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You mentioned that you have 8 potential eggs. That's quite good liao.

Are you going for ICSI or juz normal IVF?
I'm going for the IVF counselling next Friday ... so maybe after that I can also update all more details.
Hi all,

MOH has replied to me that since I went thru' IUI before Aug04. It will be considered as my 2nd attempt if I go for IVF/ICSI in Nov04.

I will need to talk to my RE on how can I not declare my IUI that was done before.

I would advise you to make sure you take down the name of the nurse who told you that you can claim $6K. So that if there's anything wrong with the medisave claim, you can say that you are provided with wrong information.

Is your counselling session at your gynae's clinic itself

My counselling will be in KKH itself but not in the gynae clinic but with a counseller in the Medical Social Worker Dept.

It's an hour counselling and both the hus and wife must be present. I guessed they are going to touch more on those emotional issues of going thru the IVF/ICSI process.
Btw gals ... which hospital are you gals doing the IVF in?

I will be doing mine in KKH and most probably with Dr SF Loh since I am being assigned to him.
If I do confirm going to do ICSI, I will go back to see Prof Christopher Chen since I have been seeing him all these while.

Btw, do you know how much will be the cost at KKH?

Me here to report!

that wat i read in the web also. if u have undergo previous ACP, then now go for IVF, it is considered at 2nd attempt. but westbb said the nurse said she can claim $6k, me confused liao also.
Hi Micky
I suspect that the nurse at westbb's clinic may not know the policy in detail. That's why I ask westbb to take note of the nurse's name in case of any arguement happens during payment time.

Or do you want to check with another nurse just in case?
I remembered you mentioned that your ICSI cost you about $16K (including medisave claim) (sorry if I am wrong) - does this include the embryo freezing?

When you confirmed preggie, not need to freeze our embryos oredi right? Then got refund or not huh? ;p
the cycle cost $12k. it is not inclusive of the embryo freezing.

must freeze! aiyo, so hard then got embryos dun wan to freeze? almak, can use for next time use ma. so when i am ready to go for my second child, i just need to go for ER, they thaw the embryo and place inside uterus can liao.
Hi Micky

Then that's not too bad. I thought it will cost a few thousands ;p

So how are you feeling today? Can count down to your delivery liao
so the cost for 1 attempt is abt $12k + not including freezing of extra embryo. Micky, where did you do your ICSI?

As for the medisave claim, I understd that it's by no. of attempts, even those done ovs. And they only limit to 3 attempts bec it seems that attempts beyond 3rd one is extremely low and they do not want the couple to deplete their medisave further after having taken out $15k for the 1st 3 attempts.
i can understand and accept the reason that they do not want the couple to deplete their medisave by restricting the no of claims to be 3. however those who did IUI before Aug04 did not make any claims before, why now cannot claim for IVF? that totally does not make any sense! If so and there is no such new scheme, i can still claim $4K.. now with this new supposed-to-be-helpful scheme, i cannot claim a single cent??? tomatoes, will u be clarifying the MOH email again?

my hubby told me not to worry about it, so i try not to think of it now, will get angry and stressed whenever i thought of this stupid new scheme.
I was just out for the day to meet Micky, and you all have a long thread now, so fast, i think it's better to post here than the email. Thanks tomatoes for putting it up.

please ask (for me) how long will the jab be from day 2nd? i know it depends on individual but what is the normal? retrieval on which day, around 24th?

Yes, don't be worried about it, just let your husband worry about the financial part, important thing is you prepare for it now physically and emotionally.
Hi Westbb,

you'll do OR this sunday? will they do that even on weekends? i know for IUI they are close on sundays, my last two IUIs falls on a sunday and they have to do it sat or monday. So for IVF, it's alright even if it's on a sunday? how many days is that by then? CD???

For Micky, they see 12+ only but retrieved 26. So for you, if it's only 7(?) then it would be times 2 or more when retrieve. What jab do you use now? Gonal-F? change to IVF jab or still the SO-IUI jab?
berry, from today's scan they said will probably be this Sunday, that would be my CD12. The required staff will come back if there are such cases. tomorrow i will be going for scan again and they would probably confirm whether it's sunday or not. yeah i'm using GonalF, same one as the so-iui. i certainly wish that i can have more eggs retrieved...

tomatoes, will only know whether they will do IVF or ICSI on the day of OR after they examine my hubby's sample, to see whether there are enough good sperms for IVF or not.
hi gals,

i will be following this thread tho i don't have much time surfing net during office hours.

Hubby and i thinking of going for IVF if still can not conceive naturally by end of this year...so glad to have you all to share the experience.

Hi Westbb,

where are you doing your IVF?
Hi tomatoes,
thanks for creating this thread. I'll be visiting this thread often.

Hi gals,

I quite confused with the medisave part.

So if we do IUI before Aug04 and didn't make any claims, then cannot claim for IVF now ah?
Hi Westbb
I has replied to that MOH officer's email to me arguing on the fact we have never claim from medisave before and how can they count them as no. attempts. Then I asked her is government encouraging people to go straight into IVF? Me also very hot!

