold his hands & he will let go of yours by himself when he is ready.

Perhaps u wanna try some gym-based playgroup such as gymboree or MyGym to build his confidence & gross motor skill?

Jx is a v cautious toddler but he enjoyed himself in the safe & fun environment. Would have continued if not for the fact that he was going to full-time childcare at 2yo. He started walking steadily at 14mo but Jb skipped the crawling stage totally & was v steady on his feet since 10mo. Hence, every child is unique.

Hello littleoink,
Ya, v back-breaking when kids r learning to walk. But if they started later, they can already understand some basic command like "STOP!" & pause awhile to give us some reaction time. When Jb was learning to walk, we have to shadow him closely to physically pluck him out of sticky situation.
2 weeks ago, he just broke half of both his upper front teeth falling down after played till crazy w Jx in our living room under my maid's care while i was bathing. Nothing tripped him at all. he had such a hard time eating & couldn't drink milk during the 1st week.

Hi Piyoz,
Just saw the Sunflower playgroup banner at SK cc yesterday, its playgroup is from 20mo onwards.
my girl is 85cm. 19 months.

why you wont recommend first world? it is actually nearer to those fun activities right?

California baby is having sales now. Do you think it is cheaper if taking shipping into account? ask you because you more experience mah.
hi Janet,

becoz first world's room is reali small...

actuali resort hotel to theme park is not far..u walk from below the hotel...just down one escalator u can reach theme park..

and resort hotel's room is so much nicer as they just renovated not long ago...
Anyone saw the news yesterday??? There will be a wet market + hawker centre in 2010... Just outside compasspoint point...

Wa... is a long long wait meh. Have one beta than NONE, right????
Hi Jenn,
Yup, heard of the news a few months back & was hoping that it will b soon. Who knows still have to wait so long.
But good lah, better late than never.
Easier 4 my mkting but sure more ex 1 bcos it's going to b ptely owned & managed.
Merry Merry Christmas to All!

Same here, Littleoink. I will come in to read without posting...

Hope your boy is feeling much better by now. My boy oso can play til crazy, then tripped and fell. Whole mouth was full of blood and suffered gum bleeding and ulcers due to cuts. Happened a few times even while we watched him very closely...

Mattmum, not to worry..who knows, he may surprise you pretty soon. One of my relatives's boy oso started walking around 17-18mths this time and he's developing just as fine.
Thanks Little Fly, Jb is fine now sans 2 upper front teeth (that's all i want for xmas!! :B ). Quite poor thing tho, as he is now left w 2 bottom front & 2 fangs. Like a little vampire.
It wasn't his 1st time falling onto his face & hurt his mouth either but this is the worst lor.
Glad that he recovers enough 4 us to drive up KL for a short break tomo.

Happy holidays!!
Hi mummies! Hope everyone had a great christmas!

Just want to share a little story about Mattheaus. We were christmas shopping at Marks & Spencer that day, and my hb held him by 1 finger to walk, and he was very happy to walk around to explore the merchandise on the shelves. Then his attention went to a shiny pack of chips on a low shelf which he grabbed with one hand. He then thought that my hb was still holding him by the other hand but hb had actually let go already. According to hb, my boy then walked about 5-6 steps forwards all by himself, being too distracted by the packet of chips he was holding! Then when he realised he was unsupported, he immediately squatted down again. Sigh!!! We tried using his toys to distract him at home but to no avail. Don't tell me we have to walk him around a store again to distract him! Lol.

littleoink - long time no see! I actually do have a similar Fisher Price walker toy which my boy refuses to use. He only wants to play with the little balls that came with the toy instead of walking with it. Sigh! He prefers to push my ottoman around to walk. But like I said, without support, he will not venture off on that first step on his own. You mentioned frogs leg porridge? So far, any positive effects on your boy? Let me know yar? Thanks for advice!

Vamiga - hope JB is better! Poor little boy...
Thanks for your advice too, for reminding me. I think I should bring Matt to a gym group, but I dunno which one leh. MyGym is the one at Great World, is it? And like now, do you think it will be tough to enrol him since he is overage for the crawling babies group (but he is still crawling), or he should join his age group? I'm just worried everyone in his group will be walking, except for him, and he may not be able to catch up on some activities if they require him to walk. Maybe I'll check with a few and see. Hai! You are right, he is super overly cautious, very scared to fall. I dunno how he will let go of us. When will he walk!!!

