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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by tomatoes, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    I think it depends on the hospital.
    When I did with RH, I came a couple of times for blood test and scans. They are done to check for lining, size of follicles and the LH surge. My dr also told me to check the OPK. I was kiasu so I checked every few hours. Once the test line is darker than the control line, then I call the clinic and they will ask me come down for a scan. The day for the transfer will be your ovulation + the age of your embryo was frozen.

    When I did with NUH, from day 9 or 10, I had to come daily for scan and blood test. Dr didn't ask me to test using OPK. Super tiring and was such a bummer when the surge didn't happen and my egg started to shrink. Had to abort that cycle and ended up having to pay about 1k still.

  2. Luthvian

    Luthvian New Member

    Hi all, first time posting.

    I started my fresh IVF cycle at the start of May with KKH and transferred 1 FEB blastocyst on day 5. Received confirmation today that it's not a viable pregnancy given that the numbers have not doubled at all since my first beta test last Friday. All I am hoping for is that it will not be ectopic.

    This is my 4th unsuccessful pregnancy for the past 2.5 years with 1 chemical pregnancy, a 14 week miscarriage and an ectopic in Jan. For the past year after my miscarriage last May, I did everything I could. I did TCM, bought Tian yuan xiang chicken essence, lost 20 kg via diet and exercise to reach a healthy BMI. Maybe its fated, but the end results are always the same despite trying so hard.

    It's so tough, really so tough trying to maintain positivity. I don't know how you ladies can cope with it. My husband can only say so much and I dont want to risk alienating him with my whining as well.

    I noticed that there are quite a number of ladies here with KKH IVF, would like to know if they checked the thickness of your lining on the day of transfer?

    Thanks for hearing me out.
  3. MichNg

    MichNg Well-Known Member

    Hugs. I feel your pain. Myself also had 4 failed pregnancies from 8 attempts.
    Still hoping for the golden child.
    You may consider meditation or aromatherapy to help with the mental health.
    On day of transfer there’s no check on lining. It should have been done before the ER or before dr approve the FET transfer.
  4. Dreamscometrue

    Dreamscometrue Well-Known Member

    Hi, I believe it has been really tough. I had 1 miscarriage 3 years ago and till date it still remains in my heart.

    Not sure how to help you, but the fact that u managed to get pregnant before proves that your uterus can be implanted..

    Did the doc say the reason for your 14 weeks mc? Have u tried endo scratch (not sure if this will help implantation at the correct place and not the tubes?)

    For all the FETs I’ve done, they don’t check lining thickness on day of transfer. Once they check it’s ok for transfer then that’s it, no more checking
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  5. MimosaMee

    MimosaMee Member

    Hmm.. Just curious.. Did your tcm advise u against any diet when you are pregnant?

    Mine strictly NO to dang gui... For the whole pregnancy.. He said that some ladies might not be aware and take such herbs and causing the pregnancy suddenly just mc. Herbal soup must take with caution as some herbs are not suitable for pregnancy..
  6. Luthvian

    Luthvian New Member

    Thanks for the kind words, will consider meditation and aromatherapy to relax. I know they took measurements during the initial hormone treatment but otherwise I didn't know whether my lining was optimal prior to retrieval. I hope you get your golden child soon as well.

    Yes that's the only shred of hope that I'm holding on to. My gynae had said the same thing as well but it's just so heartbreaking to see a heartbeat and then 3 visits later, it's no longer there. I did do karotyping on the fetus for chromosomal abnormalities and thyroid blood tests but everything came back negative. The worst thing was learning about the gender of the fetus through the report. I heard about endo scratch as well, will ask about it on my next visit. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I do appreciate it lots.

    Hi hi, my TCM physician is a woman of few words, so I didn't dare to take anything else during that period where I was drinking the herbal medicine. I started trying to conceive only after she had given the green light to go ahead. The only thing I took was chicken essence during the IVF period. Checked the ingredients and there was no dang gui. Thank you for the heads up on this!
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  7. Dreamscometrue

    Dreamscometrue Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. that’s why every gynae visit was nerve wrecking with the fear of something might happen..
    Boy or girl, a loss is a loss..