Dun think so much about the $ now. You have to relax down for your coming ER which is more important now. Keep us update of your progress hor

I think u can choose becos we are under private patient once we are transferred to KKIVF. But for my case the nurse assigned Dr SF loh to me so I tot it's ok no need to change. I have not seen Dr SF loh b4 ... is he good? KKIVF only have 4 docs and they are Dr Sheila. Dr SF Loh, Dr CT Yeong and Dr Sadhana ... among them I only seen CT Yeong b4.


The nurse told me tat day the injection will start from CD21 ley and not CD2 and it will last about 2 weeks.

The nurse told me the ICSI procedure will cost abt $8K++ inclusive of medisave ... but I duno if it's true as I tot ICSI is supposed to be more ex.

Anyway, after you add in the pre-program blood test for HIV/Aids, registration fee, Counselling fees, sperm storage etc will add up to about $10K in total for the whole program. I will try to find out more on 03 sept and update all.


Btw, did you hus went for sperm storage ... actually tat day the Dr ask us to go for sperm storage jus in case they found no sperm after they pick up the eggs from me. I still considering when to go for it as I tot my hus can take some vitamins first ... anyway it's not cheap it's abt $300++ for the procedure and storage. Everything also money .... sighhh

$10K is still cheaper than pte hospitals. I heard that Dr SF Loh is as good as Dr Sheila Loh and Dr CT Yeong. So you should be in good hands

In my opinion, I think you should go for the sperm storage if really needed. You will be already spending $8-10K, so might as well spend another $300 make sure everything is taken care of.
tomatoes ... ya we'll most probably go for sperm storage but not now. my hus will be taking some vitamins so maybe 1-2 months later.
I think still have to cos they are afraid on the day of collection my hus will be too stress to be able to produce any good one ... hahahha
note that the procedure of the $12k includes OR/ER and those suppressing and stimulation injections. if talking abt OR and ER alone, it will cost $8k+, out of which i claimed $4k from medisave previously.

not exactly counting down yet..still got few more weeks to go. will go see fortune teller tomorrow to determine the date for the c-section.

i did mine at GlenE.

yes. my hubby sperm is actually thru surgical retrieval, so must store. if not, must open him up again...he sure run! i think it cost $100 per year.

for those of you who sperm will be via masturbation, guess all gynae hv their method, some will wan to pre-store it and ensure that there are gd sperms b4 they do OR for us. some will only do it on the morning b4 the OR, but to me, abit risky lor. imagine dun hv gd sperm, then our eggs cannot wait lei, then got to freeze the eggs..i also dun know if freezing and thawing the eggs will cause a deterioration of the quality..got to check with gynae

KKH more ex for the storage charge ... it's $160 per year.

According to the nurse she told me OR/ER cost about $4K which will be deductible from Medisave. The suppressing and stimulation injection cost almost $3K ... Medicine about $2K++ and service charge $684 then after tat after the ER there'll be another round of blood test and injection which will cost another $700.

So add up total about $8k+++ but I duno if ICSI is more ex cos it's a more complicated process so I guessed I may have to pay another $1-2K
Dear All

The PM Lee's secretary has just replied to my email informing me that the newly-annouced ACP policy will be of use to me now. But I replied to him that if I am someone of westbb's situation, how can I used my medisave for IVF after 3 attempts of IUI? I told him that the success rates for IUI and IVF are worlds apart and how can they say that the success rates decreases significantly after 3 tries of ACP. They should not include IUI in the 3 attempts.

This new incentives definitely contradicted itself and I am now waiting for his reply. The more I typed just now, the higher my blood pressure is! Urghhh....
i also got the same reply from PM Lee principal secretary. also mentioned that now medisave for IVF increase liao but i did not reply on the IUI part on westbb case coz at that time, yet to realise the impact.
definitely not fair, i will not consider IUI as part of ACP. like tat everyone also scare to do IUI liao, coz claim amt so low.
Yes, they are obviously pushing couples to do IVF straight away if they have to go thru ACP to conceive. Won't all fertility centres make huge money from it? Then all couples will be so much poorer 'cos of IVF.

I really dun understand what the government is up to and I am sure that there some reasons which will not make known to the public.
Hi CT,

CD21? oh, the more i'm confused now, i know in the States, they sometimes do that, but here, i understand that the jab will start on CD2. Right, Micky?

you're right westbb, we won't know if it's ICSI or IVF not until they find the quality of the egg or sperm, whatever it is, they should know what they're doing, depends on the embryologist.
i got the ICSI protocol (from NUH) tat will indicate when is the injection starting and wat will happen when..will try to scan n upload it here perhaps tomorrow.
Gals .. I also have the IVF/ICSI stimulation process the nurse gave me. It's a bit messy but I will get it scanned and upload here for you all to see.

But hor ... I duno how to upload lah. Can someone advise? I go scanned now since boss not in :p
Hey gals,

I'm just wondering is there any way we can test what is the "ratio" of the male's X and Y sperm? I know can test sperm count but RATIO?!? hehe... pls enlighten if you know... thx...
Hi CT,

I have mine too from Mt. E. but i don't know how to upload it, oh well, i forgot that i don't even have a scanner.
Hi CT,

i'm really bothered why they start the jab at CD21, mine is CD2, same with Micky. Let me ask it at the talk tomorrow and also my doctor.

Yours is CD2 huh ... why huh? hmmm ... pls raised it to the doc tmr. I also wan to know why.

Micky is a success case so i think jab from CD2 should not be a problem.