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I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Lily. She is good at taking care of both the baby and the mother.

1. Baby
She has many experienced of taking care of baby and children. She knows how to massage baby. She manage to make baby sleep at night which I fail on the first night without her help. She even help to take care of baby in the hospital because my baby need to undergo phototherapy due to jaundice. She attend to baby patiently and always say positive words to encourage both baby and I.

2. Cooking
She is good at cooking and she even cook for my elder boy and my husband. She is very knowledgeable on nutrition. She will change the confinement food accordingly based on my body condition. Week by week as my body recovering, food change accordingly so that my body get to absorb what is needed. Because of her knowledge on nutrition, she knows what to avoid and what food can help to boost breast milk. She is very supportive in breastfeeding

3. Mother
Each day she will check on my body condition to cook the food accordingly. She allow mother to bath with the Chinese herb water. She even help me to massage to clear my tummy wind and improve on my constipation. She teach me how to cook and guide me on the food nutrition fact so that I will choose my food wisely next time. She knows how to do simple massage on the breast to boost breast milk.

4. Chores
She helps in simple chores at home. Cleaning up the kitchen, living and rooms. She even help to mop the floor even I didn’t ask her to do so. She is self-initiates.

Overall I think she is very knowledgeable, hardworking, patience in taking of baby and me. Her contact number is +6010-2344122
Hi, may I know if those Malaysian auntie, how do u settle with the work permit or how we apply the work permit for the confinement nanny? Can u please share some info to me? Thank you.