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Maid's salary

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by hannahi, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. hannahi

    hannahi Member

    Hi, may i know how much are you paying your maids now, which nationality are they from and the experience of your maids? And how many off days do they get?

    Cos i'm in the process of revising my maid's salary.


  2. genki01

    genki01 New Member

    mine is a filipino maid from nation, pay her $350/mth....after 6mths she gets 1 off day/mth. She has worked in Dubai for 2yrs looking after 3 kids..she showed me her Dubai photos with her employer too.
  3. weddingfairy

    weddingfairy New Member

    my maid is fr indonesia, $300 per mth, no off days. she has 2yrs of experience in s'pore n 2yrs in kuwait. 23yrs old.
  4. cottoncandy

    cottoncandy Active Member

    hi kelly

    your maid's salary is very reasonable! [​IMG] May i know which agency u went to?
  5. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    my maid salary is $300. She is from indo and has no exp in sg, no off days. Anyone paid $300 salary for indo maid cos my frens indo maids were paid $280.
  6. mayng

    mayng New Member

    mine from indo, no exp. i am paying her $280.
  7. ah_cat

    ah_cat New Member

    Mine from Indo with no exp & no off day. Getting $270 & just had her pay revised to $280 after she worked for me 1 yr.
  8. sandgirl72

    sandgirl72 New Member

    Mine from Indo with 4 yrs Ex-Sin & 2 yrs Ex-M'sia. I m paying her $300 with no off days.
  9. mdl

    mdl Member

    Hi kelly & Sandy,
    U've got pretty gd deal. [​IMG]

    Mine is little more exp compare to the rest up here.

    $320 indo, 2yrs Ex-Sin, no off day. [​IMG]
  10. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    How abt Filipino salary?
  11. edksdid

    edksdid Active Member

    mine is the same as sandy's

    $300, indo, ex-Sin, no off day
  12. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    no day off, indo, 7 yrs, $500.
  13. gracemum

    gracemum New Member

    mine one $320 first 6 months then increase to $330 ,fresh from filipino , 27 years old and no day off
  14. MEinME

    MEinME Active Member

    Indon, 1st time in Spore, 2yrs experience back home, $270 + 10 (for no off day)= $280. Came 6weeks b4 i delivered, been taking care of my girl since birth. My girl is coming to 15mths now.
  15. edksdid

    edksdid Active Member

    missylan, wow! didnt know indo maid can be so ex! she must be real gd huh?
  16. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    MIL's maid $320 per month philipino
    no off day for 1st 3 months but compensate her $30 for not taking off
    6 months experience, transfer maid
  17. 2ndxmum

    2ndxmum Member

    My Filipino maid salary $350. 1 rest day every mth. 2yrs experience in Dubai. Been with me for 8 mths. So far she's doing a good job looking after my bb & doter. 23 years old.
    She negotiating for every week rest day...
  18. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    So, with the revised rule on Filippino maids' salary, it would only be applicable to new or the existing Filippino maids?
  19. tinklebell

    tinklebell Active Member

    mine is $320 with 1 day off... with me for 10 mths. just yesterday she asked me for increment... say she needs to help out at 2 places. so far when i am around she is ok but she can really get along with my mother. should i oblige the salary increase?

    i asked agent abt the US$400 salary. They say to get the passport renewed at embassy, u need to sign the US$400 agreement. But for salary paid to the maid, u can sign another agreement that supercedes the embassy agreement. They also agree that for US$400, no demand.
  20. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Thanks, tinklebell.

    Think, can we challenge the maids? As to, ask them, how they think they have performed so far? Or perhaps, before hiring, tell them that there will be a monthly review on their performance; assuming if 12 months good ratings, then would get an increment?
  21. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

  22. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Your indo maid is so expensive ! Did she ask for this pay when you hire her ? Or you increase to this pay because she is very good ?

    I have a maid, 6 years experience with 1 family in Singapore, asking for only $300, 1 off day. Very good with taking care of both elderly and kids.