    Have a good rest and come back stronger! As Long as you don’t give up, there’s always a chance!
  8. eatpraylove

    eatpraylove Member

    Hi is anyone prescribed Crinone gel and Progynova 2mg at the same time?
  9. MichNg

    MichNg Well-Known Member

    During 2ww? Yes. Can also be prescribed with baby aspirin and duphaston too, depending on dr prescription
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  10. eatpraylove

    eatpraylove Member

    Hi! Thanks for the reply, yes for tww. Cause I keep seeing online “it is not to be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding” for Progynova... so seems contradictory.
  11. MimosaMee

    MimosaMee Member

    Same here... I was prescribed before ET and during 2WW. but because after I was tested positive for bfp. This medication was removed from my prescription because I encountered DVT. They suspect could be all these extra hormone plus my own hormone causing the DVT. so my gynae exclude this for me.

    I also feel contradict because after I bfp, this medication was also continued to be prescribed to me.. But then I read online, it says not suitable for pregnant woman.. Soooo.. Not sure..
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  12. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    Mine is over-elevated TSH & TPO Ab thyroid autoantibodies which I strongly feel that was the cause of my multiple implantation failures and chemical pregnancy. So I did a lot of research before deciding to see Dr Sheila Vasoo. She works hand in hand with my IVF doc, Dr Tan HH and I was put on aspirin, euthyrox, prednisolon and vit D before I finally gotten my bfp. You can read more about her below:-


    Her clinic details in case you are keen to seek another opinion:-

    All the best to you!
  13. sge

    sge New Member

    Hi Ladies, does anyone know the total cost of doing medicated frozen transfer in Kkh? I have used up all the government grant and medisave already. TIA
  14. MichNg

    MichNg Well-Known Member

    It’s less than 5k, depending on medication
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  15. Dephin

    Dephin New Member

    Selling the following items:
    1) Duphaston - 39 tablets for S$25. Inclusive of postage via normal mail.
    2) Crinone gel - 17 tubes for S$110. Inclusive of postage via smartpac.

    Kindly WhatsApp me at 93395521. Thank you!
  16. sge

    sge New Member

    Thank you!
  17. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    Big Hugs to you.
    This journey is certainly not easy.
    I BFP with my first cycle and my son is 3.
    I tried another 2 cycles after that, first ended with a failed FET and the second I did not have any fertilized embryo.
    I felt so broken. My husband as supportive as he is, does not understand how I felt too. He said we already have one. Everybody said we already have one and have to be thankful but nobody really understand how I've tried so hard to get another one. It's almost been a year but I'm still nursing the emotional wound from the failed cycle and sometimes I'll break down. My doctor told me there's no point for me to try a fresh cycle anymore because she doesn't think I have anymore good eggs. To make things worst, my period pain is horrible and Drs are asking me to contemplate doing a hysterectomy.
    But I'm not giving up yet.

    I think for people like us, the only way to move on is to pick ourselves up, gather our courage and try again.
    Try as much as we can. Don't give up as long as we know we have the strength.
    Get the support from this forum and the IVF group in fb. The people here really are very very supportive and have lots of knowledge.
    For every cycle I tell myself this - Hope for the best and expect the worst.
    I wish you all the best! :)
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  18. Bunny33

    Bunny33 Well-Known Member

    Hugs to you. I always believe there are good eggs just that we don’t know when it will surface. This is the question we ask ourselves.....how Long can we persevere mentally n financially. it takes a lot of courage to bounce back.
    Encouragement from dr plays a big part but what they say is just their opinion n probably because u have a child she does not feel the need for u to carry on with this difficult journey. She may feel it’s not necessary to take a toil on your body with all the meds n mental stress. As Long as u don’t give up there is still hope. Wish u all the best!
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  19. Dreamscometrue

    Dreamscometrue Well-Known Member

    Hi don’t mind me asking how old are u? What’s the cause of the period pain? Do u have fibroids? I had fibroids and remove via lap but I know they will grow back
  20. Angel1080

    Angel1080 Member

    Anyone had experienced hpt showing 2 lines after 10mins? I’ve had several already.... one min I’m so happy to see the 2lines but the next I’m so scared too if it’s error... coz I read couple of places that if it’s too Long it could be evaporation lines... my actual BT is on Tuesday
  21. Dreamscometrue

