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Low back pain

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by miracle25, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. miracle25

    miracle25 New Member

    anyone experiencing low back pain? I'm currently in my 23 weeks and started to get low backaches (those like when we have our menses on the 1st day). can we use massage chair to soothe the ache?

  2. iamstephanieong

    iamstephanieong New Member

    I experienced it when I was pregnant with my boy. Better to get hubby to massage for you as the right pressure can be applied to a pinpoint achy spot.

    I saw maternity belts in places like Kiddy Palace and Mums & Babes. Heard it was useful in helping to alleviate back ache due to the growing baby. But I've never used it myself. If I get pregnant with my 2nd, I'll be likely to try it. =)
  3. miracle25

    miracle25 New Member

    hi Stephanie,

    one of my fren told me cos I'm having a boy and boy tends to be heavier than girl (sounds logical).. my baby is now about 1.08kg and I'm now in my 27 weeks. the back pain is getting more frequent now.

    after checking wif my gynae, he said I can use massage chair but I was told by a promoter at OSIM counter he said it is not encouraged for pregnant woman to use massage chair but ok to use those for legs and back so in the end, we bought uPhoria and uCozy, at least my hubby can also use it comparing to maternity belts, hee..
  4. iamstephanieong

    iamstephanieong New Member

    Agreed on the part about baby boys being heavier than girls! My back hurt so much that there were days I simply laid in bed for a few hours in a row, before forcing myself to get up to walk (light exercise).

    Wow~~ Your hubby loves you so much! You're one lucky woman. Lol!

    We did consider getting a massage chair as well, but decided against it in the end due to space constraints. When my own house is ready, a massage chair is definitely going to become part of our furniture. Keke.
  5. feif

    feif Member

    Can understand how u ladies feel 'cos I had back injury (during school days before). I remember not being able to move at all after labour and the nurse scolded me for being "lazy". I really couldn't!!! Took me 10 minutes to muster enough strength and courage to sit on bed, swivel to place one foot on the ground, another foot, grip the railing and prop myself up. Sheer torture for the first week + pain from stitching. I was often hoping I didn't need to go to the loo 'cos it was so much pain and trouble.

    My lower back was aching like crazy before and after birth. This chilling feel that travels to the base of the spine[​IMG] Hb helped massage my back every night and things got better after 2 months or so. At times, I resort to Tiger Balm patches (the hot ones)!
  6. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    It sounds to me as if you are having braxton hicks contractions which means that your body is beginning to warm up for the upcoming birth.

    Braxton hicks contractions can be painful. Depending on the position of the baby either he/she is head down could explain the sharp pains. Especially if this is your first baby there is a chance that the baby may have dropped down now creating extra pressure on your bladder making it feel like you need to go constantly.

    I am not a doctor though so if they do get worse or you lose your mucus plug or anything that concerns you appears I would go and see your gynae as soon as possible. Go to the emergency room if you have to.

    Anyways good luck and congratulations.

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