    Personally I will not pay more than $300 for any maid, no matter how good they say they are, because who knows what is the truth ? Their ex-employer may have very low standards.

    But I will increase their pay to very high if the maid really prove that she is very good at her work.
  23. dabee

    dabee Member

    hi all:

    i think the maid pay would be agree upon the day we agree to employ them. my maid indo, 32 year old, work in sin, malaysia, then sin again. she is actually a trf maid from two families before i took her. we told her no off day when interviewing her, so her pay is $300 per mth. during interview my hb promised her one mth bonus upon completion of one year if we are happy with her performance. and think my hb will increase her pay.

    my gf frd from the same agency, fresh from indo i think 20 yo. her pay only $220 per mth no off day too.
  24. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    Ur maid has been with u for long time?? Did u read the newspapers today? There's an article saying starting frm 1 jul, salary of Indo maid's salary may increase to $350 oreadi. Nt sure whether they will implement or nt lah, but tink if they reali implemented this, most of us would rather take filipino maids than Indo maids,coz' filipino maids are more educated than Indo.
  25. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Yes, she is very very diligent, very very faithful. You will never find such maid in your lifetime. You know, she has the "heart" working for you. She will do her chores automatically and she will slice the fruits, plan everything in advance. She is more like a female butler than maid. hahaha...

    Just that too bad, she got bf here and were asked to go back Indo. I think it is a good thing for her cos she is pretty old to be single, she is 27. During CNY, she called from Indo, she wanted to cry when she heard my son greeting her "Kah Kah"- Sister in Malayu. She is getting married end of May. I am happy for her.
  26. sharene

    sharene Member

    My current Filipino worked for us 8yrs. Her current pay is $400 with alternate sunday off. We just renewed her contract last week and increased her pay to $420.
  27. hannahi

    hannahi Member

    Woa, thx for the replies.

    When my maid renewed her permit after working 2 yrs for me, i gave her $370. After 2 mths, i further increase to $400. Cos her cousin who came to S'pore a few mths after her were granted $390 upon her renewal.

    And yet she wanted to leave, cos she feels working here for me is tough. Wakes up at 7am and sleeps at 1130pm.

    It's tough cos she has to cook, clean the house, do laundry, ironing, and look after my 2 boys...

    I kept her, telling her she's a gd helper [​IMG]

    Are indo maids good? I may consider one after my current maid completes her contract with me.
  28. coyotefr00

    coyotefr00 New Member

    Getting a maid (any nationality) is our luck. Frankly, Philipina are smarter and more hygience in taking care of child but sometimes, too clever poses problems to employer as well. Indo maid is slower in learning and with communication barriers. Due to culture and background differences, they are not able to meet our hygience standard. Employer needs to supervise them for some time and to read their "very basic" English. some can't speak even bahasa, only knows their own dialect "javanese". Good luck if you get a good one.
  29. anneffendi

    anneffendi Member

    precisely depends on luck..
    as what my frens said,after 1 yr they slackens need to remind them time & again
  30. blessedmummie

    blessedmummie Member


    Anyone knows of anyone sending their good maid back due to unforseen circumstances on their part?

    i urgently need a maid who can handle babies well. Pls kindly pm me or email me at cherriesbabes@yahoo.com.sg. Tks!
  31. optimus_ke

    optimus_ke Member


    can advice what's new phillipino maid's pay.

    My maid previous pay was $320 only. Now re-contract her then I heard all new maids increase to $400. issit true?

