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IVF/ICSI Support Group

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by tomatoes, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    Yup yup. My first IVF, I was upset when I had to delay the transfer due to high progesterone but I actually strike with the FET.

    This 2nd IVF, my Dr and the nurses suggested doing FET too as it had worked for me the first time round. My Dr and hubby suggested for me to wait a couple of mth before the FET but I wanted to do the very next cycle. We waited and tested for ovulation + I become super stressed & drained but in the end, my follicle shrank before I ovulated. I was upset but I told myself i should just relax. Now I decide to wait till jan 2018 to do my FET. Maybe I will relax and go holiday etc first.
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  2. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Thanks for this info - I did not get the opportunity to go for the seminar so this is really helpful!
  3. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    Leave it all to the professionals and god and faith. I went thru medicated fet with lining 5.8mm only. Wanted to cancel the cycle but was my only left 2 embbies of day.3.so proceeded with transfer with open mind and cdnt careless feeling with no diet restrictions.Turned out bfp suprisingly. Take care gdluck.
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  4. pingpingzoe

    pingpingzoe Member

    Hi sisters, for those who have tested progesterone in NUH? Do you still remember the unit? Whether is it nmol/L or ng/ml? Thanks!!!!
  5. Jill Stuart

    Jill Stuart Active Member

    O&G will not give support jab. It's better to look for Dr THH directly. The other time I also had bleeding and it ceased a while and more bleeding came back after 3 days I had the jab. So in the end I had 2 jabs for that week.

    If you want to walk-in to see Dr THH,it would be best to call KKH hotline to check if he is around first else they will ask you to go to O&G again.

    It's important to continue your support medicine.

    Usually the bleeding will require you to bedrest for at least 2 to 3 weeks and you will need to go back for suppport jab on weekly basis until the bleeding cease.

    Once you experience morning sickness, it's a sign that your pregnancy has stablised and the bleeding will eventually stop. Take extra care and do not carry heavy things.
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  6. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    O&G did does Support Jab for me thou. They ultrasound make sure all is gd and support jab but they told me min 7 days apart between jab.
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  7. wish88

    wish88 New Member

    Which dr were u under at NUH for this laparoscopy? I'm under Prof Wong and I'm thinking since I am seeing him now for IVF and if he want me to remove my tubes, will he write the diagnosis such that it's related to infertility?
  8. Ane.sve

    Ane.sve New Member

    hi ladies,

    Any tips for ivf preparation? My Doctor just inform us that we will start our ivf journey either on my october or November Cycle.. My hsg test shown my tubes are open.. my hormones blood test was good too as well as my egg preserves. Doctor said my eggs are growing.. hubs sperm quality is good.. they didn’t put me on any fertility drugs or supplements... the doctor only gave us a green light to go for ivf.. currently waiting for the ivf centre to give me a call and arrange the dates... any ivf mummies would like to give some tips? Do share with me.
  9. HavingHope

    HavingHope Active Member

    Im seeing DrChew and i requested him to try not to write infertility in the report and so he helps to diagnose as pelvic inflammatory disease... so i was able to make a $4000+ claim under my company policy, with a deduction of $500+ from my medisheld..hence didnt need any hard cash.. you can try to seek Prof for help
  10. Elizabeth Seo

    Elizabeth Seo Member

    Ur frozen embryos is how many days ??
  11. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    Day 3 embbies.
  12. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Thanks hajar. Congrats on your BFP!
    Just went for egg retrieval yesterday. Managed to retrieve 16 eggs from 17 follies... now waiting for embryologist to call to know the quality and how many fertilised. :)
  13. wish88

    wish88 New Member

    That's nice of Dr Chew I will check with Prof. Thank u :)
  14. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    All the best.Take care.
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  15. Elizabeth Seo

    Elizabeth Seo Member

    U did in kkh
  16. hajar

    hajar Active Member

  17. connie_hopeful

    connie_hopeful Well-Known Member

    for dhea-during menses-do we continue taking it too?
  18. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Hello again ladies, does anyone know what the embryo grading system is like at NUH?