LittleFly - I really hope so! But he'll be turning 17 months in a few days time, and from the look of it now, I'm really not positive.

It's really quite sian when everyone (incl my parents) keeps asking me how come my boy is STILL NOT walking, am I not letting him walk enough, do I not feed him enough nutritious stuff to strengthen his legs, etc etc etc. Sigh!!! Esp these weeks, many family/relative/friends gatherings because of festive season, everyone will be asking the same questions. I know my boy just needs time, but other people don't understand. I also feel sorry for my boy because now everytime my parents see him, they will keep walking him around and around. Dunno if my boy is feeling the pressure too, so he gets more scared to walk?
dont worry too much. when your boy is ready, he will definitely walk.
maybe try to hold on to him for awhile longer to build his confidence.

if you are really worried, I know another mother actually brought his boy to a therapist.
Hi Mattmum,

We used to attend the MyGym at Woodlands Civic centre. Think they have more outlets now. Its WADDLER class is for 10-18mo, so it would be just nice for him. U can upgrade him to the more advanced class when he is more confident.

Check out:

Hi Bunz,
I used CareXpress for the 2yrs when we had no maid. I like the fact that the 3-4 staff could get major chores (including ironing) done ard 1 hour on Sat a.m. We were not inclined to leave our house key w another person nor spent precious weekends hours waiting for housework to be done.
Its manager is Pris.
check out:
Oops, looks like this thread is getting very quiet...

Happy Lunar New Year in advance to all mummies and babies here!!!

Everyone busy with preparations?
Hi Mattmum,

Just put up our CNY decors today.

Was busy w sch re-open & then Jx fell sick after the 1st week & was at home whole of last week.
Tried my best to separate both kids away from each other but Jb still caught bit of the bugs.
hi Mattmum / Vamiga,

yeah, busy with CNY preparations..bought the decors, but yet to have time to put them up..

got to wait till tonight or tmr...

taking a whole wk break off work, 28 to 30th, as nanny is going overseas, so will be taking care of Ian.

wondering whr to bring him...haha
hi Vamiga,

yeah, maybe...else tot of zoo..but so afraid will be packed.

that time went to zoo, during the x'mas wk, aiyo...long queue till near the carpark...

just stayed outside to take pictures..haha
Hi Bunz,
Think zoo will b crowded during 1st week of CNY too.
R u friend of zoo?
Meant to sign up again since the kiddy zoo has finished renovation but just never get ard to doing it. Mayb in Feb, when it would b so crowded on weekends.

nope, not a friend of zoo..tot of becoming..but nt sure worth it or not..

maybe bring ian to zoo once, then decide to become or not.
Benefit of becoming a member is that we can have frequent visits w short duration instead of spending whole day there. The outing can just b a short 2hour thingie in a.m. & leave b4 it gets too hot or kids tired/cranky.
Hi Mummies

Wishing you all a Happy Lunar New Year ! Hope this Bull Year would reverse the gloom mood and see the light at end of tunnel....

To all FTWM, hope we continue to hold our jobs!
To all SAHM, hope our breadwinners continue to hold their jobs!

and our babies will stay healthy and happy!
Haha littlefly, well said!!!

bunz - I am also thinking of bringing Mattheaus to the zoo, but like you, the crowd puts me off. I also want to bring him to the bird park. He recently developed a liking for birds and ducks...haha.

Vamiga - hope your boys are feeling much better by now and ready to go visiting and collect ang pows tomorrow! I remember last year, Mattheaus fell sick on LNY day 1, and we had to bring him to KKH early that morning. After that, we stayed home for the whole LNY holidays and didnt go anywhere! Very sian!

Actually I think we don't do much in our home in preparation for LNY cos my hb and I don't really like LNY decor so we have never put up any since we moved in. Think that saves us a lot of trouble also. Lol.

