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Expecting twins/multiples 2018

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by janch15, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. janch15

    janch15 Member

    Anyone? Thought of creating a group chat or FB page and get to know each other.. as there are tough times ahead! lol. Good to share on what types of cots/strollers/care options for our babies too :)

  2. pinkdemoness

    pinkdemoness Member

    Hello! Are you having twins
  3. ohjuny

    ohjuny New Member

    me here! when are you due? have you joined the FB group for SG parents of twins and Triplets? lots of information there!

    i dont mind joining a group chat/whatsapp to get to know each other experiences.
  4. janch15

    janch15 Member

    Thanks for the heads up. Will go join that group! Due by right early June but probably earlier right? How about you?
  5. ohjuny

    ohjuny New Member

    same! im due first week of june. hopefully i can carry them till mid may.
  6. GreenFairy

    GreenFairy New Member

    Hi ladies! I just found out I'm 8weeks with twins. All sorts of roller coaster feelings going on inside. Do you have a Whatsapp group yet? If not I'll be happy to create one so that we can share & support each other through this experience.
  7. janch15

    janch15 Member

    Happy 2018! Do you guys know the sex of your twins yet?
    Hmm.. maybe a FB group page? Do you know how to set up one?
  8. Emma-emma

    Emma-emma New Member

    I’m 9 weeks now.. we are thinking to buy a car but I wonder if a normal sedan will be too small for two infant car seats?
  9. Phantom

    Phantom Active Member

    For now is okay. And yes, personal transport definitely helps alot
  10. GreenFairy

    GreenFairy New Member

    If you put in 2 infant seats, it means no one else can fit in the back, unless they are really small sized. So if you have helper or mum/MIL with you often then the space would be a consideration.
  11. madgame

    madgame New Member

    Hi, i'm expecting twins also edd may 2018. Same as you, we have no car and wonder if it is really necessary. But thinking of all the 'double expenses'. We decided to only get it in 1-2years time and currently focus on the babies need.

    If need to bring them for checkup or outing, can put them in baby carrier (wife x1 and hubby x1) and take cab (stroller in boot). When they are newborn, i don't think you will want to bring them out so often.

    The expenses that are more exp because of twins: medical check up (double prices), confinement lady (28days: $4200), milk powder, diaper, cot, twins stroller, infant care center

    My expenses at KKH till date around $10k (lab test $3.8k, ultrasound scan, gyane consultation)

    Just my thoughts =)
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  12. ohjuny

    ohjuny New Member

    We are currently looking for a car and have the same concern too. our requirement is to have the car to be able to fit 2 car seats and boot big enough for 2 strollers..

    There happens to be a road show near my office and I had a chance to get mothercare put 2 car seats (one Daiichi and one Snapkis - both can be used by infants up to 7 years old. Snapkis is slightly smaller ) in a Honda Vezel. The two car seats were placed at both ends of the back row. Being on the skinny side, I wasnt able to squeeze my butt into the middle seat. Only after some shifting I was then able squeeze in to seat between the two car seats. I was in an upright position..Cant even lean back.

    I was also advised if the middle seat has a 3 point seat belt, it is possible to put 2 car seats side by side. Then an adult can seat at the the other side. Space will be small but at least the adult can seat in the car.

    So now we are looking for cars that have a 3 point seatbelt in the middle.
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  13. beezymum

    beezymum New Member

    Hi , I’m having identical twins and etd is 18 july. I’m currently at my 13 weeks , is there any way i can join without my friends in fb knowing i’m pregnant ? Not ready to share after all the traumatic experience i went thru till date.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2018
  14. beezymum

    beezymum New Member

    Hi , I’m having identical twins and etd is 18 july. I’m currently at my 13 weeks , is there any way i can join without my friends in fb knowing i’m pregnant ? Not ready to share after all the traumatic experience i went thru till date. Would like to know more info like other mummies twin experience , how much is CL for twins and any good contacts.
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  15. beezymum

    beezymum New Member

    Kindly add me to group chat pls , I’m having twins , etd 18 july. 92713506
  16. Emma-emma

    Emma-emma New Member

    Hi, can I know what’s the average rate for hiring confinement lady for twins confinement? The rate is different for flat and landed property?
  17. Emma-emma

    Emma-emma New Member

    I checked with 2 CL, they quoted me 4.5k & 4.6k..and they will ask if you are staying in a landed property which I wonder why I don’t need them to clean the house. I am also keen to find out what’s the average rate for twins confinement.
  18. ohjuny

    ohjuny New Member

    I was quoted abt 4k (or 4.2k, i can't rem) by agencies and they need us to hire a helper. I had also checked with CL directly and was quoted 4.5-4.6k. they also need a helper since they won't be able to cope handling twins, cooking, and laundry for mom and baby. Not sure about landed properties with 2 or 3 stories. I read somewhere they if they need to climb, they will charge more too.

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