    And also how and when does CHR cancel a fresh transfer?? I asked if they could check my e2 levels before transfer and they say they don't do it
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  19. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    Did you ask your Dr for his/her opinion if you should proceed? For me I opted not to have a fresh transfer based on advice from the nurses and my Dr.

    This is from their website but not sure if they have more because that time the embryologist told me I have one excellent and one good.

    Egg quality is graded on a good-fair-poor scale

    • Good
      • Clear cytoplasm/normal shape
      • Single distinct polar body
      • Clear/thin zona pellucida
    • Fair
      • Slightly grainy cytoplasm/misshapen
      • Fragmented/abnormal polar body
      • Slightly pigmented/amorphous zona
      • Cytoplasmic bodies
      • PV debris
    • Poor
      • Dark/grainy cytoplasm/misshapen
      • >1 polar body structure
      • Pigmented/thickened zona
      • Vacuoles
      • PV debris
  20. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    hey monkies! how's it?
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  21. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Thanks for letting me know. That's why I thought I read before that someone's grade was very good. I guess excellent must be the best followed by very good etc

    The next time I see Prof will be on et day. I find it so peculiar that they don't have a post-retrieval consultation just to see if everything is ok... so I was curious as to how and when a fresh transfer is cancelled. I guess I just have to trust Prof is on top of everything
  22. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    i want to ask about 1st appointment with Prof Wong.

    anyone decided to book appointment right on their menses date CD1 and then manage to do the blood work on CD2 and CD3 ?
  23. veraine

    veraine Well-Known Member

    Post-retrieval consultation is usually around a week later. Prof would check for distention of the abdomen then, and also make sure we're not down with OHSS.

    From what I understand, they won't cancel the transfer unless the embryos didn't make it. Your last e2 and follicle count would have been the determining factors on whether the transfer will take place.
  24. veraine

    veraine Well-Known Member

    I think as long as the doc has given the blood test order, shouldn't be an issue?
  25. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Hi dear, nope not me. But mine was one week before my period was due. And I told Prof and he said ok do it on cd2, then do HSG after period over. After that it's the consult to review test results and plan next cause of action.

    I'm pretty sure you'll be able to do it on cd2 or 3 as you won't have to see Prof to get blood work done.
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  26. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Hi veraine, thanks. You've helped me a lot actually thank you so much! Hugs

    The thing is the embryo transfer is done either day2 or Day 3 or Day 5 after retrieval, so if consult with Prof is a week after seems a little too late to gauge if I'll be ok to go for transfer. Now my transfer is confirmed for Wednesday. I really want to do blood test to check e2 because from what I understand ohss onset can happen anytime from 2 days to one week of retrieval
  27. veraine

    veraine Well-Known Member


    I can only say prof is a very cautious person. If there's a significant risk, he would recommend you to freeze all. And on top of freezing, he would prescribe some medicine to prevent OHSS also. That was what he did for me.

    But of cos low risk doesn't mean no risk.

    Very bad bloating is not equivalent to OHSS also. For one of my cycles, my waistline increased by almost 5 inches and I was in constant pain, but no weight gain so the nurses said it shouldn't be OHSS.

    And don't worry too much.. otherwise you'll be so tired from worrying when u get ur BFP :)
  28. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    can u share more about your pain?
    i would like to understand more too.

    is it menses cramp that kind of pain?
    whats the pain level? previously i had menses cramp till i was rolling on the bed. is it that level ?
  29. chole819

    chole819 New Member


    Anyone had myomectomy surgery to remove adenomyoma? And get pregnant thru ivf?
    Did doc warn that there is a likelihood that uterine rupture during pregancy? Anyone deliver successfully?
  30. veraine

    veraine Well-Known Member

    The pain from the bloating was different from period cramps for me. Don't know how quite to describe haha, but just couldn't move, didn't roll on the bed cos the act of rolling would be bad. But it wasn't that intense as my worst period cramps.
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  31. Eggscatcher

    Eggscatcher Active Member

    Hihi same cycle buddy, gg to start fro Nov to Dec period, hope it wont crash with Prof doc leaves in NUH,
    previously done 2 fresh and 1 FET, most impt is not to be too stress as it will disrupt cycle menses, tot of getting back my acupunture back, Prof suggested PGS as it just started in SG, any one got any idea? it is expensive, and cant risk to day 5 blastocysts, i havent agreed, and seriously considering...
  32. cen

    cen Active Member

    Hi ladies, been 1 week post day 5 FET but I'm not going to test.
    Just wondering if anyone experienced a lot of crinone discharge but still bfp?