Ok, hope all of you mummies and babies enjoy your renunion dinners tonight! Have fun!
<font color="ff0000">Dear ALL,

Wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

"Happy 牛 Year"

As We MooOooVe FrOm Year of the Rat tO Year of the Ox..MaY You HavE No WorriEs AnD MoRe JoY...DuN Let StReSS TriP You OvEr AnD SpEnD MoRe TiMe WitH FaMiLy AnD FriEnDs..</font>

<font color="ff6000">HaVe An OX-CiTing &amp; OX-PiCious NeW YeaR..!!</font>
hi mummies,

been some time since i posted here. been busy as my mother in law has gone to china and i have to care for my boy on my own.. the taste of a part time samh (cos going back to work after long leave) is really not easy.. haha. plus my boy fell sick twice, once due to teething and one now due to MMR and he is really clingy.. so my muscles aching.

must go bird park. i used to think its a boring place cos i last went when i was like 5 or 6?!?!?! which is so many yrs ago. But when i brought bryan there, he got so thrilled and loved to see the birds. esp in the lory aviary.. where the lories fly freely and u can feed them.. he had a fun time chasing! u can get the bird park, zoo and night safari tix at a cheaper cost if you purchase the package where you can either visit 2 or 3 of these places within a time frame.

hey, wat happened to jb?!?! his two precious front teeth! i fainted once and broke half of one of my front tooth.. i tell u it is not fun at all.. for kids, sometimes may affect speech. my boy's cousin recently also did the same thing. well, at least we are glad these are their milk teeth...Send my love and hugs to him k?

I'm currently doing a BP on organic snacks and pigeon snacks. If you are keen, can look for my BP in the BP thread or visit my blog at . let me know u are from this thread..i'll give you extra organic lollipops!
Hi Xbliss

Didn't realised you were in this thread too. haha.

So sorry yet to collect my snacks from you. Can i drop by this evening?

What time will u be home?
xbliss - thanks for telling me about the package! Will go and check it out
Yes yes, sounds like the bird park is a great place besides the zoo...
Mummies - this thread has gone sorta of quiet. Wonder if our little tots have become quite a handful

Anyone know where to get a neubulizer ? thinking of investing in one instead of repeat rentals.

Xbliss - same here w my boy. Fell sick after MMR jab. Then sick again after chickenpox jab. Then recently again sick after teething. This sat another injection coming up...arrgh.. how old is Bryan ? wonder if he is around Lex's age too..
yup yup very quiet.. i try to contribute a little.. hehe

little fly, can try paed? sure they can help to sell if they rent too.. Or you ask the paed where they get theirs from.. not cheap right? i rem a friend saying more than $300? but it will save in long run (though i hope your child grows out of it quickly

haha.. sorry din see your replies here as i was so busy with the BP that i din drop by here.
good to see you! I'm so sorry i m too late to vote for Megan, but she is such a sweetie fashionista, pretty like her mummy!

no prob.. checked out the bird park yet? my boy haven't start walking.. we will bring him once he starts.. which i think is soon.
yup yup very quiet.. i try to contribute a little.. hehe

little fly, can try paed? sure they can help to sell if they rent too.. Or you ask the paed where they get theirs from.. not cheap right? i rem a friend saying more than $300? but it will save in long run (though i hope your child grows out of it quickly

haha.. sorry din see your replies here as i was so busy with the BP that i din drop by here.
good to see you! I'm so sorry i m too late to vote for Megan, but she is such a sweetie fashionista, pretty like her mummy!

no prob.. checked out the bird park yet? my boy haven't start walking.. we will bring him once he starts.. which i think is soon.
Thanks for the compilments. No worries, i was too lazy to gather votes for her anyway.
Just for fun. Hahaa.
xbliss - yes yes, me 2, adding a little here. Actually you can start bringing him already - once he started walkg, he may want to let you hold his hand - which is what my boy is doing now. He will forcefully shake us off and runs off on his own, gleeing in delight, oblivious of all other 'dangers' like falling into drain, dashing out to the roads my hb and i have to constantly run after him.

