pregancy n babies

  1. P

    Good confinement nanny

    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Lily. She is good at taking care of both the baby and the mother. 1. Baby She has many experienced of taking care of baby and children. She knows how to massage baby. She manage to make baby sleep at night which I fail on the first night...
  2. C


    Dear ladies, Just wanna check if you have try Mamom Hope from Malaysia ? Heard that those with irregular period or PCOS has conceived after consuming. Anyone has reviews on the effectiveness of the product? Thank in advance !!
  3. Tiffany Wang

    Mixed feelings about this gynae. Should I visit him?

    Hi fellow mummies, Just found out I am pregnant again. My friend recommended this gynae (Peter chew) to me, but unfortunately I saw some bad reviews online. Any mummies can please share some thoughts? Thanks all.
  4. A

    ARSA-Aberrant right subclavian artery

    Hi there, i’ve just went for my 20th week detailed scan and radiologist discovered my baby girl has ARSA too. My gyne suggested that i should go for amnio but i’m not sure whether if i should for it or not. I didn’t test for any DS cause i’m only 26 and no family history of DS. So another opt is...
  5. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hi mummies n daddies... I'm providing a homebased infantcare service in my house. More than 25 yrs xp looking after infants. Good feedback from former parents. Three siblings with me for 7 yrs Toddler 3yrs old just went to childcare Present toddler waiting to go childcare. All kids goes to...