    We take in so much hormonal support a day (progynova, duphaston, crinone).. these few days the crinone discharge quite a lot so wondering the body's likelihood to reject the overloaded progesterone but still bfp?
  33. daylesford

    daylesford Well-Known Member

    Cen, yes i had loads of crinone discharge during my 2WW and i tested bfp on day8 past my transfer. My dr subsequently changed to
    Utrogestan inserts instead.
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  34. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    Hi ladies.. anyone did GC procedure before? Is it painful??

    Jus went review w Dr tan HH today.. he suggested that i do GC procedure to check inside the womb becos i alway have spotting before mense
  35. Spaniel

    Spaniel Member

    Is that a scope to look at the womb? If yes, then I had it done. It was done under GA.
  36. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    Yes... is a scope to look at the womb & check the lining.. is it painful??i heard from dr Tan is not under GA..

    Dr tan told me to do 1 mth before FET..? How long will the result out?? Was ur result ok?
  37. veraine

    veraine Well-Known Member

    I did hysteroscopy. Not sure if they refer to the same procedure, but sounds similar. No GA.

    On the spot the doc who did the scan told me things look alright, then my ivf doc reiterated that. I'm with NUH.
  38. Spaniel

    Spaniel Member

    My procedure was called hysteroscopy. It was done under GA and also by Dr Tan HH. The procedure is to look inside the womb and make sure all is fine. There were cramps when I woke up from GA. I did it about 2-3 months before my 3rd fresh cycle. Dr Tan reviewed the results during my next appt with him (can't remember exactly when though). My result was fine; no abnormality found. Dr Tan said he also did an endo scratch during the procedure.

    If yours doesn't require GA, then probably it's not quite the same. Dr Tan said this is one of the last few things that he could offer me, given that I had gone through other tests/procedures (including endo scratch) in preparation for previous cycles. Maybe he did a more invasive check that's why my procedure was under GA.
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  39. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    Thanks ladies..

    This procedure is done on which day from first day menses?
  40. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    Ladies.. i also interested to know need to rest how long before going for next cycle..

    Becos my failed fresh cycle is in aug/sept... so dr tan hh say earlier for FET is nov.. so wondering if is it better to rest longer to tiow my body first for better success rates?

    Usually you all rest for how long before the next FET?
  41. Fel C

    Fel C Active Member

    I also did hysterscopy but without GA under Dr thh to see any fibriod. Is on day 10/11
  42. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    I did twice hysteroscopy.all before any cycle to remove adhesion scar tissue.under GA. Woke up feeling menstrual cramp.dats all..results review next aptmt with dr.thh which i cdnt rmb exactly hw long or far apart from hysteroscopy.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
  43. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    Depends on individu. Some dun wish to wait due to fear long waiting Q.some waited due to wanting to tiow the body.so basicaly up to individu. I myself rested for 2 cycle of menses den go for Fet after 2 failed fresh cycle.
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  44. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    So did u manage to get BFP for ur FET cycle?
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  45. Fel C

    Fel C Active Member

    I rested 2 cycle for my fresh before doing ET
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  46. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    Yes i did.what i did most this time is not to focus on strict diet. No symptom spotting googling and have a bo chap cdnt careless feeling thruout the tww.and near Bt i have pinkish stain and tot just do self pregnancy test and came out positive thats all.mind you my lining was 5.8mm on transfer..wanted to just cancel the whole cycle but dr tot that it might work.so i just proceed on with the cycle..
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  47. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    Great to hear that is BFP... is medicated or natural FET?
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  48. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    I jus noticed the procedure is call endoscopy... is it the same ?
  49. shigure1234

    shigure1234 Member

    I jus noticed the procedure is call endoscopy... is it the same ?
  50. hajar

    hajar Active Member

    Mine medicated Fet with progynova on bosrd.Dosage increases depending on thickness of lining..

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