My boy down again. Yes, so predictable. After the 18mth booaster jab. Caught infection. Fever then high fever, then runny nose...then sore throat...missed his childcare for most part of the week. He's currently on singular (health supplement to enlarge airways) but still like that. He throws out when i gave him vit C syrup, refused to take cod liver (Cherry flavor)... think i am almost expert in force-feeding him medicine. Sometimes I really want to cry 'jiu ming!' - not just financially but its oso mentally draining. Sounds like awful lot of venting..hahaha

Mattmum, hv u check out the zoo or any places of interests ? When my boy is ok, i hope to bring him out more often to such places too. He adores animals, chases after birds, cats etc whenever we bring him for a walk. Haha.
xbliss - yes am planning for a trip to bird park soon. Prob end of March...yah, observing the weather.

Littlefly - we almost wanted to visit the zoo today! But luckily we decided not to eventually cos today's weather is really bad!!! Imagine if we had gone and got caught in the rain at the zoo. Phew! Likewise, I think have to wait for the weather to settle abit. Was also thinking of bringing Mattheaus to a pet farm nearby, like the one in Pasir Ris, to have a look first. Like Lex, he goes gaga over birds, cats and dogs at this point!

Just realised my last post here was Feb! Soon after that I was down with the flu. Was quite bad and the residual cough lasted for 3 weeks. While I was still sick, Mattheaus caught the bug from me and he developed a viral fever of consistently 39.8 degrees. We had to rush him to KKH one night I remember. So it was really hectic, trying to get well myself and taking care of Mattheaus who, after his fever, went on to develop a cold and cough. And then my hubby fell ill too. Sigh! I thought it was really tough just to get well!

Luckily, we managed to all recover in time for our trip to Cameron Highlands end of Feb. Was thankful Mattheaus was well throughout the trip. Almost thought we had to postpone the trip that had been planned much earlier.

Yup, that's my update...although Littlefly is also right in saying that our kids must be becoming a handful. Matt is def going through the terrible twos now, and I find I have lesser and lesser time to do my own stuff. This is when I envy FTWMs. I have to gulp down lunch in about 5 mins everyday...

Oh btw, has anyone been to the Taka Baby Fair? How was it?
nowadays the weather is really crazy...sometime hot, sometime rainy.

do you guys know that mcdonald and 7-11 open at the swimming pool there...? and the park is done up already. so happening now, the flats should now fetch a high price...hopefully...hee hee

I will be going taka sale this weekend. so be the same lah...i will just get the Avent cream/lotion..worth it for 20% off.
Mattmum, same same. End up we holed up at home this weekend again due to the erratic weather! We brought Lex to the nearby pet farm last dec. Maybe he hadn't developed an interest in animals then yet so he is abit 'stoned' but that would a good alternative too.

My hb calls Lex 'jian pi gu' (sharp buttocks) coz he cannot seat still for 1 minute. Forever fidgeting about and wanting to wreck the car seat. Due to this, we are very apprehensive of signing him for trips tho we very much like to.

Same same, Lex also entering terrible twos - quite a rebel. Enjoys rebelling almost everything and anything without reason. Rebels agains wearing long pants, shorts and sometimes even a diaper. Recent rebel almost trimming nails. Something which he would seat quietly and let me handle in the past and I have never cut him by accident before. Rebels against wearing clothes after shower. Runs off straight after shower knowing we would 'hunt' him down to get him (forcefully) dressed. Have to tear from my neighbours' gates to get him home sometimes as well. I really need to learn how to manage him coz he really drives me up the wall. Hope its a growing phase....arrghh...
This thread is getting v quiet....hope all bbies and mothers are well.

My boy just recovered from HFMD - had quite a few cases in school. Keeping him at home and getting a little over the top washing his little hands constantly...
Little Fly (littlefly)
Yes, very quiet... all busy i guess.

How's the little one?? So poor thing... HFMD really sucks! Megan kena last year so this year!
Now whenever i hear HFMD, i'll keep her under lock and key and wash her hands VERY often.

Eliz, Thanks. He's doing fine now. First 2-3 days were very difficult for him and us. Heart pain to see him suffer. He oso had bad habit of putting his fingers into his mouth so he kanna.

Yes - better to be very careful.