    Pls help!! thanks
  32. junebaby

    junebaby New Member

    Currently my phillipino maid's pay is $380, no off day (will give once every two mth),free handphone, with sign up line (currently paying $50 for her, any extra she top up).And I am willing to increase to $400 with alterate sunday off. she refuse, she claim she already get new employer give her every sunday off. I willing to let her go,afterall she has time to nailpolish, chating hp,no point keeping her. I find some phillipino maids(ex sg-2yrs) want every sunday off too, is this new "expectation" from phillipno maid.
  33. rona

    rona Active Member

    heard indon maids starting pay is S$350 now. My maid is quite good, with me for almost 3 years liao. her starting pay was $280 with a day off a month. i'm giving her $350 now.
  34. gracian

    gracian New Member

    junebaby, you very kind to your maid lei... i would never allow sign-up mobile line cos maid might just chalked up a big bill before leaving... only allow prepaid and it is out of her own pocket.

    regarding every sunday off, thinks it depends on where you get your maid from. agents in orchard area will requires employers to let maid off every sunday, but agents in heartlands will state only 1 off day. think if maid is ex-sin, then will likely wants every sunday off.

    my filipina maid's salary is S$400 + S$20(if no take off day), 1 off day per month. hopefully she will work for me for 3yrs, till my younger boy can go childcare. i will probably give her a "bonus" in dec cos will finish 1 yr with me, thinking of S$50. is that too little?

    do you gals normally adjust the pay after 1 yr? if so how much? i bit worry that she will mix with other "bad" maids on her off day, my previous maid told my mum that her current employer gives her every fri and sundays off, so worried that my current maid will compare....
  35. rona

    rona Active Member

    i gave my maid a higher increment when she finish her contract after 2 years, a bonus and a return tix. she was quite good, so i gave a little more. but i didn't give her anything after first year with me. now, i'm giving her yearly increment, cos no contract liao and the starting salary of new maids are higher also.
  36. maswan02

    maswan02 New Member

    my indo maid first time work here, salary $320 + 20 (no off day)...working and look after my 3 children so far ok...been wif me only 5mths...
  37. yernying

    yernying Member

    just asked from agent,new no ex-maid is 320+20.
    i think i wan new maid,just to take k my 7 month baby
  38. qiqimi

    qiqimi Member

    After 2 years of contract with us, I increased my indo maid salary from S$280 to S$300 in Nov'08. Now, maid asking to increase another S$50!! If not, she wants to leave us. I'm worry that if I give her now, when I deliver my baby in July'09 she will ask for another increment. I think an increment of up to S$320 with off day is a reasonable request and I planned to give her S$10 increment in Nov'09. What's your thoughts. What's your thoughts. Pls share.
  39. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    When is her passport expiry? I do not agree to increase her pay to 350 given that she had just got her increment.

    320 is reasonable with a off day. If she is not going to take that off day, probably another 20 is the max.

    My thoughts.

    Ask her why she think another 50 is reasonable for her? Ask her to justify if she deserves that much.
  40. poohbear75

    poohbear75 New Member


    I just hired a maid for the first time and as I am new at managing a maid, can anyone share with me their daily schedule for their maids?
  41. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Hi Poohbear, I have a 7.5mth old son and my dad supervises the maid during the day. my schedule is as follows:

    5am - wake up. sterilize bottles, wash bottles used overnight, wash clothes from previous day and hang out to dry. clean the floors and toilets. cut vegs, marinate meats for dinner.
    8am - eat breakfast
    815am - look after bb. buy lunch for my dad and herself around noon.
    530pm - cook dinner (we eat dinner at 630pm)
    645pm - help me to bathe the baby
    7pm - eat her dinner and clean up the kitchen
    8pm - iron clothes
    9pm - sleep

    My maid showers during the afternoon. She doesn't look after the bb at night.
  42. mira_tan

    mira_tan New Member

    Hai Cactus,

    Between 8.30am to 5.30pm, what your maid do leh???
  43. poohbear75

    poohbear75 New Member

    Hi cactus_79,

    Thanks for sharing your schedule. Your maid sounds quite capable and a fast worker. Can do so many things in 3 hours. You're quite lucky that your maid can cook [​IMG] Did you train her or she already knew?
  44. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    hi mira, between 815am and 530pm, my maid looks after my boy with my dad's help. She would feed him, change diapers where necessary, play with him and put him to sleep for his naps. He currently takes 2 naps totalling 3.5 hrs during the day. When my boy naps, she would rest, or bathe, or buy lunch and eat lunch.