    Dreamscometrue Well-Known Member

    Likely good news! U can test again on weekend with a digital one
  22. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's all fated. I think she did think that since I have one, then I should stop instead of going through this journey again.
    Thank you! :)
  23. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    39. I have fibroids, endometriosis and adenomyosis. The endo and adeno are the causes of pain. But yes, like fibroids, they will grow back after lap. I've had 2 laps done.
  24. daylesford

    daylesford Well-Known Member

    You are not alone. I also had a long journey for my No2. I was bugged with hyperthyroidism after my No1 and took me 4 years to regulate my thyroid hormones before I could try for No2. My No1 was already 5yr old when I started cycling again and Journey for No2 wasn't a breeze either. Did FET with frozen embryos from cycle 1 but BFN. Then started stims again... but resulted in 1 poor quality embryo despite having a good yield of follicles. My dr told me candidly that I was considered a geriatric woman trying to conceive and told me to take things easy since I already had No1... he even suggested that I may want to consider donor egg for my subsequent cycle if I insist of trying for No2. Its depressing hearing these comments. I started goggling extensively and did all i could to get my body prepared for Stims cycle 3. I went on v strict diet and i lost substantial amount of weight plus I changed my TCM etc... Also managed to convince my IVF Dr that I would try my final round of stims with a combination of IVF drugs and he agreed ... This time round, his stims formula worked and i got a 4 good grade blastocysts. I also visited Dr Shiela Vasoo who helped me tackle my elevated thyro antibodies during my FET and I was glad that my perseverance paid off. My No2 was conceived from a single FET transfer. Now when I looked back... I am amazed on how determined I was trying for No2. As long as your ovarian reserve is still in acceptable range and endo is still ok please press on and your prayers for Golden baby 2 will be answered in a matter of time.
  25. Pandorra

    Pandorra New Member

    I have been through 16 days jabs

    Zomacton alternates day
    Gonal F 225iu daily
    Menopur 150 daily
    Orgalutran start from Day 6

    Total retrieved 7 eggs. However all 7 eggs are immature and unable to proceed ICSI.

    embryologist just said due to poor eggs quality!

    This is my second ivf and both failed without eggs transfer..
  26. MimosaMee

    MimosaMee Member

    Maybe try coq10? I took like 450mg 1 more before my retrieval... And my egg quality was very good... Of cos I did tcm acupuncture also.
  27. Angel1080

    Angel1080 Member

    Anyone going for BT on Tuesday - KKH?
  28. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Usually THE 2nd line will show up the moment after you peed and the line must be dark in colour.
    If it's too long, yes, it could be an evaporation line.
    Suggest you get a ClearBlue.
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  29. hopingforbabyluck

    hopingforbabyluck New Member

    I am 36, have low AMH 1.1 and endometriosis on left ovary. My husband has bad sperm count, motility and morphology.

    We tried 3 fresh ivf cycle and 1 FET but all failed to implant.

    1st cycle - 4 eggs but only 1 fertilised
    2nd cycle - 10 eggs but only 4 fertilised. All bfn
    3rd cycle - 9 eggs but only 4 fertilised. 2 transferred but bfn. Left 2 more frozen. Hoping for good news for next transfer.

    Any similar situation that managed to get BFP? I suspect there is problem with my eggs. Any diet on how to improve egg quality?
  30. PCLC

    PCLC Member

    Don't use clearblue, blue dye HPKs are very prone to evaporation lines. Get a pink dye one like first response early result.
  31. daylesford

    daylesford Well-Known Member

    Why not use the Clearblue Digital.
    No need to freak over the lines. furthermore more it also indicates the no. Of weeks based on our hcg levels.
    So this test kit is a short term monitoring kit prior the first blood test.
  32. PCLC

    PCLC Member

    Repeating the test using the traditional lines can help you monitor whether your HCG is increasing - you should see it darkening as you repeat it. Also, pink dyes never fade so you can keep it as a keepsake.
  33. RAIN85

    RAIN85 New Member

    Hi, Today is my 10dpt2dt, i have 2 grade 4 embryos transferred.... I'm actually experiencing heartburn and have been vomiting since yesterday night. I'm having alot of cramps. Has anyone experienced this before... This is my first IVF.. I'm under Dr THH....

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