confinement nanny

  1. N

    Highly recommended Confinement nanny

    Auntie is my lucky find on a forum I googled. Every mealtime is a wow moment because she comes up with many interesting dishes so I won't get bored with eating the same thing everyday. I've also noticed that she continues to learn new dishes whenever she has some downtime. What I like about her...
  2. A

    Confinement nanny review, horrific experience

    Hi everyone, I have a very bad experience with this confinement nanny called Janet Foo (Ipoh). Her number is +60 12 593 0298. Im a FTM and its my first time engaging a confinement nanny. The one im suppose to engaged was stuck in malaysia. Hope my review helps if you are engaging her and be...
  3. S

    Looking for English speaking confinement nanny, due date June 24th

    Hi, due to travel restrictions the agency has cancelled my confinement nanny. So I need a local nanny, or someone who is already in Singapore in June 24th. We’re a western couple, so won’t follow the traditional confinement, but need help with our first new born. Non smokers, no pets, 1 storey...
  4. P

    Looking for post delivery massage and confinement nanny services

    Hi, looking for a good post delivery massage services and a confinement nanny, edd : 10 Jan 2020
  5. P

    Good confinement nanny

    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Lily. She is good at taking care of both the baby and the mother. 1. Baby She has many experienced of taking care of baby and children. She knows how to massage baby. She manage to make baby sleep at night which I fail on the first night...
  6. H

    Any confinement nanny to recommend?

    Hi, anyone have a good and reliable confinement nanny to recommmend? My EDD date is cny period so I ask few and they charge me double. Base on the recommendations thru forum got 1 auntie Jenny she charge me 5k which I find it ridiculous. And got few do not want to work during cny period. Really...
  7. mei.ling

    Aunty 阿珍 - BAD confinement lady

    Everyone please beware of this aunty 阿珍,long story short, I nearly had depression because of her. 1) She leaves the pork meat in the fridge for over 4 days! Is it normal?? My family only defrost meat we know we'd use the next day. 2) Super skimpy with ingredients. Not like she's paying for the...
  8. L

    Confinement nanny recommendation - Yan Jie

    Hi mummies! I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Yan Jie from Selangor. I just ended my confinement a couple of weeks back. Yan Jie took excellent care of my baby & I during my confinement. She always reminded me to rest between feeds. She was always looking out for my physical &...
  9. J

    Confinement Nanny Recommendation

    I would like to recommend Auntie Kelly for her confinement nanny service. She is very experienced, responsible, hygienic, and caring nanny. Experience wise she has been doing this for many years. She has been doing it for an agency as well. But due to the high commission the agency takes...
  10. J

    BEST CONFINEMENT NANNY (2nd time using)

    hi all Good things must share Auntie xiu fong a lady from Malaysia is a confinement nanny all my mummy friends and myself go to. I just finished my second confinement with her. she doesn’t know I’m posting this but i feel like I owe her this. She’s dedicated, cooks well (very), very...
  11. J

    Awesome Confinement Nanny - Aunty Cheng Kim Lan

    Highly recommend Aunty Kim Lan if you are looking for a confinement nanny to help with your newborn. I was very lucky to have Aunty Kim Lan for my 2nd child and had the most awesome experience with her. I wasn’t expecting much initially after going through a not-so-good experience with my...
  12. L

    CL - Siew Ling Jie

    dear mummies I have come across a few gd recommendations on this CL, Siew Ling Jie. However the gd comments were mainly few years back. Just wondering if anyone engaged Siew Ling Jie last few months and still have very gd comments on her? Reason i asked was my sister had a v gd experience...
  13. C

    Looking for nanny at bukit panjang

    Hi nanny, I am looking for nanny at/near bukit panjang area. If you are keen to babysit my 6 months girl from april 2018. Please contact me at 87092208 via text or call. I would appreciate if the house fulfill the basic criteria as mentioned below. 1) No pets at home. 2) No smoker or alcohol at...
  14. JamieLimLian

    Blessed to have Confinement Angels - Nanny Fong Thai (CA65)

    :p Nanny Fong Thai (CA65) touched our hearts with her dedication. Even on her last day, she prepared lunch and dinner, concerned I will be hungry later. Besides being a good cook, she is humble, easy-going and displays an impressive level of hygiene. She explained that newborns are prone to...
  15. K

    Urgently need confinement nanny

    We are expecting our baby to be born anytime in the next week (1mar onwards) but the confinement nanny we booked had some issues. Hence we urgently need some recommendations. We need a nanny with the following conditions: 1. Only day time Everyday from 8am to 6pm 2. Able to travel to Jurong...
  16. X

    Confinement Nanny needed

    Hi everyone. I'm a new mom to be. Am due next June and am looking for a reliable confinement lady for then. Any recommendations? Thank you all in advance :)
  17. G

    Recommended Confinement Nanny

    Hi Mummies, if you are looking for a confinement nanny, I would like to recommend an excellent one to you. Aunty Gan has helped me, my sister and a friend. We were all very happy with her service. She is very experienced with newborns, cooks very well and is very professional overall. She is...
  18. D

    Be careful of this confinement aunty.

    I don't usually post on forums/ social media about these kind of thi ga but everyone has been telling me that I should so that no one else would experience the same horrible thing I had. I had previously engaged a confinement lady called Auntie Chua (found out later her full name is Chua Seei...
  19. M

    Recommended Confinement Nanny