    poohbear, I currently stay in a HDB flat, so it's not too time consuming to clean the home. I'm not fussy also. we wash bathe towals, floor rugs, only once a week (over weekends). We also wash cushion covers and bedsheets & quilts only once a fortnight (again over weekends). CUrtains are washed twice a year (again over weekends). Over weekends cos my parnets and my hb and I look after the bb, so the maid can be freed up to do more housework. She also cooks 2 meals per day during weekends unless the family eats out. We eat out one meal every fornight.

    I trained my maid to cook. We cook very simple meals. Initially, when she arrived, she would only cook one meal over the weekends. I would teach her how to cook over the weekends. Then when she got the hang of it, she started cooking weekday dinners and weekend meals. I would do marketing once a week over the weekends, and she would help me prepare the food I buy into meal sized portions (in the raw form) and freeze the meats for weekday dinners. so she does alot of kitchen work during weekends too (when I'm back from marketing) and that saves time during the weekdays (examples of kitchen work include - slicing pork loin, portioning large amounts of meat into meal size portions - from 1kg to 250gm packs, slice fish fillet into fish slices, debone and cut up chicken, etc).
  45. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    poohbear, you may want to work your maid's schedule around your schedule (if you are going to be a working mom) so that you can tkae over from the maid when you return home, and hand over the baby to your maid before you leave home. For me, I leave home for work at 810am, I shower at 8am. I reach home by 615pm. That's why my maid's schedule is like that.

    You may want to consider the schedules of other family memebrs too. My hb and I stay with my parents. My dad is retired and my mom still works. My hb and my mom go to work together in the mornings. and they leave home at 7am. This means the bedrooms are vacated by 7am. I express milk at 6am. (My baby wakes up at 610am. like a clockwork!). So my maid has a 2 hour window period of clean the toilets and bedrooms. I made my maid's work schedule from 5am to 9pm because I needed to allow her time to clean our bedrooms and toilets, yet have enough time to clean up after dinner every weekday, and have sufficient rest.
  46. mattsmummy

    mattsmummy Member

    Hi, would like ask for those of you who have Indo helpers, do they eat whatever you're cooking at home? My Indo helper is going on "food strikes" recently, refusing to eat anything with pork in them and she would rather eat instant noodles or biscuits.

    It is not realistic to cook special dishes just for her right? Just wondering if anybody can advice what I should do. Thanks
  47. anneffendi

    anneffendi Member

    generally,being an indonesian,they are mostly muslims.I think is no harm to spare some $ for them to let them cook what they want,at least a chicken/mutton once a while , shud be fine.
    Sardines/corned beef also fine.
    My indo helper,thank god she is not fussy,she also eats the left over yesterday's dishes by re-heating them as i seldom eat for dinner.
  48. mattsmummy

    mattsmummy Member

    nora, thanks for your advice, I think stocking up on some canned food is probably the easiest cos' my maid is hopeless at cooking and after 3 months with us, she has still not gotten a hang of it. And it is my mum who's doing the cooking for everybody.
  49. anneffendi

    anneffendi Member

    yeah,,most of them also never done any cooking in their own hometown.for myself, my maid will undergo study cooking whenever we go to my mum's place over the weekends..almost a year now,her cooking skills is still not up to standard but at least we can consume the food hahaha.Now and then I will keep reminding her whats lacking or get her to the recipe books provided.
    Canned tins also shud be fine as its the most easiest to cook..hehehe
  50. linda_thea

    linda_thea New Member

    Hi Mattsmummy
    My old maid also dun eat anything with pork in it. What my ma does is to fry the dishes first, dish out her portion, then add the pork.
    My ma cooks quite a lot of dishes per meal in small amounts, so def there is something for her to eat.

    New maid is easier, she eats the veggie that's been cooked with pork, she just doesnt eat the pork itself.

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