Urgent Help needed with (1) Direct Hire of maid, and (ii) looking for Transfer Maid


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Hi everyone,

I need help on 2 things. Appreciate any advice or info sharing on these regarding maids:

1. Direct hire of maid from Indonesia - contact for Reliable agent in Indonesia
I've done some reading and also looked at old forum posts. Have also called the Indonesia embassy in Singapore -- seems like even though we settle the paperwork ourselves on SG side, on the Indo side the maid/ex-maid must go through an agent to come out. We as employers cannot direct hire them?

I enquired with a few maid agencies in SG. Just to help with paperwork and air ticket in SG side, it can cost $2.2k - 3k, one (SMR Maid) even quoting 4-5k!!

I need info for this as I may want to bring back ex-maid who last minute before going back said that if her personal situation is settled, she wants to come back here to work.
If she's not coming back, it's to have access a reliable Indonesia agent to direct hire other experienced maids who have worked outside of their country.

2. Transfer of maid

Also looking for Transfer maid as an alternative. Info as below:

- Nationality: Indo, Myanmar
- Language: understandable English and/or Chinese (e.g. accent). Simple English, Chinese is ok.
- Need to help do household chores
- also help take care of elderly male, bedridden. Comfortable with cleaning up after him, transferring him from bed to wheelchair, medicine-feeding, grooming him.
- some experience with young children
- Patient, hardworking and detailed with her work
- ok with 1 day off

- preferably no more contract with agency as they likely charge for the transfer.

Thank you!
Hi, we can assist you on MOM paperwork @ less than $1k if helper bio is from your side. We are from MOM license Agency (20C3065) & our office at Lucky Plaza #04-05.